Deal: Buy a DROID Turbo From Best Buy, Get $100 or $150 Gift Card

The DROID Turbo, a device we actually really like for the most part and consider to be the best “DROID” phone in a couple of years (our review), is currently included in Best Buy’s Green Monday deals. It’s still listed at $199 on-contract, but if you buy one through Best Buy, they will hand you either a $100 or $150 gift card (good luck figuring out which one they will give you). So in a way, you could be picking up the new DROID for around $50.

As a recap, the DROID Turbo sports a 5.2-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor, 21MP camera, 3GB RAM, and a massive 3,900mAh battery. It also runs mostly stock Android with Motorola’s useful suite of apps added on, all of which are included in the new Moto X (2nd gen). This phone, is legit.  (more…)

Deal: Buy a Chromecast Before December 21, Get $20 in Google Play Credit

Need another last minute present idea? Chromecast. Yes, once again, the HDMI dongle from Google is one of the best presents you can give to your friends and family during the holidays. If you think the Chromecast is old news and want another idea, keep in mind that if you buy one before December 21, Google will give you $20 in Google Play credit. Yep, the $35 dongle comes with $20 in Play credit to spend however you please.

Oh, Amazon has the Chromecast for about $2.50 cheaper than Google with Prime shipping and includes the credit. Get after it.

Links:  Amazon ($32.60) | Google Play ($35)

Deal: The Invisible Bluetooth Headset is Just $17.99

In need of a cheap Bluetooth headset, but are trying to avoid looking like that guy? Think about the Invisible Bluetooth headset that is on sale in the DL Deals shop for just $17.99.

The Invisible Bluetooth headset was designed to be, well, almost invisible. Sort of like the Motorola Hint, the Invisible wants to sit in your ear ready to take calls, but remain out of sight. It’s super lightweight, has 30-foot range, 5 hours of talk time, and touch-based controls. It may not carry the full feature set of the Hint, but again, if you just need something to make and take calls with that stays out of view, consider it.

Deal Link

Giveaway: Win a Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio Case From DL, Just Because

Have you been looking high and low for a Keyboard Folio case to go with your shiny new Nexus 9? We know they are in and out of stock at most retailers, so here is your chance to win one for free from us, no strings attached.

The Keyboard Folio case acts as a full keyboard for the Nexus 9, as well as a great way to protect your expensive tablet investment. The accessory retails for $130 regularly, but as stated, inventory is fluctuating currently on Google Play, so here is your chance to secure a unit.

Ready to win?  (more…)

Deal: Sticky Password Premium for Life for Just $24.99

Password management has become increasingly more important over the last year. It’s not unusual these days (on a weekly basis) to see a new company report being hacked and customer information accessed, causing passwords to be changed across multiple services. Unless of course, you have a password manager that controls your passwords and form information, while also providing you with multi-layer security over current passwords or those that it generates for you automatically. Password managers are the future of online logins.

Sticky Password is an option, as it works across all of your mobile devices, providing you with both password management and form filling. For a limited time (5 more days), you can get a lifetime premium subscription to it through the DL Deals shop for just $24.99. Sticky Password typically charges $12 for a 1-year license, so you can see how this deal is worth it.

Sticky Password gives you “strong, unique passwords” whenever you need them, automatically logs you into recognized sites, fills out forms, and should support all of your devices.

Again, you only have 5 days left to get in on this deal.

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Deal: Unlimited Lifetime Mobile IDrive Backup for $10

Keeping your phone or tablet securely backed up is never a bad thing. We store all sorts of important information on our devices these days, like contacts, calendar info, text and call logs, photos, music, videos, and more that I’m sure we would all love to keep locked up tight. Are you doing anything to keep it all safe, though? If not, consider our current DL Deal from IDrive that will land you unlimited lifetime mobile backup for just $10.

For those new to IDrive, just know that it is a massive online storage company that offers a mobile backup solution that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on Google Play. It’s free to use up front, but you are limited to around 5GB of storage unless you upgrade. They have mobile backup plans that start as low as $5 per year, but again, this deal is for unlimited storage for life for just a single payment of $10.

As for the features here, you are looking at Private Key Encryption (256-bit AES encryption), Android and iOS compatibility, syncing of files between devices, backup scheduling, backups of social networks like Facebook and Instagram, etc. This $10 unlimited unlock also gives you unlimited on up to 5 different devices.

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