Deal: Pay What You Want for the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle

For those here looking to get into Android coding, we have a special on the DL Deals Store that allows you to pay what you want for the Android Expert’s Coding Bundle. This bundle includes five courses, all of which feature hours of lessons on Java programming and application creation.  (more…)

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DEAL: Nexus 6 32GB Once Again Back at eBay for $289

The Nexus 6, last year’s flagship Nexus device, is back for a third or fourth (I’ve lost track) time through an eBay deal for an absurdly low $289 price. And again, this for for a brand new, unlocked Nexus 6 in Midnight Blue with 32GB of storage. This is also the XT1103 model, which is the North American variant that works on all carriers here, including Verizon.

The deal includes free economy shipping and probably shouldn’t be passed on if you are in need of a really good phone, but have less than $300 to spend.

eBay Deal Link

DEAL: Up to 60% Off PNY SD Cards, Including 128GB for $39.99

Amazon’s big deal of the day is a discount on PNY memory products, some of which have been dropped by as much as 60%. You’ll see standard SD cards, flash drives, powerbanks, and of course, microSD cards.

The microSD cards include those at 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The 32GB “Turbo Performance” card is $9.99, which is kind of an insane price. You can double it to $64GB for just $18.99 or go H.A.M. on storage with the 128GB card for $39.99.

Again, it’s a deal of the day, so jump on it if you have storage needs.

Amazon Link

DEAL: Tronsmart 5-Port Quick Charge2.0 Hub for $27.99, 3-Port Wall Charger for $9.99

Fast or quick charging is still one of the best smartphone features introduced within the past five or so years. As battery technology hasn’t necessarily improved at all, this technology has helped alleviate some of the pain associated with quickly dying batteries. Thanks to quick charging and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, you can charge your dead phone to 50% or more within a matter of minutes in many cases, assuming your phone is supported (and it probably is). As long as you have a wall outlet near, you almost don’t need to worry anymore about battery life.

If you have yet to fully equip your office and home with Quick Charge 2.0 chargers, we have two deals for you today to consider. One is a Tronsmart 5-Port Desktop Hub that supplies Quick Charge 2.0 current through all 5 ports and runs $27.99 after $10 discount. With this desktop hub, your whole family can quick charge at the same time. The other is for a standard 3-port wall adapter that can be had for just $9.99 ($10 discount).

Amazon Links:  Tronsmart 5-Port Desktop Hub ($27.99) | Tronsmart 3-Port Wall Charger ($9.99)  (more…)

DEAL: Amazon Echo Drops to $149 Today Only ($30 Off)

Amazon Echo, a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a semi-assistant for your home, is on sale for today only at $149.99. That’s a $30 discount, in case you were wondering.

Not familiar with Amazon Echo? It’s actually pretty cool. I have one in my kitchen, as does my brother. We both use ours to play music by using voice commands (like “Hey, Alexa, play 90s hip hop.”), ask it for answers to questions we may be having during a conversations, and set timers while cooking this or that. It really is a highly useful tool that can also take care of your media needs when in a pinch.

It does much more than those few things, though. By triggering it with a “Hey, Alexa” command (Why it isn’t “Hey, Echo” is beyond me.), you can also ask it for weather, news, traffic, and sports scores. You can also connect to services like Pandora or iHeartRadio, Philips Hue, SmartThings, and you Google Calendar. You can even shop, by asking it to re-order Prime-eligible products.

Again, it’s $30 off, today only.

Amazon Link

Deal: $69 for a PureVPN Lifetime Subscription

Having a secure internet connection at all times is something most of us should probably consider investing in going forward in life. As we spend more time on our phones, computers, and tablets, we are opening ourselves up to more risk. Services like PureVPN help alleviate some of that by never exposing your personal data or internet activity and giving you that safe connection.

A current deal in the DL Deals store will get you into PureVPN for life for just $69. The normal lifetime package runs upwards of $600, so the savings here are significant.

With PureVPN, you get connections for up to 5 devices, access to quite a large list of servers from all over the work, plus there is live 24-7 support should you run into issues.  (more…)

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