5G US Carriers

Are You Happy With Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T?

The 5G race continues to this day, even after those who benefit most from 5G being "here" told us long ago that the wait was over. If anything, at least we see 5G icons in our status bars on most days, although that connection ranges from slower than LTE to...
SIM Cards

Physical SIM or eSIM For You?

When Apple launched the iPhone 14 line a few weeks back, they made a pretty major move to the way they'll connect to a cellular network. Apple removed the physical SIM card slot and instead forced everyone in the US who bought one to connect via eSIM. This...
Google Pixel Hardware Lineup

You Buying a Pixel 7 or Pixel Watch?

You know prices. You know features. You know the upgrades and the sales pitch. You know how they look. But are you buying any of it? The Google Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel Watch are all up for pre-order at the moment. They went live before Google had even...
Android 13

How’s Android 13 Running on Your Pixel Phone?

The stable Android 13 update has been out since the beginning of the week and that means a couple of days for you to run it and establish first impressions. I'm curious what those are, as the update is somewhat minor in new features, but huge in terms of bug...