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Poll: Buying a Pixel 4a?

With pre-orders now open, the $349.99 price tag confirmed, specs clearly laid out, and a single color to choose from, you probably have all you need in order to decide if you are buying the Google Pixel 4a. So, are you? [poll id="550"] Pre-order the Google...
Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5

Official: Pixel 5 Coming This Fall

The Pixel 4a was made official this morning, with the phone available for actual purchase starting August 20. For those who want something a bit larger, there's the Pixel 5 and Google says that it's coming this fall. We've already seen leaks regarding this...
Google Pixel 4a Specs

Google Pixel 4a Specs (Official)

The Google Pixel 4a is official, costs $349, is up for pre-order now, and will arrive on August 20. The phone has leaked and leaked and leaked in recent weeks because it was originally supposed to ship back in May, so none of this story is that interesting or...