Pixel Buds Pro Review

Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: They Did It

Time really can fly when it's the summer, product events keep popping off, travel happens, and everywhere you turn there's another device to add to the review list. I mention all of that because we gave you our "first listen" thoughts on the Google Pixel Buds...
OnePlus Buds Pro

OnePlus Buds Pro Review: You’d Like These

OnePlus has become much more than a phone company at this point and now dips their toes in all sorts of electronics segments. From TVs to "smart" watches and audio products, if you are looking for mostly-affordable accessories that often tick a lot of boxes,...
Pixel Buds A-Series

Pixel Buds A-Series Review: Pretty Good Buds

The Pixel Buds (2nd Gen), as good as they sounded on paper and as comfortable as they were in the ear, were a bust for Google. Those first true wireless buds from Google clearly had hardware flaws that couldn't be fixed with software. The list of complaints...
Pixel 5 Latercase

I Bought the Pixel 5 Latercase and Kind of Like It

When the Pixel 5 first arrived, there was a brief moment where I thought I should try and find a decent case for it knowing that it would be a phone I used heavily for some time. Taking a quick glance through the stores of the typical casemakers left me...