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Complete Guide to the Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE [Verizon]

galaxy nexus

It has been a year packed full of Galaxy Nexus news, so we thought we would bundle everything that went down into one post for you as a recap and wiki of sorts. We also made sure to toss in the previous Ice Cream Sandwich videos that highlight some of our favorite features. Now that you all have the device in your hands, it’s time to get everyone up to speed on all things Android 4.0 and unlocking that Nexus.  

Rooting, Bootloaders, Recovery and Backups:

Device overview:

Accessory reviews:

Ice Cream Sandwich tips:

Other stuff:


  • spickle

    does anyone know how to change the color of the status light? i can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • NewsWorthyTech

      Download Light Flow from the anroid market

  • planetes42

    Woo, been so busy messing with the Nexus I missed this post.  Thanks Kellex for putting everything in one place!!

  • What happened to the tablet giveaway?

  • college grad

    anybody else buy off of letstalk for $174.- they’re telling me its on back order even for people like me who were among the first to purchase online (3:18am). They say shipments will arrive 2moro and monday, but they don’t know how long it will take to fill the orders, maybe after xmas. anybody else hear something different?

    • I placed my order at 4:30PST and just now got the “backorder” email. Very disappointed. No use crying over spilled milk though. I’ll have fun with the $125 I saved.

  • George

    For those wanting to sync Facebook contacts, Friendcaster Pro seems to work well with ICS. Syncs without a problem.

  • Lyleferguson

    4G and the Galaxy Nexus all in one day. Think I’m having a heart attack!

    • Anonymous

      You sure its not a nerd-gasm? lol 😉

  • Anonymous

    I’m able to upgrade two OG Droid Incredibles on 12/28.  Since the NE2
    was still available then (2 years ago), are we able to use it now and
    will it be $100 or $50 per phone?  I’m also seeing talk about keeping
    the unlimited data, how does this work?  Do we just keep the same plan
    we have now? or is there another way?

    • Booboolala2000

      You will not be able to get unlimited data if you upgrade to a 4g phone. They endedvthst avfew weeks after the Droid Charge was released. Thats one of the reasons people bought those two phones, so they could keep unlimited data at 4g. Sorry for the bad news.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t know were you get your info but I got a RAZR and still have my unlimited plan even with my 4g. The only ones who can’t get 4g unlimited are new customers, as long as you had unlimited 3g before you will keep it with a 4g upgrade.

      • 100% wrong.

      • Bob’sBigBoy

        Nope, as long as you don’t change your plan you keep unlimited data.

      • Anonymous

        No, that is incorrect. All unlimited data plans are kept in tact. 

    • NorCalGuy is correct. If you have unlimited data on a smartphone, you will keep unlimited data on a smartphone. I doubt you will have a NE2 credit on both lines unless they’re both single lines under the same account. Only primary lines have qualified for NE2 over the last couple of years. You should have at least one on the primary, and you will not see any more of them in the future (as it stands now).

      • Anonymous

        Thanks!  We have unlimited on our Incredibles.  They are both single lines, same account.. not a family share plan.  Did it that way to get the NE2.

  • Great write up! Thanks Kellex!

  • l4do0

    has anyone had any random restarts? i had 3 within the first hour..none since then.

    • Dan

      No restarts here

    • Anonymous

      System updates?

    • Anonymous

      Well I just noticed when you click on the “Albums” icon on the top left side of the gallery, the phone restarts… Can anyone else confirm this glitch?

  • Joshua

    I love It, hands down this is one awesome device. The only thing that would make it better would be Swype. I guess we can’t have our cake… Icecream Sandwich and eat it too. 

    • Anonymous

      Swype is not compatible/supported yet?

  • gregwilliams

    how’s the battery life looking?

    aka- how many times have you charged today?

    • Anonymous

      I was on 4g, with gps, and high brightness for about 3 hours and it went from around 70% to 4% with the standard battery. I then put in the extended battery and went from about 65% to 10% on wifi with gps and high brightness in about 4 hours. So… maybe not great but I usually won’t be using it quite this much. I want to give it a better test tomorrow from a full charge.

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Hey guys!!!!! Quick question. On your nexus…..does it have a little seam on the bottom left side of the phone? It looks like a scratch or a tool mark. I just wanna make sure my nexus isnt jacked up. Please help

    • Bigsby

      I think there is one at each corner

  • Larrysteinburg

    Whats the notification light app? 

    • l4do0

      light flow.

