Pixel 7 Pro

This is the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro!

Oh! Google just showed off the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro! Both phones are coming later this year with next generation Tensor chip. In a series of announcements, Google not only showed off both phones, but said to expect an "evolution" of the new Pixel design,...
OnePlus 10 Pro

I’m Really Enjoying the OnePlus 10 Pro

The dance between phones in my office never stops, partly because there is always something new to test, but also because I'm never satisfied and always find something off-putting about every phone I use for more than a few days. That's why you have likely...
Android 13

Android 13 Beta 1 is Here for Pixel Phones!

Were you starting to think Google was off-schedule? Silly. The Android 13 Beta 1 is here, still in the month of April, as was originally shared. If you own a Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, or Pixel 6 phone, you can get up and running with the latest...
Google Pixel Watch vs Apple Watch

Wait, What Happened With a Google Pixel Watch?

The sun came out in Portland this weekend for the first time in over a month, temperatures reached almost 70 degrees, The Bad Guys was released, the NBA Playoffs were going off, and I basically turned my phone away from the world, specifically the tech space....