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Complete Guide to the Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE [Verizon]

galaxy nexus

It has been a year packed full of Galaxy Nexus news, so we thought we would bundle everything that went down into one post for you as a recap and wiki of sorts. We also made sure to toss in the previous Ice Cream Sandwich videos that highlight some of our favorite features. Now that you all have the device in your hands, it’s time to get everyone up to speed on all things Android 4.0 and unlocking that Nexus.  

Rooting, Bootloaders, Recovery and Backups:

Device overview:

Accessory reviews:

Ice Cream Sandwich tips:

Other stuff:


  • Ed

    Anyone know how to set the phone to 3g only, I went under data and selected CDMA only from LTE/CDMA but after I do that I see no 3g connection, but rather no connection at all.

    Not sure if i’m missing something, it’s a bug or something wrong with my 3G radio.

    • Ed

      It took me several tries but finally the 3g came on, very weird maybe a bug…

  • Anonymous


  • Todd Dixon

    Im luving the phone, But……. The Speaker Sucks!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous


  • Tvldone

    Im luving the phone….. But Damn The Speaker Sucks!!!!!!!

    • IambicPentameter

      I think it’s only for certain notifications and tones…could be software related with an ungrade eventually coming. I imported actual song mp3 clips I had from my Incredible to make them ringtones on my GNex…and they are just as loud. No problem at all

      • Completely agree. Just as good as my Dinc, if not better.

      • galactor

        I might have to try my on ringtones then. Because it is really annoying that I have to set the volume to max to hear the notifications.  I’m also coming from an Incredible so I was surprised with the max volume difference.

  • Anyone know how to link Facebook into the people app?  or will it not work because it is not Google +?

    • IambicPentameter

      Can’t do it on the phone….I’ve tried. There is an app called SyncMyPix but no ICS update yet.  Try Friendcaster…should work.

      • Anonymous

        Friend caster works but unfortunately no hires pics

  • Ricktheprick

    Coming from Bionic, I haven’t seen any real problems yet. GN vs. Bionic:

    GN – way better camera (Moto has a real problem producing a decent camera).
    Bionic – slightly better data speeds on LTE (Moto always seems to win this one).
    GN – overall UI is smoother and faster.
    GN – screen looks better indoors.
    Bionic – screen has better visibility in sunlight.
    GN – browser performance is better.
    GN – ear speaker, call quality is better.
    Bionic – speakerphone is better.
    Bionic – wins in the industrial design category, but this is purely subjective.

    Some items may be OS specific. Bionic with ICS may be a real contender, but I’m afraid an OS upgrade will not correct its sub-par camera.

    Camera is a work tool for me. I will stick with GN for this reason, but if Bionic had a decent camera – maybe not.

    Please. These are my opinions, and nothing more. Let’s not go all medieval over any of this.

  • Bigsby

    Does anyone know if there is a quick way to toggle vibrate on/off without an app? Is it not built into the lock screen anywhere like on previous builds? Kinda a pain to have to unlock and use the volume rocker.

    • I’m using widgetlocker to and have right set to unlock, left toggles ringer mode, up is camera, and down is sms. I’m hoping there is an update soon that might bring back the classic setup (just the locations, not the style).

    • galactor

      Yeah, the lock screen no longer toogles the vibrate.  I’m gonna do the same thing I did with my Droid Incredible: download Widgetsoid and setup a toogle widget to switch between Ringer and Vibrate.

  • Anonymous

    Ok some things are bugging me.  First I almost always only get one bar – anywhere in any building.  Anyone else having this problem?  How the crap do you add a contact to the home screen?  I am trying to create a quick list file for dialing.  Next how to get do you get to the home page in the browser?  How do I upload my chrome bookmarks? 

    • Graham Wilson

      chrome bookmarks automatically sync with the browser if you have it set up to sync on your computer

      • Anonymous


  • ctannerd

    i am curious hear peoples concerns or questions about the extended battery for the gnex. I have been training the battery all night. I have been running numerous app, screen at full brightness and streaming music all day. It seems like this battery last forever. I cant explain it really because my 4G signal strength is not great. I usually get two bars inside. I also noticed the battery is displaying 95% after a full overnight charge. A full charge from complete discharge is rather lengthy too. I hope it improves after the training. Please comment and share your experience.

    • Anonymous

      My battery is as bad as my Thunderbolt – maybe worse.

