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Pixel 4 Oh So Orange

Poll: You Buying a Pixel 4?

You know the specs, price, features, and have seen the device in the hands of the privileged media. Pre-orders are open and some of you have a decision to make should you want a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL the day it launches. So, are you buying one? We ask this...

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Now Available for Android

I told you earlier this month that I'd let you know when Bad North launched for Android. Well, it happened. The game has arrived on Google Play and it's priced at $4.99 (and it features no in-app purchases). As the game's description puts it, "Bad North is a...

T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Approved by FCC

According to an official speaking to The Verge, the FCC has approved the T-Mobile, Sprint merger. This follows the DOJ's approval from this July. However, even though both of the bodies that are required to approve such mergers have gone ahead and given their...