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Don’t Be a Phone Asshole.

A musician I'm a big fan of released his upcoming tour schedule this morning and opened up ticket sales. He's playing in Portland and I have yet to see him live, so I'll likely end up buying tickets. But as I was going through that process, I saw the list of...
Google Chat

Poll: Are You Using Google Chat?

Leaving Google Hangouts for another messaging platform was a once-unimaginable idea. My entire family (and most friends) had all bought into Google's most important messaging app over the years because it was simple to use through a Google account and worked...
Google Pixel Watch Release

Pixel 6a or Pixel Watch: Which Has You More Hyped?

There's still no guarantee that Google shows off either the Pixel 6a or Pixel Watch at Google I/O this week, but we sure hope we get both. We need new hardware in this snoozefest of a 2022 year, and what better way is there to liven things up than with new...
SIM Card

Poll: Your Current Wireless Carrier Is?

A year has passed since we last asked which US wireless carrier you are currently attached to, so it is time for an update. Thanks to never-ending promos with "free" phones, updates to unlimited plans with more "freebies," the US carrier situations is ever-...
Google Pixel Watch on Wrist

Google Pixel Watch: Hot or Nah?

When you buy a phone, the design of it is important, but not one of the most important pieces. You probably care more about the camera and display and processor than you do the color or camera layout. That's mostly because the chances of you putting it in a...
Moto 360

Tuesday Poll: Excited for Google’s Pixel Watch?

It's been a looong time coming, but it's looking like we are fo' shiz getting a Pixel Watch from Google this year. All evidence points to yes, it's happening. We have yet to see non-questionable renders of this reported wearable, but from what we have seen, we...