Live Caption Pixel

Live Caption on the Pixel 2 is a Thing Now

The Live Caption feature that Google introduced with the Pixel 4 is an amazing addition to the Google suite of Android software. For those of us who live with our phones almost always on silent, being able to understand video from any screen without volume on...
Android 10

Google Starts Testing New Bubbles in Messages

Part of the initial feature set of Android 10, when Google first introduced it as Android Q earlier in the year, was a feature called Bubbles. Bubbles aren't a new concept to Android, but would be a pretty big change to how notifications and messages work...
Sling TV

Sling TV Raises Prices on All Plans, Adds Free DVR

Sling TV, one of the original streaming TV services that has also been the most flexible, announced a price increase across all tiers this morning. It's the latest in a string of price increases that is making cord-cutting less and less of an appealing option...