Google Messages

Google Messages and RCS to Soon Let You Text 911

In emergency situations, making a call to 911 might not always be possible. What if you had an alternative way to contact 911, like through a messaging app? Hey, that's happening later this year, during the winter, through Google Messages. In a brief...

Twitch is Also Raising Subscription Prices

Guys, if you own a streaming service and you haven't yet decided to push the "raise subscription prices" button yet, you can go ahead. Everyone else is. And now, you can add Twitch to the list doing the same thing. For Twitch's price increase, this is a bit...
Spotify - Price Increase

Spotify Raises Prices Again From $1 to $3

Spotify is raising prices on all Spotify Premium plans over the next few weeks in a move that was teased back in April. At that time, Spotify was increasing price points on Premium plans outside of the US, with the expectation that the same increases would...