Pixel Watch 2 Unboxing and Tour!


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The Pixel Watch 2 has been on my wrist for a full week and my list of notes has only grown. I’ve tested sleep tracking, put it through several workouts, and run battery tests for days with always-on display both on and off. I have done my best to blast it from 100% to zero and back up again, set a couple of timers, twisted the new crown, switched to the new Sport band, and ultimately am still trying to see if this watch has the improvements needed over the original to make it a device we can truly recommend.

Well, I’m still working through all of that and want to keep testing. So, sorry folks, but I do not have a Pixel Watch 2 review for you today, just like we don’t have Pixel 8 reviews. We like to keep testing and testing and using, so that once our reviews are ready, we have truly lived with these devices for enough time to find quirks and issues and seen if the camera can perform like we need it to.

For today, I’ll give you this Pixel Watch 2 unboxing instead. I know this isn’t what you wanted, but you’ll just have to take it and go.

Reviews soon!



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