Question of the Day: What is the Perfect Smartphone Display Size?

From 2011 through much of last year, we seemed to debate time and time again about what the perfect display size was. We went from 4.3-inch displays being referred to as “hummers” to 5.5-inch displays and beyond as becoming somewhat commonplace. Thankfully, a number of smartphone manufacturers seem to have settled in a bit on what they consider to be optimal, so the argument has died down some. Samsung and its Galaxy S line are hovering around the 5.1-inch mark these days, the Note line has settled into 5.7-inches, LG seems to like 5.5-inches for its G phones, and HTC has taken a liking to 5-inches for its M series.

So here is a question for the day. Now that we are starting to know what to expect in terms of size from each OEM, what is the perfect smartphone display size? Which manufacturer is getting it right, at least in your opinion? Are there still plenty of sub-5-inch fans out here, are you OK with right-around-5-inches, or do you prefer something much larger?  (more…)

Question of the Day: What Do You Like About Your Android Wear Watch?

Within the next couple of weeks, Google will push a sizable update to Android Wear watches that introduces more voice messaging options, additional gesture controls, and speaker support for devices with external speakers. The update is the latest in an attempt to add on functionality to wrist-worn computers and hopefully sell you and I on why we need them. That right there, brings us to today’s question.

What do you like about your Android Wear watch?  (more…)

Question of the Day: What’s Keeping You With Your Current Wireless Carrier?

Every time we share news about a wireless carrier (whether it be good or bad), the comment section fills up with conversations about which is the best or why this one is better than that one or why they are all terrible. We typically get a bunch of, “Glad I left them when I did!” comments, as well.

Because of those almost-always-entertaining conversations, our question of the day will be to ask you what it is that’s keeping you with your current wireless carrier. You all seem to have very specific, well-informed (or at least passionate) reasons for sticking with one over another, so this is your opportunity to share it all in one place.

Is it all about network? Is it price-related? Does one carrier have better phone choices over another? Do you just hate this carrier less than the rest? Feel free to drop those thoughts below.

Question of the Day: What Do You Hope Samsung Changed From Galaxy S6 to S7?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be announced on February 21 in Barcelona. So far, from what we have seen from leaks, this year’s Galaxy S will look very similar in size and style to last year’s Galaxy S6. I don’t know that I would consider that to be a bad thing, since Samsung happened to make one of the most beautiful line-ups of smartphones ever last year. Actually, you could take that a step further and say that they made not only some of the best looking phones ever released, but they should be considered some of the best all-around as well. Come on, how can you not love the Note 5?

With that said, the Galaxy S6 had its issues – namely with battery life. I think I’m still in a bit of shock as to how bad the battery life on that phone was. Also, even though Samsung greatly improved the software experience on the S6, it wasn’t exactly something we would prefer to use for a 2-year period. There were serious lag issues for a while, the icons are still…ugly, and there are so many settings and Samsung-created apps that most of us could live without. Let’s not forget that the back of the S6 has a camera hump, there wasn’t SD storage or waterproofing, and that single bottom-facing speaker is far too easy to cover.

With the Galaxy S7 just around the corner and leaks pouring in from all angles, let’s talk about what you were hoping Samsung would do this year. What were you hoping to see change from the S6 to the S7 (or S7 Edge)?  (more…)

Question of the Day: Do You Worry About Android Security?

Security is an important topic in today’s mobile heavy world. It’s starting to feel as if we are almost always under some form of attack from this or that spyware or virus or backdoor. Well, security companies are certainly trying to make us believe that, especially those who have attached their livelihood to Android. This isn’t me completely dismissing potential threats on Android, it’s just that most of these “67% of Android users at risk!” types of headline-grabbing reports almost always contain a big asterisk that involves some form of, “This doesn’t concern you if you install everything through Google Play.” In other words, if you own a legitimate Android phone that has Google services and aren’t installing pirated apps through scary-as-hell 3rd party app stores, you are fine.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Why Android?

Bringing them big questions today, eh? Yes, yes, we are.

In all semi-seriousness, it’s time to talk about it (again). I can’t remember the last time (or if ever) we talked about this subject, but I’d love to hear some specific (or general) thoughts on why you have chosen Android as your mobile operating system. This isn’t meant to be a “Down with Apple!” post; we’re genuinely curious in 2016 why you continue to stick with Android.

While Android has evolved over the years, iOS has as well, even adopting plenty of early Android features that once made this the easy operating system of choice for many of us. Is it about control, still? Is it the “openness” to everything (like apps talking to each other and a file manager)? Is it about choice? Is it because you just flat out love HTC or Samsung or Motorola or LG? Is it because you need the best Google app experiences (sans Hangouts of course)? Or maybe, you really just do despise all that is Apple?

Let’s hear it.

Question of the Day: Do You Use a Case on Your Phone? What Kind?

Smartphones can be quite the investment, so of course, folks want to protect them. There are hundreds of different cases for your smartphone on the market, so how is one supposed to choose the right option? Should they choose one that doesn’t make the device too bulky? Is added bulk okay as long as it protects your device from all of the elements of life?  (more…)

Poll: Do You Use a Fingerprint to Unlock Your Phone?

Yesterday, we asked if you are all using a secure lock screen after reading a report that said 1 in 3 Android users go without one. Our results turned up with slightly better numbers, showing that 77% of you utilize some form of a secure lock screen. That means about 1 in 4 aren’t, which isn’t amazing news, but is certainly not as bad as 1 in 3.

Today, we want to see which percentage of you who are using a secure lock screen, are unlocking with a fingerprint reader. More and more phones seem to be including fingerprint readers at this point, which to us, is a good sign. I say that because a number of you mentioned yesterday that you probably wouldn’t use a secure lock screen if Android Pay didn’t force you to, but also that it hasn’t been that big of an issue thanks to your fingerprint readers. Bring on more fingerprint readers! Secure lock screens are a good thing.

So tell us, are you unlocking your phone with a fingerprint?

Do You Use a Fingerprint to Unlock Your Phone?

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