Deal: Pay What You Want for the Complete 2016 Coder Bundle

It’s a new year, making it the perfect opportunity to learn a few new skills, if improving upon yourself is something you are into. On the DL Deals Store, you can pay what you want for Complete 2016 Coder Bundle, featuring almost 200 hours of programming content that could help you create the next best thing the Interwebz has ever seen.  (more…)

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Deal: Grab a CHOE USB Type-C Charger, Type-C Cables at Discounted Prices With These Coupon Codes

For a limited time on Amazon, you can purchase a CHOE charger and cables at a discounted price, thanks to the use of coupon codes. The chargers and cables are USB Type-C, perfect for those who own a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, or for those who want to stockpile for the inevitable release of additional phones with Type-C ports.   (more…)

Deal: Power Your Device Using the Sun With This 30,000mAh Solar Charger, $45

For those looking to power their smart devices off the grid, you can use this Solar 30,000mAh Battery Pack, available through the DL Deals Store for just $45. Regularly priced at $99, this battery pack will not only power your smartphone and tablet using the sun’s rays, but it also features a utility flashlight, perfect for those camping trips with the kids who are surgically attached to their smartphone.  (more…)

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DEALS: $15 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, 10400mAh Portable Battery, All the USB Type-C Cables, $150 Off Watch Urbane

Deals, deals, deals. We’re always on the hunt for deals. Today, we’ve got a pretty serious list from some of the regular crew featured here on DL, which includes names like Aukey, Anker, iOrange-E, and LG. We have everything below from portable battery packs with Quick Charge 2.0 to IPX4 rated Bluetooth speakers to USB Type-C cables and the Watch Urbane with a $150 discount.

Some have codes, almost all should have Amazon Prime shipping, and most are for a limited time.  (more…)

DEAL: 92% Off XtremeGuard Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

I can’t say that I’ve touched a screen protector in some time, but there is certainly a market and audience for them. If we were to recommend something, at least in the past, we always suggested tempered glass protectors, because of their quality, touch feel, and hardness (8-9H). Should something like that – a screen protector – still interest you, XtremeGuard is hosting an incredible deal on them at the moment.

By adding two to your cart and inputting the code “92OFF,” you’ll get exactly as the coupon suggests, 92% off(more…)

DEAL: Grab an Original Nexus 5 32GB for $189

Yeah, yeah, it’s really old at this point, but look, the original Nexus 5 is still being supported by Google. It also runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow pretty flawlessly. This is an Android icon, without a doubt. And you can still own one today, supposedly in “new” condition.

Through a deal over at eBay, you can pick-up the white Nexus 5 with 32GB of storage for just $189.99. Are there better values out there? I honestly don’t know that there are. Sure, the camera isn’t great, but the performance, feel in hand, and overall design of this phone are still almost unmatched.

The deal includes free shipping.

eBay Link

DEAL: 2-Pack of SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Cards for $89

Rumors are pointing towards the Galaxy S7 having a microSD slot, so if you are planning to make it your next phone (even though you know nothing official about it), it’s time to stock up on expandable storage. Today, in a deal running over at eBay, you can pick-up a 2-pack of SanDisk 128GB microSD cards for just $89.99.

These cards, by themselves, used to carry price tags of $100 or more. In recent weeks, we have seen the everyday price come down, with the current individual card price at Amazon hovering right around the $50 mark. Should you take this deal because you plan on loading up a couple of phones with expandable storage, you are saving $10 or so. Oh, free shipping is included.  (more…)

DEAL: Nexus 5X 32GB for $379 at eBay ($20 Off)

Google just dropped the price of the Nexus 5X by $30 earlier this week, yet a seller on eBay is already under cutting them. Through a daily deal, you can grab the 32GB Nexus 5X in any of the three colors (black, white, or blue) for $379. That’s a solid $20 discount off of Google’s recently reduced price on the 32GB version.

The deal also includes free expedited shipping.

If you don’t yet know all there is to know about the Nexus 5X, be sure to read our review.

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