Wunderlist 3 Update Hits Google Play, Features Real-time Sync and Intuitive Design

A massive update is now available for Wunderlist, titled Wunderlist 3, which the company claims to be the biggest update the app has ever received. With Wunderlist 3, users can create fantastic lists, but list-making isn’t the most important aspect of the app.

What sets this app apart from many others is that it is cross platform supported, as in supported on iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and Kindle Fire devices. That is quite the list of supported platforms, with Windows 8 and Windows Phone following along shortly according to the developers.  (more…)

Top 5 Android Apps: July 2014

Another month down, another list of the best Android apps available is ready.

For the month of July, you can tell that we reconnected with an obsession over wallpaper apps, since three made it onto the list. Outside of eye candy, we also found an amazing app that lets you toggle system settings through Google Now without root, checked out the new NPR One app, and watched as Google brought Material Design to one of our most used apps, Chrome Beta.

Below are the top 5 Android app for July 2014.  (more…)

Top 5 Android Games: July 2014

The end of July as come, so it’s time to look at the best Android games that crossed our desks. This month, we saw the release of a few great Indie games, meaning that the titles didn’t have major backers funding their development. In a few cases, these games end up being some of the best, but of course, there is no doubt that big time publishers can push out great work too, as we saw with Gameloft in the release of Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

A couple of the games we list this month feature addictive characteristics, meaning it is easy to die in the game, but even easier to press “replay.” In addictive games, you want to try again, hoping to do better than you did the last round. Other games for this month include a puzzler, platformer, and a FPS title.

Below are the Top 5 Android Games for July 2014.  (more…)

Hulu Plus Brings Free Content to Android Users in Latest App Update

Starting today, after updating the official Hulu Plus app in Google Play, Android users are being treated to free content, courtesy of Hulu. For some odd reason, Hulu has granted Android users to sample free content, just as you would on their website from anywhere you are, as long as you have a data connection.

Undoubtedly an attempt to get you signed up for their monthly service, which runs $7.99, Hulu is allowing access to the latest and past episodes of a few good shows, including America’s Got Talent, and more.

Here is a excerpt from the company’s announcement.  (more…)

Equalizer App Updated to Version 4.0, Brings Material Design Makeover

We know how much all of you love talking about Material Design, so here is a heads up for another app which has received an update with Google’s latest app design guidelines. Equalizer, Google Play’s most popular audio equalizer app for Android, received an update to version 4.0 this week, which includes a slick UI upgrade to Material Design.

Equalizer allows users to place an EQ preset on any audio coming out of your headphone jack or speaker. Think of it as a system-wide EQ, instead of one just used for when music is playing.  (more…)