      • Thelegendofdavid

        Hey guys!!!!! Quick question. On your nexus…..does it have a little seam on the bottom left side of the phone? It looks like a scratch or a tool mark. I just wanna make sure my nexus isnt jacked up. Please help 

    • Joshua

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I heard it was Tasker (sp?)

    • Anonymous

      Light Flow

  • Erick

    Can not add Facebook as an account in order to sync..

    • Android7x

      Same…what the hell man.  I need to have a pretty picture next to EVERY CONTACT

    • Chris Badalucco

      same. i cant add my facebook account, or skype account. i can only sync my one google account right now

    • Anonymous

      You can do this using Friendcaster. Once Facebook starts using the contact API it will work directly from them. Friendcaster is pretty sweet too.

  • first one to get it at my verizon store. The guy holding the boxes walking into the store behind me haha

  • John Hall

    I have the Resound and I went to the store today to play with this phone. I was disappointed by the lack of weight and the odd look to text on the screen (a friend and I compared my screen next to it). My friend decided to get it.

    I’m interested in the camera. A five megapixel camera was a bit unexpected but the real question is how it performs.

    • Like a boss.  Srs, Mega pixels are NOT the end all be all.  Shutter responsiveness is the champ.  I have a hyper dog and got clean photos.

    • nFans=iFans

      Camera is fast but picture quality is grainy and sucks.

      • Anonymous

        Grainy in low light but good in good light.

      • Guest

        you a loser bro??

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean by the weightless feeling. But the extended battery will give it weight and won’t make it feel any thicker.

  • Esontos44

    phone is nice. Its a little laggy but i can deal with it. Also, my signal has been on two bars all day compared to my wifes iphone (verizon) with four bars.

    • same here.  my net is laggy as balls today at home so I am just hoping it is environmental.

    • Tim Swann

      I was having a similar issue with signal but it seems to have gotten better for me. Idk though

  • Graham Wilson


  • Anonymous

    FYI, the car dock from Verizon does not work with the three pin connector and does not have audio out. 

  • palomosan

    The facebook syncing I stopped manually.

    • Italia1918

      What do u mean?

  • Lunaticmo87

    Anyone know how to toggle 4g to 3g by chance?!

    • iamme

      settings>wireless and networks> mobile networks> cdma only or cdma/lte

      • Lunaticmo87


        • Thelegendofdavid

          Hey guys!!!!! Quick question. On your nexus…..does it have a little seam on the bottom left side of the phone? It looks like a scratch or a tool mark. I just wanna make sure my nexus isnt jacked up. Please help

          • Tim Swann

            i do not see any seam on the bottom left side of my nexus. sorry bro

          • Anonymous

            Take a picture and show us what you mean, might help, also if your on twitter you might get a much better response, I won’t have mine till tomorrow but i could compare it

          • Anonymous

            I just checked… I do see one but my goodness it’s barely noticeable. I’m sure that’s normal.

    • Emilio Figueroa

      Go to settings, Wireless & Networks, Mobile Networks, Network Mode, then click LTE/CDMA for 4G/3G, or CDMA only for just 3G. 

    • Mikewoods94

      settings … more…. mobile networks ……network select.

    • Evo X

      Is there an actual app where we can toggle it on and off??

  • Jacob Sconyers

    Does your Verizon car dock have a usb or audio jack?

  • Anonymous

    Facebook sync has been broken since the update to Gingerbread. If you have any synced now it is because it carried over before the update.

    • Italia1918

      I cant even find the sync with existing contacts? Do u know where it is. And thanks for your help bro

      • Anonymous

        My best guess is that they removed the option from the Facebook when they realized it wasn’t working right with the android API that would sync them. I guess the question now is why wouldn’t Facebook fix it.

      • Anonymous

        They were always low Res out of the app for the contacts as is. Sucks though the only way we can take advantage of the People app is by going and photographing them ourselves or downloading the pics. Sorry couldn’t be of help though.

      • benderhatesyou

        If all you care about is the photos from fb, I think syncmypix should work, its free in the market.  I don’t have the Galaxy but thats what I used on my current android when fb no longer synced on my current Android.

    • Mood

      That makes sense. Couldn’t figure out why so few of my contacts’ photos were showing up.

  • Italia1918

    Does anyone know how to sync facebbok pics wit contacts? I cant find in fb settings?

    • benderhatesyou

      Look for syncmypix in the market.  I don’t think you can anymore by default.

