Peloton App

Peloton App Gets a Free Tier

Peloton has made a serious move today to try and get folks looking to meet fitness goals to do so through the Peloton app. A new set of tiers will get you started with Peloton for as little as free - yes, I said free. Now, before we get too far into this story...
MAX Download

Max Goes Live With New $19.99 4K Plan

The switch from HBO Max over to just Max is complete as of this morning. For you, that means that the HBO Max app on your phone, tablet, and TV will ping you to install or update to the new Max app. It'll also mean that your subscription and login and...
WhatsApp - Edit Messages

WhatsApp Says You Can Now Edit Messages

Forget editing Tweets - WhatsApp has added editable messages after all these years. In a short announcement from Meta today, the owner of WhatsApp said that over the "coming weeks," you'll be able to dive in and fix those pesky typos in your messages. This is...