Google Pixel 5 Review

Google Pixel 5 Review: Simple Kind of Works

In the rumor and hype period leading up to the Google Pixel 5 launch, I argued that Google may as well get weird with their next phone because their previous approach was clearly not working. The Pixel 4 was a disaster of a phone that Google killed off only a...
OnePlus 8T Review

OnePlus 8T Review: Their Best Phone Yet

The OnePlus 8T arrives at a time where companies are taking steps back from $1,000+ phones and giving customers new options that aren't missing much in the $700 price range. This is an area of the market that OnePlus has long been a part of, only they didn't...
Microsoft Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo is Really Bad

The Microsoft Surface Duo has been in my hands for 72 hours and I can't bring myself to use it much longer. After just three days, this will join the Motorola Razr on the list of the most deeply unpleasant devices I've ever touched, though there is a touch of...