  • Tvldone

    Yo real talk…… I’m living the phone, but.. THE SPEAKER SUCKS!!!! BIG TIME…..

    • Tim Swann

      the speaker could be louder, but I actually don’t have any gripes about the volume on it. 

  • Kris

    Enjoy your bugfull phones people! You will praise it to skyhigh today because it is new.. slowly BUT SURELY.. you WILL get frustrated with the issues you are having on this phone.

    • Asianwarfare

      such is the fate of every other phone on the market

      • Nope

        Not every other phone is blindly praised as the next god phone like this though.

        • Mood

          No one cares.

          • nFans=iFans

            Yes I agree, no one cares about this phone.

          • Guest

            NO!!!…… no one cares what you think azzhole!  go shove that bionic up your azz!!

          • nFans=iFans
          • Guest

            you look like you are enjoying yourself bro.


          • Guest


          • Its funny because every single person that make rating and reviewing cell phones their job have nothing but praise for this phone. Iphone crazy people who have been waiting for an Android phone to like are switching to Android because of the Nexus.  TheVerge gave it the highest rating of any cell phone other than the iphone 4s (at least that I have seen) and I think its because they are partial to the Iphone.  Everyone at androidcentral love the phone. It is just a phone…and I am sure it will have issues…and this is technology and man made.  It is not going to be perfect.  Doubt anyone on here has touted it or expected it to be perfect.  I am not a fan of the build quality and think the camera could have been better…but to say that this isnt the best android (and possibly THE best) phone to date…you’re just fooling yourself.

        • Guest

          mcclane strikes again!  you still mad bro??

    • Anonymous

      ….you mean like antenna, battery, Bluetooth & yellow screen bugs?  The envy just shines through in your comment – enjoy that 3G network with your whopping 3.5 inch screen! Hahahahahahaaaa

      • SadNexOwner

        Antenna and battery are a little disappointing. Haven’t noticed any bluetooth problems or yellow screen. 

        • Tom Burke

          He was busting on the iPhone, not the Nexus…

    • nfans=iFans

      Lots of people are having problems with the iphone 4s too.

      • Anonymous

        Nobody here cares! This isn’t iPhone-Life.

        • Guest

          AMEN!!! bro.  he sounds like a loser anyway!

    • Guest

      you mad you stuck with that piece of shitt bionic bro??

      • nFans=iFans
        • Guest

          i found you bro! http://www.videobeta.net/gifs/22205.gif

        • Guest


  • Anonymous

    This is the best phone since the OG. RIP OG!!!!

    • Seriously, it’s unbelievable. I can’t put it down.

      • Blootzm3

        no kidding , I’ve got the same problem. Almost as if the damn thing glued itself to me.

      • I was busy at work all day yesterday, but kept flirting with it despite that… then when I got home, I started really exploring it. It was midnight before I realized I had just spent 6 hours straight without putting it down.

        My how time flies…

      • Cliffy44

        That’s what she said.

  • sonicblue

    Does anyone else really, really love the Androidify live wallpaper set on random?

  • Anonymous

    having google voice issues…when someone calls they get “please dial the # you are trying to reach”

    so i go and mess with the setting online and now no voice mail picks up and it just keeps ringing…i love google voice…dissapointed 🙁 had the same problem with my OG

    • Anonymous

      I have had the same issue lately and can’t seem to figure it out. I uninstall ed it and switched everything back to Vz voicemail and then reinstalled gvoice and it worked for a while then went back to “dial the number”… also don’t know if you get different response from different numbers. I.e. from a house phone get the “please dial” response and then from a cell get you have reached ###. Wish they would fix it so much easier to use.

      • Anonymous

        this kept happening to a relative’s phone when he first signed up with google voice. I couldn’t call him, and sometimes when it rang vmail never picked up. I’m trying my hardest to remember how I fixed it, I believe it had something to do with his verizon vmail service needing disabling or something – damnit I can’t remember. I’ll see if I can and let you know…

    • I use google voice and have not experienced any issues.

  • Anonymous

    Losing 4G at times in the hampton roads area. Anyone else?

  • just has to he optimized

  • live in buffalo and having a problem too

  • fleshgod

    Thanks for the busy day of continuous gnex news, I’m absolutely loving my phone!

  • i dont know why you wouldnt get the nexus 10 x better than any android phone

  • I am loving mine overall, but it seems to have excessive banding.  Is that normal or no?

    • David Verba

      I’m having the banding issue on one of my nexus displays as well….