    • hambeast

      Li-Ion batteries don’t need to be trained. 

      I am a little irked by the only slightly larger extended battery they offer. I feel like they are trying to milk me to buy something that arguably should have been the stock battery. I guess it’s a tradeoff of weight and thickness vs battery life. Too bad we don’t have more options for customization when purchasing a device, kind of like cars. Wishful thinking I guess. 

  • John

    When’s candycane coming out for my Galaxy Nexus ?!?!?!?

  •  I’m loving it so far.  Anyone know how to assign what color the LED flashes as for different notifications?

    • IambicPentameter


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A question for those who have been playing with their new phones for a day now: I’m in an area that isn’t likely to see 4G until sometime in 2013. Is the phone itself worth the 300 bucks even if it spends almost its entire life on 3G? And will being on 3G all the time give me better battery life?

    • Anonymous

      Having never owned a stock device short of rooting, the short answer in my second day is absolutely! In don’t think I could ever go back to skinned devices at this point,

  • Earleepa

    Havent got yet. Placed the order as soon as I got home yesterday morning with letstalk. They said its in stock so I placed the order and paid for it then I get and email that says its out of stock and backordered. Sucks to be me.

  • so did anybody that has the razor purchase this phone maybe a side by side, comparison??? I have a S2 on ATT thinking about picking the Gnex but mixed reviews appear in abudance.

    • Atabizi

      I had the razr and traded it in yesterday to get the GNex.   It’s not even a comparison… Get the Nexus you won’t regret it.

      • Anonymous

        Agree, no debate here at all!

  • IambicPentameter

    I’m new on here and haven’t posted…. but I just had a few things on the GNex from using it today:

    1) When trying to scroll up or down on a white or light grey page, where your thumb is near the top or bottom of the display…..does anyone else see that light blue halo that creeps out? Not really a big deal, but was just wondering if that’s normal.

    2) Downloaded Light Flow Lite, which I think is a really useful and cool app. I’m just wondering…their is a disclaimer in the beginning about how you need to turn accessibility on, but looks like the developer forewarned this…stating its nothing, and that they won’t capture any personal text data, credit card info, etc. and that the app isn’t even connected to the web. Anything to worry about here? If so – I’m going to uninstall

    3) Lastly – I’m coming from the original HTC Incredible, which had an 8mpxl camera and took some really good shots (not in low light), but after playing with this camera… I don’t get all the complaints. It looks pretty sharp and sick to me, as well as the panorama mode.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be coming from the OG Incredible as well.  Are you missing anything from Sense?, or that HTC had on the phone?

    • Anonymous

      Man, I see a bit of pixilation compared to Inc but it takes way better pics! I don’t get the complaint either!

  • abc123

  • Austinrgoebel

    got some hands on time with it today, this phone really is awsome . I love everything about it so far

  • Hey all,

    I just want to make sure I dont have a “unique” phone. 

    When you keep pressing on the “V” in verizon logo on the back of the phone do you hear or feel a clicking? like there is a little bit of space? 

    Also (and some of you might find me crazy or are not willing to do this.) when you (not hard) hit the top of the phone (screen up) on like something solid but not hard, like your theigh, do you hear a kind of clicking and almost sounds like a tiny spring? 

    I realize this sounds nuts but if people can clarify this for me. that would be great as I love my phone and plan on doing sweet things with it. 

    • Mischief316

       nope. no clicks or spring noises here. mine seems pretty solid.

      • so when you keep pressing on the middle, without a case on, you dont feel or hear a clicking? right in the middle? 

        • Ed

          If I hit it just right I do hear a click, it’s the plastic bending.  I have to press kind of hard though and in just the right spot.

  • VerizonSux

    Thinking of canceling my amazon wireless back order after all these comments…..

    • Anonymous

      No regrets here!

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Only issue is speaker is pretty quiet. Other than that love it. I get 32mb/s at my house, cant argue with that

  • Esn8787

    Why is volume so low? Does anyone have a solution to issue? Also getting worse reception than original moto droid?

  • Anonymous

    I got mine today at a Verizon store. Everything is working great, but for some reason my old phone (an OG Droid) is still receiving emails over 3G. When I check My Verizon, it doesn’t have either device listed as mine.

    • Engineeredwithlayton

      I had the same issue in the store with my Dx.  Once I rebooted the Dx it went off the network.  I still get emails on WIFI…which I didn’t know would happen but I guess is typical.  I need to remove gmail so my kid doesn’t send weird messages to clients by mistake.

