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OnePlus 6T Review

OnePlus 6T Review: Still the Value Buy

The OnePlus 6T is the biggest launch yet for the one-time underdog out of China. After years of selling their phones directly and unlocked, OnePlus has now found a carrier partner (T-Mobile) and also opened up their phone to usage on Verizon's network here in...
Pixel 3 XL Review

Pixel 3 XL Review

When I reviewed the smaller Pixel 3 a couple of weeks ago, I told you that a Pixel 3 XL-specific review would follow. That's what we're about to dive into here. I separated them because while the software experience, camera, and availability do not differ, the...
Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One Review: Late and Not Great

We've made it, folks, launch of RED's Hydrogen One! Announced in July, 2017, there were plenty of people who didn't expect this phone to come to fruition, but as I said at time of announcement, RED seemed like a company that could get it done. Did the company...
Razer Phone 2

Razer Phone 2 Review: This is What a Sequel Should Be

Razer Phone 2 is a direct followup to last year's original Razer Phone. Honestly, I wasn't expecting Razer to release a sequel so quickly, considering the company is very new to the smartphone game, but here we are and you aren't going to hear me complaining...
Google Pixel 3 Review

Google Pixel 3 Review: I Just, Like It

Alright, it's Pixel 3 review time. Oh, and this is only a Pixel 3 review. If you want a Pixel 3 XL specific review, that'll come later once we've spent more time with it, but as you can probably guess, almost everything in this here block of text applies to...
LG V40 Review

LG V40 ThinQ Review

LG announced V40 ThinQ today, the first phone in an incredibly crowded month of October. Is it a good idea to be the first phone announced in a busy month? Isn't it likely people will forget about you after a few more phones are announced? Possibly, but I...
Note 9 Header

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Samsung fans and Android enthusiasts as a whole are praising the arrival of Galaxy Note 9, the latest smartphone from Samsung. For good reason, too. On paper, it's the complete package, offering every specification you can think of in a gorgeous, yet familiar...