DEAL: Amazon Echo is $30 Off Today

Trying to decide between Amazon Echo and Google Home? The decision just became tougher now that they are both discounted. While Google Home is cheaper than Echo almost everyday, including now through a $15 discount, there is no denying that Amazon’s home assistant is a much more mature product with even more capabilities than Google’s.

If you haven’t yet been convinced by Google Home, know that right now you can buy Amazon Echo for just $149.99, which is about the lowest price you’ll find any day. That’s a $30 discount off both black and white models at various retailers.  (more…)

DEAL: Most of Spigen’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ Cases Heavily Discounted at Amazon

Prior to our review, we showed you a whole bunch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ cases worth considering as a form of protection for your new ultra-expensive phone. We gave those all away, of course, but wanted to point out today’s sale over at Amazon for a number of them. Spigen, a case company we have recommended for years, is hosting a huge sale on almost all of their best S8 and S8+ cases.

You’ll find cases like the Neo Hybrid for just $13.99, Tough Armor for $15.99, Liquid Armor for $9.99, Liquid Crystal for $9.99, Slim Armor for $16.99, Ultra Hybrid for $13.99, and the Thin Fit for just $9.99. You are looking at discounts in the $4-$20 range depending on which you go with.

Almost all Spigen products are Prime eligible as well.

Amazon Link  (more…)