  • Misterbeane

    First off, I’ve frequented this site for over a year now, and I rarely have been incited to post here myself.  Last year, the Tbolt was looking like the phone to have, then it was the Bionic, and now the Gnex.  The Tbolt battery turned out to be some of the worst in ANY phone, EVER, and the Bionic release just took too dang long (I won’t even go in to the abysmal quality of the pentile screen on the Bionic…and yes, I know the Gnex has a pentile screen but it is FAR, FAR better than most)…….ANYWAYS….I’ve had the whole day with my new Gnex, and after reading a lot of others’ comments on DL, I’m convinced that many people just want a lot of different things out of their own phones.  To anyone coming from any 4G Verizon android phone, the improvements that are presented by the Gnex are probably not anything worth upgrading over.  To anyone coming from any 3G android phone release after, say, the OG/Dinc/Dx era, the improvements are VERY significant, but I could still see why many of these users would be waiting for a more polished ICS phone to come along.  BUT, to anyone coming from the first crop of post-android 2.0 phones (OG/Dinc/Dx), the Gnex is a HUMONGOUS leap forward.  Personally, I’ll admit that there are a few little issues I have with the phone (low output volume, widget resizing issues, etc.), but these PALE in comparison to the enormous gains I am receiving in data speeds, software refinements, computational performance, and overall OS/hardware polish.  The ONLY problem with the Gnex that I see that can’t be fixed/improved from the software side of things is the quality of the light sensor in the camera, but IMHO if you need any better picture quality than what this phone produces, you probably just need to carry around a traditional point-and-shoot digital camera to suit your needs.  YES, the battery life is nowhere near what it was on my OG, but the battery life on any 4G phone is NEVER going to match that of a 3G phone, so either throw an extended battery in there or shut up and stick it out for another 6 months with your OG/Dinc/Dx.  BOTTOM LINE FOLKS:  If you’re coming from a 3G phone that is 1.5-2 years old, you WILL NOT be disappointed with the Gnex.  And Kellex, you do a great job and run a great site here at DL…keep up the good work!

    • Seaman24

      misterbeane I currently own a thiunderbolt, I know it has had a few kinks here and there but I dont see it being the worst, can you explain so I can be more aware of the other problems you know about the thunderbolt? as far as the nexus I purchased for my mother yesterday , in hand it feels great , software I havent had much time to explore the new 4.0 feauters, but seems like a good stable phone.

      • Misterbeane

        I just remember from the month or so that I had with the Tbolt that they battery drained like no other…do a search on google about it and you’ll find MOUNTAINS of info about the bad battery life.  The Gnex is destined to have lackluster battery life as well, but it seems manufacturers haven’t yet figured out how to maximize battery life on 4G phones yet, so this isn’t a big deal.  All I was saying is that the battery life of the Gnex seems significantly better than that of the Tbolt (basically, it’s comparable to the Razr).

        • I have a Droid Charge (now a G-Nex also)  An I had no complaints about the Droid Charge battery, I can easily make it from when I wake up to night time. The G-Nex pales in comparison battery wise, I’m maybe getting 5 hrs. also the radios are really bad on my G-nex.. Bad. Im getting a quarter of the service I was getting. I so wish it not to be true, hopefully it will change

          • Anonymous

            Scotty, I agree somewhat on battery…..however I would much rather have my nexus than that post charge I am about ready to sell on eBay. You can not tell me that you do not see the vast improvement in speed and is, besides battery life always seems to get better after a week or so.

        • Anonymous

          The issue is hardware based more than battery based on Verizon’s phones.  Because 4G phones from Verizon are sporting both a CDMA antenna AND a separate SIM based LTE antenna, there’s more power having to be used.  I seem to recall that AT&T’s LTE phone(s) don’t have as much of this issue because the HSPA+ and LTE antenna are unified.

          Still wouldn’t switch to AT&T because their coverage sucks where I’m at.

    • Christopher LaPointe

      Holy Batman, paragraphs!  :/

      • cartersims

        Can you write me a guide on how to get decent reception and make complete, un interrupted phone calls on this piece of shish? The Verizon GNex is a disaster.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Buy a motorola…. lol, I own one too.

        • Cliffy44

          More than likely, it’s your location, in proximity to where the nearest cell tower is.

