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verizon logo galaxy note 7

Tuesday Poll: Are You Sticking With Verizon?

Following this morning's news, we have to ask, are you sticking with Verizon? I could sit here and talk about how consumers make their voices heard with their wallets, but I know many here are loyal Verizon customers, so you've probably heard that speech a few...
google fiber phone

Thursday Poll: Do You Have a Home Phone?

A little over a year ago, we tried to find out how many of you still own a home phone and subscribe to home phone service. At the time, 35% of you still did! We asked because Google had just announced its new Fiber Phone, which seemed silly even if it was a...

Monday Poll: Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier?

It's been a year since we last asked, plus the T-Mobile post from earlier has me curious again, so let's do it today - who is your current wireless carrier? I ask, partly because we just like to see updated numbers, but I'm also interested to see what has...