    • Anonymous

      It is normal with AMOLEDs unfortunately. You basically need to either turn off the screen for a while or increase the brightness.

  • Kuboo99

    Hm, I have a Droid X that is still going strong, so do I wait one more year and then get what could be a Moto Nexus, or do I get this. I would actually be able to get it at the new upgrade price, but I would have to lose my Droid X…

    • Anonymous

      I just bought the Nexus which replaced my Droid X. I couldn’t be happier.

    • Vaglvr

      there will ALWAYS be better phones. it’s just a matter of getting what you can get, and right now. Until then I’m a DX user that waited for something better to come along, and thus the Unicorn phone..which I bought this morning and is somewhere on a plane over California. 

  • Anonymous

    Heh, this roundup seems early. Guess Kellex is going to settle in for some quality alone time with his phone. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Anyone having problems with 4G? (Albany, NY)

    • Tneel317


      • Anonymous

        Phone works perfect on CDMA only, but 4G causes me to lose ALL data + voice, and says searching for service?

    • Chris Badalucco

      best of luck man.

  • NotoriousNeo

    Anyone else notice the slowdown when using any other live wallpaper but Phase Beam or whatever? ‘Cause I do and it saddens me. An Xperia Play with the Nexus live wallpaper managed to run buttery smooth. Xperia. PLAY. =(

    • My guess is that live wallpaper makers have not optimized for ICS.

      • NotoriousNeo

        But these are stock, man, stock. I would’ve hoped Google of all people could’ve optimized all of theirs. Phase Beam is the only one that seems to be. Ah, well, minuscule nitpick…I guess. 

        • RW-1

          Good point. I installed solar winds live on the displays I played with, no issues there.

      • NoClueless

        You guess wrong, bitch.

        • Guest

          damn mcclane you still crying like a little bitch??  need a tissue??

          • nFans=iFans

            Wrong, bitch.

          • Guest

            i knew all these new names popping up in this thread was you mcclane.  dude get over it!!  you got served!  you be banned! HA! HA!  stop crying crybaby!!  

          • nFans=iFans

            LOL!  you’re dumb bro.

          • Guest

            still crying like a little bitch i see mcclane.  poor baby

      • Thelegendofdavid

        Hey guys!!!!! Quick question. On your nexus…..does it have a little seam on the bottom left side of the phone? It looks like a scratch or a tool mark. I just wanna make sure my nexus isnt jacked up. Please help

    • I do notice a little bit of slowdown – I’m using the Bubbles live wallpaper. But I don’t know if it’s solely that or if Beautiful Widgets is complicating things as well?

  • My first GNex lasted 3 hours, terrible ear speaker sound, 2nd one is great. Im glad the suspense is OVER!

  • S Bosworth

    If my Nexus 1 wasn’t EOL, I wouldn’t have bought this. Great software, and hardware combination in general. Better build quality and I wouldn’t have complained about off contract pricing for another toy.

  • Newbie

    Anyone else having issues with bluetooth and the GNex?  I had a OG Droid and it synched with my car just fine – voice dialing, etc. worked great.  Just paired the GNex … not now all of the contacts are showing up, and the voice recognition is terrible …. what the heck happened?


    Now comes the time to hype beast the next phone!

    • FortitudineVincimus


      next up, something delicious that is more battery and processor friendly because it is running a quad core chip, thinner than this pig but more like the RAZR, sporting the ISIS NFC chip, removable battery in the +1800mhz range, minimum 8mp camera, ICS, minimum 1gb on board and having a micro SD slot + the requisite 32gb. HD screen with a gorilla type glass in the 4.3 to 4.5″ range. I am sure I missed a few small things.

      remember, CES is just around the corner and that is what I am holding out for. If nothing like this id announced – as all the pieces exist already – I will then  maybe pick up a Nexus for 1 penny at Amazon.

      • TheAndroid1

        “Thinner than this pig” That right there tells me that you have never used it.

        • DroidOne

          That right there shows the reading comprehension of Nexus owners.  Instant defense turned on.

          • TheAndroid1

            What exactly am I not understanding?

            He is saying that there are going to be new phones, I agree.

            There will be phones with better battery, new cameras, new processors, etc.

            However I did want to point out that the Nexus is not as thick as the pictures make it seem (for those who may be considering it).

            I don’t see what i’m not comprehending.

          • Anonymous

            Its definitely not thick. I even got one of those rubbery plastic cases for it and its still not too thick.