          I live at sea level; and I had a 2 or a 3 year wait for AT&T to construct a tower within 3 miles of my home.

          NOW, I have zero problems.

          Someone suggested that I move.

          That seems exorbitant, just to make a few cellular calls.

    • Im coming from the HTC Sensation and I’m completely blown away. Cant see how anybody wouldnt be.

  • Bigsby

    Does anyone know if there is a quick way to toggle vibrate on/off without an app? Is it not built into the lock screen anywhere like on previous builds? Kinda a pain to have to unlock and use the volume rocker.

  • phonepeasant

    How can i transfer apps from my droid x to my Nexus? Will transferring angry birds save all my progression? How is google navigation on the nexus, i dont get mind until monday.

  • Edelafuente

    wuz good with the accesories

  • Anyone notice that text correction isnt there for the disqus comment box on this phone?
    Thats not cool.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s a bia to type/edit disqus on it. But I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from a mobile browser. With that said, it does load pages faster than my computer though!

  • Anonymous

    I went to VZ today to check this phone out and I realized while I was playing with it that the only thing I loved about this phone is ICS and how snappy it is. The build and everything else I did not like. I made the decision not to purchase it and I’m waiting for the next ICS phone that looks good with a better camera.

    Btw its my first post here, have been reading this blog since I got the OG, love all the info and arguments good entertainment its taken a lot not to post all this time and believe me I’ve wanted to curse some ifans out but I’ve kept it to my self. Great site love everything u do Kellex.

  • Djstar2k2

    speaker sucks and i cant get the mtp to work at all on my pc xp

    • Dan

      You’re using Windows XP.

  • Marc Statdfield

    VZN’S website is showing the sell price as $249!?!? It was $299 this morning and that’s what I paid when I ordered over the phone with a VZN rep. What gives?

    • Anonymous

      are you a new customer or upgrading? If you’re upgrading they should have given you a $50 credit (if you’re on the 700+ minute plans, $30 credit for lesser minute plans) for the “new every two” program. Just call them back and tell them they forgot. They’ll apply a credit, that’s what I did this morning as well.

  • Itchy

    Who will be first to post a YouTube scratch test?

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired seeing this stupid tutorials over and over again. We need some Facts: BATTERY LIFE how good is it vs. the stupid Iphone 4s ???? 

    How about the 4G everything I’ve read is all about bad speeds? Can someone talk in regards to this before getting stuck into a two year deal?

    • Anonymous

      Easy man – I’m sure there will be plenty of in-depth reviews coming 

    • When in 4G I can download 15MB+ apps in just a few seconds. Installs even faster then that. The phone is crazy fast. Coming from the OG Droid so just about anything will be faster. :]

    • cant speak for anyone but from speedtest.net i was getting between 28 and 50 Mbps down. I live in CT and was running for NYC server

  • Chachie

    Anyone else getting verticle banding on white screens when brightness is down?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that with amoleds. It will retain images for a while. LCDs do it too but usually not so soon.

  • Crim

    I am not thrilled about the Facebook contact sync.  This worked out of the box 2 years ago on the OG.  I also was surprised your music isn’t automatically available as a ringtone as it was on the OG.  I love the phone so far, but lacking these features is a disappointment.

    • Crim

      Music fixed with Handcent MMS.  Facebook pics supposedly solved by apps also, but couldn’t figure it out with friendcaster and syncmypix created duplicate contacts even when names were identical.

  • I would have loved to be a Nexus owner tonight as well but instead had a negative experience as you can see in the following email I sent to Verizon:


    I was writing to let you know about my experience at the Verizon Wireless store on 2071 Westheimer Rd; Houston, TX  77098 (River Oaks). I visited the store to look at the Galaxy Nexus phone.  While I looked over the phone, I asked an employee if they had any left in stock and he said that they sure did.  I liked the phone and told a second employee that I would like to purchase the phone off-contract.  She informed me that they did not have any in-stock and apologized.  I said it was no problem, thanked her and left.  The same store employee called me back and said they did have one in stock and would I be purchasing an accessory bundle with it.  I told her I’m not sure.  She said that they had 1 available in-stock, but was on hold for someone.  However, they had another customer interested in it and would sell it to the customer who bought the most accessories as the store made no money on phone sales.  

