Verizon to Sell the Galaxy Nexus as a Phone With “No OEM Customization”

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Verizon’s comparison of the Galaxy Nexus to the competition gave me a good laugh today because of one category in particular. See the “User Interface” section? They plan to use the “No OEM customization” as a selling point for this phone, which just so happens to be the number 1 asked for approach to most phones by all Android enthusiasts. It’s fascinating to see a carrier differentiate a phone out as being stock, since the entire point of OEM skins to begin with is to help differentiate them all. It just shows you how few Android phones there are that can offer you a truly stock experience. They don’t come around often my friends, this would be Verizon recommending that you jump on it.

Also nice to see them list 32GB again, especially with that $199 price floating around this weekend.

And by the way, full training is effect – still no firm date though.

On a related note – does anyone else find it odd that they did not use 4G LTE in the comparison sheet? I’m not suggesting that it won’t be LTE, I’m just saying that they usually use LTE as one of their top selling points.

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