          • Adamfreakinant

            @iPhoneandAndroid:disqus You don’t seem to comprehend that the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets have been on a trend: “Thinner is better.” 

            Therefore the new “Gadget” will make the old one look bulky. 

            In this context you could say the speaker was being “Sarcastic”. 

            Also, I really think you shouldn’t get so defensive over a phone in the first place. Yes, It’s cool, but it is still just a phone. There will always be a better one just around the next CES corner. Remember to breathe and don’t have an aneurism. Good luck to you and your reading comprehension skills. 😉

          • SA

            Hopefully sarcastic indeed, because this thing is surprisingly thin, better than I expected. How are people finding the battery life? So far it seems a little scary to me. I won’t count yesterday because I hadn’t had a chance to charge it up myself. But so far this morning I’m down 15% in just over half an hour, with extremely limited usage. Yikes.

          • Counsel Dew

            yeah… Thinner isn’t always better for me-it is very subjective. The Razr is too thin for me, and I like the heft of the Nexus. To each their own…

      • Emilio Figueroa

        The name of that device will definitely be The Droid Impossible. 

      • Paul

        Aren’t those Amazon deals for new data limited accounts?

      • Rukkian

        Maybe we should also ask for 7 day battery life and 8g internet.  Until the new 2xnm chips come out (late 2012) you will not see what you are looking for, and then there will always be something better coming. 

        I understand that some people may not want the nexus, but there is a limit to what can be done with current technology, and ces may be just around the corner (as you have pointed out about 50 times that I have seen), but right now what you are saying can not exist!

      • Anonymous

        An 1800MHz battery eh???

      • Anonymous

        From what I recall, at CES they announce phones, not release them.

        In other words, after CES you can wait upto 6 months until you actually hold the phone in your hand.

        Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Anonymous

          the up to 6 months part dif not include the Bionic

    • Anonymous

      Which is rumored to be a Motorola stock android device btw, you’ll have to wait to see it at CES though

  • David Verba

    I have two Nexus’s and one has some strange vertical banding in the display – like four our five dim lines on the screen, strange…going to have to exchange that one.  Besides that – so far so good.

    • Anonymous

      AMOLEDs do that with low brightness. They kind of retain images after a while. Give it some time with the screen off and/or increase your brightness level and it should go away.

  • nFans=iFans

    Baaaa sheep, baaaaaaaaa

    • Guest

      you mad bro?

      • nFans=iFans

        You seem to be, lolol.

        • Thelegendofdavid

          Hey guys!!!!! Quick question. On your nexus…..does it have a little seam on the bottom left side of the phone? It looks like a scratch or a tool mark. I just wanna make sure my nexus isnt jacked up. Please help

          • I see a very faint line on mine in that location as well.

        • Guest

          you mad bro??

  • How do you freeze the verizon bloatware apps? I can’t remember.

    • Brandon Sikes

      Settings>Apps>All>My Verizon>Disable

      • Unlock Bootloader>Root>Uninstall>SMILE cause its not taking up your space because you don’t have an SD card which is sad.

        • i installed like 50 apps and i still have 27 gigs

          • People get too bent out of shape about the “bloatware” – I actually kept the “My Verizon” app – useful for checking your usage.

            That vzbackup app got sent straight to hell, though.

    • Anonymous

      Go to Settings>Apps>All>My Verizon/VZW Backup Assistant. Tap “Disable” and say yes to the warning.

  • I’m mad about the Facebook contact sync thing.  But that’s it.

    • Dan

      Hmm, im having a problem with mine too. It seems like it has begun to sync, but stopped?

      • This feature is not supported in ICS. 

        • Anonymous

          I don’t believe it is ICS that doesn’t support it, it’s just Nexus phones do not. The Nexus S w/ GB does not support FB sync but the Moto DX does.

      • Those are probably your Google+ contacts.

        • Anonymous

          No, I have about half synched and most of them aren’t on G+.

    • Anonymous

      I feel thats pretty lame too… 

    • I downloaded SyncMyPix from the market and it synced my facebook profile pics.

    • They probably don’t want you to sync your Facebook contacts, so you’re forced to use Google+. 

      • Anonymous

        Stop spreading lies. Google did this before Google+ was even announced because Facebook insist that you do not store information locally because they think it’s their data and not the end users data.

    • syncmypix….worked for me!

  • No


  • Thanks for all this guys. Cant wait to get my Gnex tomorrow to use all these tips.

    And FIRST! lol


    FINALLY, the Nexus has come back tooo………..