Samsung May Cut Galaxy S6 Pricing as Sales Disappoint

With 2nd quarter figures now available, Samsung may soon cut the price of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in hopes to boost sales after a somewhat disappointing quarter. It is reported that one issue surrounding Samsung’s poor mobile performance last quarter was the company’s inability to produce enough Galaxy S6 Edge devices for consumers. However, analysts claim it only proves Samsung does not command as much brand loyalty as Apple does.  (more…)

Samsung Begins Mass Production of Industry’s First Mobile Image Sensor With 1.0μm Pixels

Announced this morning, Samsung has begun mass production of the industry’s first mobile image sensor using 1.0μm pixels. The cut in size will allow for a 16MP sensor with a height decrease of 20%, compared to Samsung’s current 16MP module using 1.12μm pixels. This ultimately means you can have a superior camera sensor, even in a very thin device.  (more…)

More Reported Galaxy Note 5 Photos Released, No USB Type-C

Thanks to the latest images released to the web, we may have an even better look at the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung than the ones posted just last week. While we got a good look at its frontside and display in the previous images, the latest pictures show the device from all angles, giving us a real good idea at how Samsung is working its new hardware design language into the device.  (more…)

Samsung Announces Desktop Monitor With Built-In Qi Wireless Charging

With the introduction of more technology over the past few years, it seems that our desks are becoming more cluttered than they have ever been. We simultaneously need smartwatch chargers, chargers for phones, tablets, and heck, maybe even a charger for Google Glass. The point is, it’s a messy situation. However, thanks to the introduction of a new desktop monitor from Samsung with built-in Qi Wireless Charging, you can begin to fight the clutter.  (more…)

And Now We Have Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ Pictures!

The leak game is strong this week. After seeing photos of the OnePlus 2 and the Moto X (3rd gen), we now have photos allegedly of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Their boot screens and potential size certainly lead us to believe that these are the devices we expect to see very soon.

So other than the fact that we have pictures of each phone, have we learned anything new? Not really, no. This is about what we expected from these two phones. One of the photos of the S6 Edge+ shows a model number of SM-G928A, which we talked about as being the AT&T version of the phone. That’s really it in terms of new info. Still, photos!  (more…)