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Galaxy Note 10

Poll: Buying a Galaxy Note 10?

We haven't asked this in an official DL poll capacity yet, so let's go ahead and do that now - do you plan to buy the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, or the Note 10+ 5G? As you know, there are plenty of pre-order and launch deals that will help you dramatically...
Google Play Music

Poll: Which Music Service Do You Use?

For some reason we haven't asked which music service you use since like 2016 or so. We're clearly not doing our jobs properly, but with the hot topic around these parts right now being music services, let's do an update on it! Which music service are you guys...
Pixel 3 Camera

Poll: Telephoto or Ultra-Wide?

We learned today that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will likely have a telephoto camera on their backsides for the first time. While that addition doesn't surprise me, it got me curious if that's the option that most phone owners would prefer, the other option...
Android Gesture Navigation

Poll: Full Gestures, Buttons, or a Combo Approach?

The smartphone industry likes to change sh*t for the sake of changing sh*t far too often. The people who make the tech we use get bored, decide they are smarter than all other humans, and then use that boredom to introduce or take things away. A good example...
Nexus 4

Poll: What’s Your Favorite Google Phone?

A month ago, we ran a poll asking for you to share what your least favorite Google phone of all time was. The answers varied, thanks to plenty of hit-or-miss years from Google, but now it's time to flip to the positive side. We want to know what your favorite...