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Razer Phone Unboxing

Razer Phone Unboxing!

We've got the Razer Phone in-house, but before we can dive into our complete review process, we need to unbox this beast. If you missed the announcement post, allow me to refresh you. The Razer Phone is priced at $699 (available for purchase now) and comes...
moto x4 review

Moto X4 Review (Regular vs. Android One)

From the minute Motorola announced the Moto X4, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. As a huge fan of the first three Moto X phones, yet also one who almost immediately made it clear that this phone doesn't deserve to be a part of the line, I really just...
google pixel buds unboxing

Google Pixel Buds Unboxing!

The Google Pixel Buds are now available for purchase and pre-orders have begun to ship to those early adopters. Thanks to Google, we have a review pair in-house to give you a preview before yours arrive or in case you were on the fence about purchasing them....

5 Reasons the Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Are Worth Buying

We've already discussed how this has been one of the best year's for Android phone buying and we mean it. Each major Android OEM has launched a flagship worthy of your money. As a consumer, this is a good thing, unless you're out here trying to save money,...
essential phone re-review

A Fresh Look at the Essential Phone: Worth It Now?

When I wrapped up reviewing the Essential Phone back in early September, I told you guys that even though it had some pretty critical flaws and you probably shouldn't buy it, that it was a phone I didn't want to put down. That's a first me, as someone who...
lg v30 5 reasons

5 Reasons the LG V30 is Worth Buying

We already said this in our LG V30 review, but this is LG's best phone without question. From the design to the cameras and all the stuff and things they tossed in, this is the most complete phone they have ever built. It even has a damn Quad DAC and headphone...