    I am quite shocked with this kind of a sales tactic as I had never had a similar experience with T-mobile or AT&T.  I love Verizon for its terrific cell coverage, fast LTE, and great phones.  However, your in-store customer service is nothing short of horrific, as is illustrated by my encounter tonight.  I hope that you will take some measures to bring this up to par with your fellow carriers soon.  ______________________________________

    Sorry if its long and off-topic, I just wanted to vent

    • Anonymous

      Thats the sad sad truth about commission sales, its also why they offer a ton of accessories when you don’t need them, there wanting to make a paycheck, just like a car salesman, it will drive any salesperson to do whatever they can to get the sale because of that.

      Your experience is probably an isolated one as some Verizon stores i’ve done business with aren’t like that, it depends on the employee, they will lie to you and then hook you back in just to get the sale, its a nasty sales tactic that sales peeps learn while in commission sales.

    • Todd

      They are killing their associates to make the accessory sales.  That’s how the reps make their money.  I have a friend that is an associate.

    • William Flato

      My sister had a bad experience at this very same Verizon store not a week ago. The rep was very rude and unprofessional. I will be letting her know of your experience and get her to inform Verizon of her situation at this particular store.

      Fortunately we have more that just this one Verizon store in Houston that we can go to. If it helps the Verizon at Westheimer and Kirkwood has always had friendly reps.

    • Jamesevans

      WORD! I went to a store in MD today but walked out empty handed bc of the sales associate and just ordered it online. The guy straight up told me that the phone will break if I don’t get some kind of case for it.  I told him I was good on the case but this dude would not stop about the damn cases.  On top of that the sales people were pushing micro SD cards for the Nexus as well.

    • Cmrudy

      You should do a Yelp review on the story to help get the word out.

    • Anonymous

      I hear ya. My experience today at the Verizon store was AWFUL. The sales rep was totally going for the jugular on the accessories. I told her I didn’t want any, just the phone. Then I tell her I have a Living Social coupon for $50. She says, “Oh, well in that case your accessories will be free”… “Free? Sounds too good to be true. You mean whether or not I take these accessories has no impact on the price?” “Yep” she says. I walk out of the store, get home, look at the receipt… Of course, the accessories weren’t free, she charged me $36. So I drive back to the store, explain to her she lied about the accessories being free. then she says, “I didn’t lie, your living social coupon would only ring up $25, so I gave you another $25 credit, essentially making the accessories free”…. I said, “IT WAS A $50 COUPON, YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME ANYTHING FOR FREE”… She immediately backed down and took the return.

    • Engineeredwithlayton

      I have a store in Chandler, AZ that is great.  It took me about 3 different stores over the last few years to find it.  All depends on the manager and his team.  Look for a different one & take your business elsewhere…then tell everyone about it.

    • Anonymous

      I love my Verizon store, they never give you grief and go out of their way to help….sorry to hear that!

  • Has anyone found a good flashlight app yet?
    TealaLED works but has a 2-3 second delay after you click the widget.

    • VerizonHater

      I usually go for brightest flashlight ever free app…  Haven’t downloaded it yet with Gnex tho cuz I hardly used it on my OG Droid

    • Crim

      just turn up screen brighness and open a browser window.  😉    But no, haven’t even looked yet.  I rarely used my flashlight on og droid.

      • I used my flashlight like crazy on my DInc. It was the torch included in omfgb and cyanogen. That was the brightest thing ever. TeslaLED on this is blindingly bright, it just has a lag.

    • QtDL

      DroidLight was a great one – had it on my OG Droid and worked perfectly. App doesn’t work on my new Nexus though – hopefully an update will be arriving soon.

    • Anonymous

      My gNex will be arriving tomorrow by 2pm- ordered online today at noon.
      So – I don’t know if ColorNote works on 4.0, but it’s what I use as a quick flashlight – I just open up a default note, which is quite bright. And it’s handy, since I keep the widget on my home screen for notes anyway.

  • hawgpapa

    Got my Nexus this morning, after a lot of thought due to the fact my Thunderbolt was finally running amazingly well with Eternity r185. However, I decided to take the leap and, right now, I don’t regret it.
    Yes, there may be a couple of things I will miss (I was really starting to like Sense 3.5), but there are some things that are better in the GN:
    1. Speedtest on 4G was better than my TB
    2. Call quality is somewhat better
    3. The camera is fine, I like the Sense camera better (more choices), but I have a couple of other camera apps, too. The tale of the tape is this weekend when we get to be with our four grandkids in Oregon. Pictures and video galore!
    4. ICS is smooth as silk. My TB wasn’t as smooth.
    5. Of course, the GN is lighter.
    6. HDMI output that the TB didn’t have.
    7. The Market is amazingly fast.
    There are more things that I haven’t explored and I am happy with the phone.
    This was my choice to upgrade, so I am not going to diss Samsung or Verizon for any shortcomings, there are few.
    By the way, the sound quality on Pandora through the Sony stereo on my Harley Davidson Electra-Glide was way better than my Thunderbolt! Nothing better than the Doobie Brothers @ 70mph on the freeway!

