DEAL: Unlocked AT&T Galaxy S6 Edge for Just $599 ($215 Off)

The best deal we have seen to date for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge popped up at eBay last night and is still going strong. For just $599, you can have Samsung’s uniquely-designed, double-edged phone. This is the AT&T model with 32GB of storage that would run you $815 if you bought it outright from AT&T. A $215 discount is a substantial one in my book.

This phone is brand new, but has apparently been opened so that the seller could unlock it. It’s also “unlocked” and ready for use on other GSM carriers, which could mean that it’ll work fine on T-Mobile, though it does seem to be missing T-Mobile’s 1700 band.

The deal includes both white or black models and free shipping.

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Deal: Moto Hint is Now Just $80 ($70 Off)

Motorola’s Moto Hint, the little earbud Bluetooth headset thingy that can be used to access some of the Google Voice search and Moto Voice stuff you regularly use on your Moto X (or DROID), has dropped to just $79.99 on Motorola’s web store. Originally priced at $150, this earbud lets you ask about the weather, your upcoming schedule, directions to a location, or call someone without needing to touch your phone.  It can actually be paired with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone for calls, but you get the full experience when paired with a Motorola device.

I spent some time with the Moto Hint a few months back and came away impressed by some things (fit, finish, look, battery life and case, etc.), while others left me looking elsewhere (volume is way too low when maxed out) for a Bluetooth experience in the $150 price range. But with the Hint at just $80, it’s probably now worth considering. If you want a Bluetooth headset that won’t make you look like the guy in the cheap suit at Starbucks talking loudly on a hands-free call, this is one to consider.

The Moto Hint also comes with leather, wood, or fabric accents. Classy.

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Deal: ExoMount Touch Universal Car Mount for $20, Free Shipping

Having our phone in the car is sometimes very important, as many people use smartphones as their main GPS system and source of in-car entertainment. With the ExoMount Touch Universal Car Mount, priced at only $20 on the DL Deals Store, you can mount your phone of any size directly into a vehicle, making usage of the device much safer than having it just in your hand.  (more…)

DEALS, DUDE: It’s Amazon Prime Day! (Updated)

Just a quick reminder, but yep, today is Amazon Prime Day. It’s not only a day to celebrate Amazon’s birthday and its Prime members, it’s also a day that Amazon says will have more deals than Black Friday. That’s a pretty bold statement. However, after looking through some of the day’s lightning deals, it’s safe to say that they may come close to besting that other big shopping day.

We would attempt to give you the ultimate Prime Day list of deals, but that would take a day’s worth of work, because some of these deals are only available as lightning deals and are then gone within minutes. So, your best bet is to hit up the Amazon link below, find sections on Amazon you are interested in, and then plan your day around the deals you might attempt to jump on.

We’ll also do our best to add good deals to the bottom of this post as we see them.

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