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Android Q Gestures

Android Q Gestures are Bad.

There are a lot of things to dislike about Android Q's full gesture navigation option, but because the explanations for why it's bad are better in video form than written, I present to you this unnecessarily long video of me complaining. In this video, we...

This is the Galaxy Note 10

We still have a ways before the Galaxy Note 10 arrives on August 10, but since when has that stopped the almighty internet? According to multiple leaks from both @ishanagarwal24 and @rquandt, what you see above and below is the Galaxy Note 10. Not much is...
Google Hangouts

I Feel Trapped by Google Hangouts

The writing has been on the wall for Hangouts for longer than I can remember and yet here I am, writing a piece about it. I'm not necessarily writing about its death, though, because we know it'll live on in some form or another through Hangouts Chat or as the...