Galaxy Unpacked Family

Which of Samsung’s New Devices are You Buying?

The line-up of devices that Samsung showed off today are nothing short of impressive. Their new Note 20 Ultra looks very much like the new king Android phone, the Tab S7+ makes me want an Android tablet for the first time in years, the Galaxy Watch 3 sure is...
Buy Pixel 4a

Poll: Buying a Pixel 4a?

With pre-orders now open, the $349.99 price tag confirmed, specs clearly laid out, and a single color to choose from, you probably have all you need in order to decide if you are buying the Google Pixel 4a. So, are you? [poll id="550"] Pre-order the Google...
Google Play Pass

Friday Poll: Do You Subscribe to Google Play Pass?

Google recently launched a new subscription option for Play Pass, which is a yearly payment option, cutting 50% off the cost of the service. Instead of $5/month, folks can now pay $30/year for a curated list of ad-free and in-app purchase-free apps and games,...
Google Pixel 4a

Are You Still Waiting for the Google Pixel 4a?

The official image of the Google Pixel 4a that was shared to the Google Store earlier in the week made it clear that Google really was planning to release this phone at I/O in May. That was two months ago and yet we still haven't had our hands on the follow-up...
Pixel 2 XL

Poll: How Long Have You Owned Your Current Phone?

I often wonder if the era of frequent smartphone upgrades is behind us. It seemed like not long ago we had a handful of work-arounds to swap out barely-year-old-phones for whatever was new. Now, though, the lengthy monthly payment plans have locked folks in...