  • Jerry Sander

    The phone exceeds my expectations in many ways; it is sturdier, more beautiful, more fluid than any of the reviews led me to believe.  (I came close to buying a Rezound.)  I haven’t used the camera yet.  One almost inexplicable weirdness, though, is the difficulty of customizing your own music ring-tones without purchasing a third-party application (that says it will look through all your contacts, perhaps be malicious, etc.).  I was given a LENGTHY set of instructions by a Verizon rep when I told them how I had purchased ring-tones through Verizon Wireless for it, downloaded them according to the phone’s own instructions only to see them NOT appear in the Ringtones folder.  You have to hook it up to your computer and change folders after downloading it to the phone.  Huh?  Are you kidding me?  More complicated than a Blackberry? Or…trust a program that weirds me out after I load my own music onto it.  Advice anyone?  I just would like to wake up to some Steely Dan instead of their computerized beeps….

    • Crim

      This pisses me off too.  I had this feature TWO YEARS AGO on my OG droid.  WTF happened to it? 

      • Crim

        Ah, maybe it didn’t, but I’ve been using HANDCENT MMS app for so long it felt like it did.  This app automatically allows users to select from the music collection for alarms and ringtones.   Ahhh, I feel better now that it’s working properly.  Enjoy!

    • Anonymous

      Ringdroid dude, make your own for free!

  • How do you change the notification lights??  Anyone?  Bueller… Bueller?

    • Anonymous

      3rd party app is needed – try lightflow – lite (free) and pro versions available. Not sure if it works on GN andor ICS though. Check it out

      • Anonymous

        I look for devs to make a built in setting in future roms, probably in CM9 even. Maybe even Android will eventually get such a feature built in, I mean, why else include a 16bit color LED for notifications if you would need a third party app to use them all?

        • Anonymous

          I hear ya. Couldn’t agree more.

    • Chamdroid

      Download the app Light Flow from the market.

      • Esn8787

        Thanks cham!  great app.  Any suggestions about the vollume issue?

  • Anonymous

    Best phone period… My only issue is that it tends to slip off my hands when reaching the top corners

    • Same here! But after I put the extended battery in, the phone gained some weight and that problem fixed…now the phone doesn’t feel as cheap either.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t be happier with this phone!!  Except of course if I could use Google Wallet.  Meh… debit card still works

  • Dlroberts85

    anyone else experiencing really low volume?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah dude, it’s aweful with music and voice. But I think it’s a software thing because certain tones can be extremely loud… Looks like we’ll need an update for this. Ugh. 😛

      • Crim

        Full volume is like medium on the OG, but the OG could be scary loud at times.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I’m guessing it’s to prevent blowing ear drums with the headphones on. But some things are barely even audible at full volume. I really hope there’s a fix. My phone from 2007 sounds better than this.

          • Bbrutcher

            so far the volume is my only complaint!  this is an awesome replacement for my x2…i hated that thing!  hopefully a fix for the volume is coming soon!

  • Duong Vu

    I arrived at 900AM and had to stand in line for 45mins!  I guess the Nexus sex appeal is more well-known in the Silicon Valley?  Anybody else have to wait through lines?

    I felt kinda stupid waiting in line for a Sammy product considering the GS2 commercial they released a month ago rags on iSheep waiting in line…

    • nFans=iFans

      Oh the irony.

      • Guest

        you a loser bro?

    • I had one guy in front of me.

    • Anonymous

      If it makes ya feel better we had 40 people in line at my Verizon store!

  • Equalizer in the G Music app ain’t shabby either, missed that on my Droid.  huh.

