Thursday Poll: Do You Own a Google Home or Amazon Echo?

It’s not hard for us to get excited about the hot new trend of the moment, smart home speaker assistants. Unlike Android or iOS, which are both beyond mature at this point, this category of products is growing by the day and could soon lead to a world controlled by voice. Whether its the Friday Amazon Alexa email with a list of new features or Google quietly pushing new goodness into the Google Home app without as much as a peep, there is always something fresh to talk about.

But I don’t know that we’ve ever asked if any of you own Amazon or Google smart home assistants. I’m talking about Amazon Echo devices and Google Home, of course. Through all of the deals over the holidays and in partnership with phone launches (like the G6), picking up one of these products should have been an affordable thing on numerous occasions.

So let us know – do you own an Amazon Echo devices or Google Home?

Do You Own a Google Home or Amazon Echo?

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Thursday Poll: Do You Use Multi-Window?

We were toying around with Picture-in-Picture on the latest build of Android O yesterday, but in doing so I was reminded that I hardly ever use multi-window functionality on my Android devices. Will Picture-in-Picture be any different for me? Hard to tell.

With this poll, we want to know how many of you are using multi-window on your phone or tablet. Whether its the native version built into your Pixel or Nexus device, or the similar implementation on Samsung and LG devices, are you even using it? If you are, for what?

Let us know your take on multi-window and the potential of Picture-in-Picture on smartphones down below.

Do you use Multi-Window?

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Friday Poll: Headphone Jack on Top, Bottom, or Courage?

5 years ago on May 2, we asked if headphone jacks belonged on the top or bottom of a device. As you might’ve noticed, things have changed a bit in 5 years, with some companies finding the courage to completely remove the jack, opting for Bluetooth and 3.5mm dongles for jamming out. Regardless of how I feel about it (opinion: courage is stupid!), let’s see how things have changed in your mind.

Back then, the majority of folks said the headphone jack belongs on the top with 52% of the vote. Bottom wasn’t far behind at 48%. It’s entirely possible some people like the removal of the headphone jack, so courage may come in and steal a few votes from both sides this time around.

Note, if you do vote for “courage,” you’re voting for the removal of the headphone jack entirely. This is no joke, people, courage takes guts.

Let’s vote!

Headphone jack on top or bottom?

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Tuesday Poll: What is Your Typical Screen on Time in a Day?

Battery life is one of the subjects we still talk a lot about, unfortunately. While phones typically almost all excel in performance and camera departments these days, not all are great when it comes to getting you through a day without looking for an outlet.

Part of the problem there, outside of battery tech not changing, stems from the fact that our daily usage sure seems to be increasing each year (still looking at you, 6-hour guy). So even as battery capacity has gone up, that screen on time has too. For example, from 2014 to 2016 (the two previous times we asked you about screen on time), we went from 46% of you seeing 1-3 hours of screen on time in a day and 37% seeing 3-5 hours, to 42% at 1-3 hours and 44% at 3-5 hours. That’s a decent-sized shift that saw quite a few of you using your phones for an extra hour or more.

So because we haven’t asked yet this year, let’s do it now and see if these numbers have shifted yet again. What is your typical screen on time in a day? Also, feel free to drop your phone model in the comments.

What is Your Typical Screen on Time in a Day?

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Friday Poll: Do You Use a Case on Your Phone?

With phones coming out with nothing but glass and super minimal bezels, we won’t blame anyone for wanting to protect their investment from a destructive fall. Cases can be a very good thing, and case makers are probably loving the idea of smartphones becoming more and more fragile. It’s great for business.

The question is, do you or will you soon use one? With the Galaxy S8, it almost seems necessary considering how much glass covers that thing. One drop could be all it takes for your pretty, shiny new phone to be completely destroyed. And before you go spouting off about Gorilla Glass 5 or whatever, I can link you to plenty of YouTubers who are posting countless drop test videos, detailing that the Galaxy S8 is indeed quite fragile.

Do I or will I use a case? Oh, God no, that’s gross, but I won’t blame you if you do.

Do you use a case on your phone?

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Wednesday Poll: Buying the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+?

It’s time to weigh in with your official vote over whether or not you plan to buy the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. We know the price. We know the release date. We know the features. We know the specs. We know almost everything we can know without doing a full review.

So tell us, are you buying the Galaxy S8 or S8+?

Buying the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+?

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Thursday Poll: Which App Do You Use for Twitter?

It’s 2017 and there’s still no shortage of 3rd-party apps for Twitter on Google Play. Leading up to this point, there has been drama, with some apps falling victim to the services’s old hostility for 3rd-party development. Remember the finite amount of user tokens and all that crap? Yeah, thankfully, that all seems to be fading away.

As for the choices, there are plenty of good ones, and we’ve written about pretty much all of them. You have the stock Twitter app (which has improved vastly over the years), Fenix, Flamingo, Falcon, Talon, and many others. Each has their own set of features, and you can’t exactly go wrong with any of them. It’s all user preference.

So, the question is, which do you use? And before you go say, “I’m so cool, I don’t use Twitter,” get outta here with that. Twitter is amazing and if you aren’t already, follow us, duh!

Which app do you use for Twitter?

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Wednesday Poll: Is Your Phone Rooted?

We have asked this question before, but as time has gone by, it’s safe to say that rooted users have become the minority. That wasn’t always the case, but with phones and the Android OS performing and behaving much better, the needs for rooting aren’t as dire.

Back in the day, you’d need to run custom kernel for overclocking just to make the OG DROID not be such a sloth. Sure, it killed your battery, but damn it, it was awesome having that much control over our hardware.

So, are you still running root still or are you over it?

Is your phone rooted?

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