Google Duo - Google Meet-1

The Switch of Google Duo to Google Meet is Complete

We've been tracking the transition of Google Duo into Google Meet over the past couple of weeks and are back with one final update. The switch of Google Duo over to Google Meet is complete. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will any day (or minute) now....
Google Duo - Meet

Google Duo Starts the Change to Google Meet Today

It has only been a couple of days since we updated you on the transition of Google Duo into Google Meet and we already have another one. Google tells us today that the icon and name change for Google Duo, making it into Google Meet, is starting its rollout...
Google Duo - Meet

Yep, Google Meet Really is Taking Over Google Duo

If you noticed a notification within Google Duo in recent days that mentions "Duo is getting even better" and were confused, well let's catch you up! Google Duo is going away soon, although it will (already sort of did) become more powerful with the features...