Google Pixel 5 Sorta Sage

Poll: Pixel 5 or Nah?

We didn't ask this the other day, but it's never too late, especially with a month-long pre-order period. After watching Google show off the Pixel 5, have you decided if you are buying one or not? I think it's safe to say that Tim and I are both pretty excited...
Google Camera 7.1

Friday Poll: Do You Use a 3rd-Party Camera App?

Following yesterday's Android 11 news that may affect a few people, I have to ask, who out there is using a 3rd-party camera app? Back in the old days, I totally understood the need and desire to try out 3rd-party camera apps, but I'm curious what benefit they...
Galaxy Unpacked Family

Which of Samsung’s New Devices are You Buying?

The line-up of devices that Samsung showed off today are nothing short of impressive. Their new Note 20 Ultra looks very much like the new king Android phone, the Tab S7+ makes me want an Android tablet for the first time in years, the Galaxy Watch 3 sure is...
Buy Pixel 4a

Poll: Buying a Pixel 4a?

With pre-orders now open, the $349.99 price tag confirmed, specs clearly laid out, and a single color to choose from, you probably have all you need in order to decide if you are buying the Google Pixel 4a. So, are you? [poll id="550"] Pre-order the Google...