Pixel 5 Google Assistant

What Do You Use Google Assistant For?

Google Assistant is one of those tools in my bag that I don't come close to fully using. That embarrasses me some, since the damn thing is spread around my house in every room on several gadgets and I write about it for a living, but its capabilities are so...
Twitter Subscription

Undo Tweet Button Coming to Twitter

Ever since the service's launch, folks have been interested in the idea of an Edit button for Twitter, capable of allowing users to correct typos and whatever other imperfections are present in their tweets -- as if anyone actually gives a shit. Well, it...
Galaxy S21 Ultra

OK Samsung, We’ll Take $800 Off the Galaxy S21+

Whenever Samsung launches a new Galaxy S or Galaxy Note phone, they run a pre-order period where they ask you to trade-in your current phone to get the new one. They typically offer values for your trade that are higher than usual to convince you to get the...