Google Pixel Buds Review

Pixel Buds Review: I’ll Be Sticking With These

This new generation of Google Pixel Buds is an attempt by Google to right a whole bunch of wrongs from the original pair that was released in 2017. For the new Pixel Buds, Google removed the wire and made them truly wireless, they made pairing even quicker,...
TicPods 2 Pro Review

TicPods 2 Pro Review: A Solid, Solid Option

The true wireless earbud market has more options than ever, many of which fall into the "just fine" category and aren't something you'd want to pay more than $50 for. The original TicPods Free, which retailed for far more than that, fell in that category for...
pixel buds update

Pixel Buds Review

Google's first pair of headphones or earbuds or wireless-but-not-truly-wireless in-ears or whatever you want to call them, are here. They are the Pixel Buds and I'd be shocked if you know what these are and also haven't read one of the early reviews that...
peel galaxy s8 case review

Quick Review: Galaxy S8 Peel Cases

Heard of Peel, the case company? As a four year old company who started out making incredibly thin iPhone cases, they sure seem to be gaining some traction in the Android case game at the moment, or at the very least promoting themselves well. I keep seeing...