  • Rendar UDL

    Picked up a Galaxy Nexus today and I love it. (Upgraded from the OG Droid). Couple of very minor issues I’m having. If anyone has any tips/suggestions they would be very appreciated.
    1) The 3G (no 4G in my locale) seems VERY slow. Like, 7-10 minutes to DL flash over 3G. It was never like this on the OG
    2) Is there a way/is it necessary to update my PRL? I did this at least a couple of times a year on the OG. But when I dial *228 on the Nexus, it says “Call not sent”.
    3) Is there anyway to change the notification light color within ICS? Or does it require a 3rd party app?

    • NewsWorthyTech

      Answers to your third issue: you can download Light Flow from the android market.

      • Rendar UDL

        Thanks. Perfect. I’ve read a couple of other people saying they are having some signal issues. Just strange that it’s fine on my OG but only 2 bars and slow 3G on my Nexus. Oh well. Gotta give them a few to work the bugs out.


      You may have compromised your SIM card already. That may explain your terrible data speeds.

      In retrospect, I know that *228, option 1 will kill a SIM card. I don’t know that option 2 will. However, I would avoid it until you KNOW it won’t.

      • Rendar UDL

        No, I’m sure that’s not it. Dialing 228 on the Nexus didn’t do anything as I stated. It just says “Call Not Sent”. It never even dials so obviously they were prepared that people may attempt to do that.

    • 4G Phones don’t do *228 the PRL is updated automatically whenever it is needed which isn’t as often as 3G phones

    • Droid Do What it Does
  • Mark Wilk

    Got mine unlocked and rooted already. Its working awesome. Plays games like BackStab butter smooth.

  • JB

    I bought a G-Nex today at a VZW store.  I was in a hurry and their system was bogged down.  They gave me the phone and said finish the activation later.  I paid the $299 and left.  I decided to activate it on different line on the same account, which didn’t have an upgrade discount yet.  I activated the phone but it never used my upgrade discount from the eligible line.  So, it appears I still have an upgrade discount.  What do you think?  Will VZW figure it out if I buy another phone and then charge me full price later?

  • Tim242

    I am having buyer’s remorse already. The camera is not good. My Thunderbolt takes better pics. The browser is just ok. It feels a bit cheap. You have to have the screen brightness turned up way too much, to get the good colors…which drains the battery. My Thundernolt display looks better on lower brightness. Signal is not as good. I really wanted to like this phone, but it has a few too many shortcomings. The camera is what’s really killin it for me.

    • Anonymous

      Dang, did you get the OTA? it was to fix a numerous amount of bugs and improve signal quality. I have a ThunderBolt myself and I love the picture quality it takes, I’m hoping I just have to mess with the camera settings to get close if not similar results as the ThunderBolt. R U on twitter?

    • SadNexOwner

      Yeah the signal is a lot weaker than my OG and the camera is about the same which is pretty sad considering the OG is over two years old. The build quality coming from the Droid to this is pretty pathetic. Its not flimsy but it feels a little cheap and plasticy. The battery is also draining real quick. I think its because the signal is so weak it has to struggle and i notice it flip from 4g to 3g all the time. I’m hoping once the battery settles in maybe it will last longer but right now its pretty bad. I lost about 15 percent in 1 hour while i was watching TV and the phone was just sitting there. Like i say hopefully it settles in but right now its pretty bad. 

      • VerizonHater

        I’ve been sitting with this phone all day at work on the extended battery and have been using it (not continuously tho) and I still have at least 50% battery.  Been at work almost 7 hours now.

        • SadNexOwner

          I don’t have the extended battery. I shouldn’t have to buy another battery when the one that came with it is brand new. 

      • I don’t know what you did to your phone…but I disagree with everything you’ve said.  I am coming from an OG droid as well.  The camera on the Galaxy Nexus is much improved over the OG droid.  The build quality is excellent, I don’t get what you’re talking about.  Yes, this phone is not a BRICK like the OG droid…it is thin and light. The battery life is decent for a phone with such a huge screen.  My battery (stock) will last all day long with more use than usual (seeing as I just got it).  You should check the battery usage stats to see what apps are killing your battery.  The automatic brightness works perfectly for me.

    • nFans=iFans

      Damn that’s bad if the Thunderbolt gets better battery life.

    • Anonymous

      I looked at one today at the Verizon store actually. I had to see what all the “fans” were foaming at the mouth for.

      All I’m gonna say is I’m still perfectly happy with my Bionic and to each his own I guess.

    • LionStone

      I agree. I played with the camera and compared with my TB also and the Nexus picture can compare but only after you edit, which is pretty easy to do. I noticed the GN puts the edited photo in its own “edit” file. I noticed the same thing regarding screen brightness.

