Android 12 Beta

It’s Almost Android 12 Beta Time!

You guys probably realize this, because you are reading an Android blog at the moment, but Android 12 Beta should be here next week! Assuming Google follows the pattern established from past I/O events and sticks to its current schedule, we should get an...
Skagen Falster 3

Google Might Care About Wear OS Again

The last time Google held its Google I/O conference, one of the lasting memories from the event for those into smartwatches took place on stage during an Android fireside chat. An audience member pointed out to the Android team that there wasn't a single...
Google Pixel 5

Pixel 5’s Best Feature is Still Battery Life

The Google Pixel 5 is never going to win any awards and likely isn't the best option for the majority of people looking for a new smartphone. There are phones with bigger and better displays, more advanced camera systems, more software features, and designs...
OnePlus Watch

The OnePlus Watch Sounds Like a Giant Mess

When OnePlus started to announce the OnePlus Watch in the days leading up to its full reveal, I tried to explain to everyone that this was not a smartwatch and was instead a device with limited smarts that is mostly a fitness tracker. I tried to make that...