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Pixel 4 Oh So Orange

Poll: You Buying a Pixel 4?

You know the specs, price, features, and have seen the device in the hands of the privileged media. Pre-orders are open and some of you have a decision to make should you want a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL the day it launches. So, are you buying one? We ask this...
OnePlus USB-C

Poll: Your Phone has USB-C, Right?

Four years ago, OnePlus brought us the OnePlus 2 and included a USB-C port. I'm not sure that it was the first phone on the planet with USB-C, but the fact that they went for it before almost anyone else as an up-and-coming company in the spotlight - even if...
Essential Project GEM

Wednesday Poll: How Attached to Your Phone are You?

With Essential showing off its new perspective on mobile this week, one that we believe will carry the idea of humanity shedding its necessity to constantly be glued to their smartphones, we're curious how attached you may be to your current phone. We...
Favorite Android Cases

What Phone Case are You Using Right Now?

Cases, man, I can't do 'em. I'm a fool, I know, since I went through a phase there where I broke every phone I touched. It's the bulk, or something, though, that I can't ever warm up to. I'm dumb! These are no longer $500 devices made of glass and plastic that...
Google Pixel 4

With All the Pixel 4 Leaks, Your Thoughts Are?

By the time Google gets around the announcing the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, we'll be in the same position we have been for the past couple of Pixel releases. We'll know everything. We'll know the features, the design, and possibly see a couple of reviews. Google...

What Do You Like Most About Android 10?

Whether you first updated to Android 10 yesterday or have been running all of the Android Q betas, you probably have a good grasp on the new version of Android. You've turned on dark theme, fist-pumped at smart reply in notifications, might have received a...