Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Unboxing and Tour!

Pixel 8 Pro Unboxing - Tour, Overview

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Some of you have been lucky enough to receive your Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro pre-orders a day early, thanks to Google’s wildly unpredictable shipping situation. To you I say, jerks. I’m kidding of course, but for those still waiting, we have at least something for you to do to kill some time. Y’all want to see an unboxing?

We will have reviews for you in the coming days, and yes, I know that today is Pixel 8 review day. If you know us, though, you know that we like to take our time with reviews and rarely hit that embargo time. There is no need to rush this stuff, right? We are deep into testing, me with the Pixel 8 Pro and Tim with the Pixel 8.

So for today, we have this fun little Pixel 8 unboxing where we take you on a tour of each device, talk through specs and pricing, and give some first impressions. After spending the majority of the past week with a Pixel 8 Pro, I can tell you that my thoughts during this unboxing were spot on. The Pixel 8 Pro is the phone to go for this year.

Anyways, have fun.



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