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Samsung's Climaxing Lizard

Samsung Wins Today With Their Green Bubble GIFs

The color of a bubble is a thing of great importance to iPhone owners and their iMessage I've been told 3-4 times in the past week by a handful of publications. Apparently, if you participate in a group iMessage with iPhone folks, the bubbles they see from...
White Google Play

Google Play’s Big Visual Refresh is Official

Opening Google Play today might blind you and that's because the all-white new visual refresh is here, officially. We told you last week that this was finally re-rolling out for the 4th time and today Google acknowledged it. Why the big visual refresh? Google...

Out There Sequel, Oceans of Time, Set to Launch in 2020

If you have followed us for a few years, you may have heard me talk about a game called Out There from time to time. It's an amazing game, simply because I love space and the replayability factor is off the charts. Well, an official sequel has been announced!...