    • Anonymous

      My signal is terrible – the worst of any phone I have used.  Basically one bar all the time.  And yes the battery is as bad or worse than the thunderbolt and I am little frustrated about it.  

      • I live in NH, and even in the middle of nowhere, I don’t have any issues with my signal.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest I wanted this phone and am still somewhat interested but after reading all the comments it is not the golden egg that it was thought to be. I have a RAZR and am decently happy with it my battery gets through the day even with decent use, only complaint is that my OG Droid had an amazing speaker how do you lose that when upgrading? But to be honest if the actual reviews don’t get better I might hang on to this one or maybe trade it for the white one. Is there anything super amazing about this phone? I know it has ICS but what is really going to set this phone apart from all the others? Ya its unlocked and you can freeze those two apps/ remove them, but what’s the point of getting a custom rom when its the phone that custom roms are based off? Again nothing against rooting and custom roms because I love that stuff I have a dinc running ICS right now, I just don’t have that must get drive to have this phone like I once had.

    • Tim242

      I think I’m returning mine. I like the thunderbolt better.

      • Anonymous

        I have a feeling its not just because of the camera, what else didn’t you like on it that the ThunderBolt has? I’m curious since i’m going from the same device to the Nexus as well.

        • Tim242

          The Thunderbolt just feels more high-end. It’s battery is better than the Nexus, because of the screen brightness. You have to turn it up higher, or the colors don’t look right. The Thunderbolt’s camera takes much better pics. I don’t like the on screen buttons. If you run a different launcher, it puts those 3 dots beside the task button. It looks odd. I hate the stock launcher. Not being able to remove the search bar at the top, is just awful. I miss some aspects of Sense, like the browser enhancements. Back to my Thunderbolt, with LPP+! All this hype, and look at me now lol

          • nFans=iFans

            On to the next overhyped device!

          • Guest

            you a loser bro??

          • someone else with a thunderbolt who agrees its a good device !! 😀 love mine lol

          • Tim242

            Yes, it is. I love it. I just got caught up in all the Nexus hype. I want by baby back lol

          • Anonymous

            Chili’sssss baby back ribssssss.  Thats funny too, I was there last weekend and didn’t get ribs because i didn’t see them and didn’t even think about looking, and now this song comes to mind LOL  now i’m hungry ROFL

          • LionStone

            That’s right buddy…the TB is STILL holding its own! 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Thats first day buyers remorse, I felt the same way when I got the DROID X after swapping my OG Inc and sold it to my friend, luckily he didn’t have any problem with swapping the two for my OG Inc back.  For me, I got bored of Sense, and I like how ICS looks and works, not to mention how customizable the NEXUS is along with that multi-color LED, there’s alot of potential for this device for devs. I still have my OG Inc and I plan on keeping my Tbolt as well, I don’t sell my retired devices, i keep them and use them on wifi as “tech toys” to experiment with roms and themes.  

            Sorry you didn’t like the Nexus, maybe the device HTC has coming out for ICS will be more to your liking, I hear it has no on screen buttons

          • Tim242

            How ironic. I had the OG Dinc. I got a Droid X, and ended up taking it back and keeping my Since. I loved that lil phone lol I had no issue upgrading to the Thunderbolt, because I had the Evo on Sprint, before going to Verizon. They were all very similar. This Nexus is just meh. My Thunderbolt is beside me charging, so I can set it back up. My name is Tim, and I have a problem lol

          • Anonymous

            LOL  Welcome to Android-holics anonymous LOL

          • Tim242

            Thanks! Once we’re done here, we’ll go have a few drinks. But, let’s not end up at the other AA : /

          • Tim242

            Thanks! Once we’re done here, we’ll go have a few drinks. But, let’s not end up at the other AA : /

      • Yuup

        You need help.

        • Anonymous

          to each hisher own. 

    • Anonymous

      i’m with you.  i REALLY wanted to like this phone and convinced myself to buy it before even seeing it in person.  but, i was let down.  the ui just doesn’t seem to be as polished and snappy as i hoped it would be, and there were definitely times when the demo unit i played with would lag.  and it doesn’t help that the phone is a freaking boat.  even though the sgs2 is 7 months old already, i think i’m going to give that a shot on att.  i don’t stream audio or video so hspa+ suits me just fine.