Telegram Android

Telegram Update Adds at Least 10 New Features

Telegram is rolling out a huge update today with features that touch everything from video calls to messages that auto-delete to audio in screen sharing and video playback speeds. They even tweaked the drawing tool and added more animated emoji. It's a big one...
Google Voice

Google Voice is Getting 4 New Features

Google Voice is getting several new features over the next few weeks, as Google shows signs once again that it hasn't forgotten about its important alternative phone app that so many of us have used for years to help manage multiple phone numbers under a...
Nova Launcher 7 Download copy

Nova Launcher 7 Beta Hits Google Play With the Goods

Earlier in the year, the developer behind Nova Launcher released version 7 of the beloved launcher app in beta form, but it wasn't made available via Google Play. It was only usable via sideloading the app. This week, the Nova Launcher 7 beta has hit Google...
Google Pay Cards

Old Google Pay App Now Just a Payment Machine

About a month ago, Google said that it was close to stripping the old Google Pay of any useful feature, leaving you little reason to keep it on your phone. We noted at the time that the only real feature remaining was the NFC payment portion, where you could...