Samsung Pay Update V1.6.61 Gets It Ready for Marshmallow

Samsung is pushing a new update to Samsung Pay this morning that gets the mobile payment service ready for incoming device updates to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The update showed up on my AT&T Galaxy Note 5, which has recently seen a beta test kick off for Android 6.0.

In this latest version, Samsung Pay is jumping up to build v1.6.61. According to the changelog, the update does two things: enhance the UI and performance, and make it “M OS compatible.”  (more…)

Snapseed Update Adds a Couple of Automatic Features, SD Card Installs

Google’s Snapseed, a quality photo editing app that was added to Google’s line-up back in 2012 via acquisition, received an update this week that tries to simplify your photo edits by automatically adjusting or placing items. It’s also much more stable and should make saving items a much more reliable process.

In terms of the automatic actions, the update allows for Lens Blur to automatically detect a face and center around it. Snapseed now also attempts to auto-straighten when there is a horizon in a photo. Google added in the ability to install the app to external SD cards as well.

The update is live on Google Play.  (more…)

Multi-Account Support Reappears in Latest Instagram Beta Update

Inside of the newest update for the Instagram beta app straight from Google Play, multi-account support has reappeared. For Android users, this is big news, as this feature first appeared in November of last year, then quickly vanished without a trace. According to Latergramme, the iOS version is also sporadically offering multi-account support, which means we could be close to an official release of this feature in the near future.  (more…)

Latest Textra SMS Update is All About the Emoji

Inside the latest update to Textra SMS, now available on Google Play, users will find a wide variety of features specifically catered to fans of emoji. For folks on Kit Kat and Lollipop, you will now have access to over 1600 different emoji, which should be enough for expressing your feelings through an icon. Additionally, skin tone emoji are included, allowing folks to move away from yellow-colored faces entirely.  (more…)