LG: Ummm No, the Snapdragon 810 is Not Overheating

Yesterday, another report surfaced suggesting that Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 810 chip has not performed well in testing due to overheating and will be passed on by Samsung in favor of an Exynos chip for the Galaxy S6. These rumors have persisted over the past few months through Korean news outlets, even though Qualcomm has suggested time and time again that no issue is holding back their roadmap, which includes the Snapdragon 810 in new devices from companies like LG. In fact, the LG G Flex 2, a device we spent some time with at CES, runs the 810 and is scheduled to launch in Korea in a week.  (more…)

Full Spec List for Samsung Galaxy S6 Reportedly Leaked

After learning that the upcoming Galaxy S6 will not feature a Snapdragon 810 processor, and could in fact be unveiled during MWC, the phone’s entire spec rundown has been reportedly leaked, thanks to BGR.

Not only did BGR get a complete reported spec list, but they have even seen photos of the device. However, to keep their source safe, they did not post the photos. From the spec list, the Galaxy S6 sounds rather nice, even without Qualcomm’s silicon inside.  (more…)

Reports: Non-Waterproof Galaxy S6 Arriving at MWC, LG Still “Perfecting” G4

On the heels of last night’s report, which suggested the Samsung Galaxy S6 won’t feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810, new reports out of Korea claim to know even more about Samsung’s 2015 flagship, like the day it will debut and a certain feature that will be missing. Included in one of these reports is also word out of LG’s camp, with a note mentioning that we may not see the G4 for a while.  (more…)

No Snapdragon 810 for the Galaxy S6, Says Report

Qualcomm’s new mobile processor, known as the Snapdragon 810, will be featured in almost every high-end Android smartphone over the next year, well, except for one that may be the biggest and most important, according to Bloomberg. If you had not guessed it (or read the title), then yes, I am talking about the Samsung Galaxy S6. “People with direct knowledge of the matter” told Bloomberg that Qualcomm’s latest silicon overheated during the Samsung’s testing, so they are passing on it and instead going with their own microprocessor, likely the newest Exynos(more…)

Samsung Reportedly Opts for Touch-based Fingerprint Sensor Over Swipe-based on Galaxy S6

According to sources of SamMobile, Samsung will bring new fingerprint sensor technology to the Galaxy S6, allowing you to no longer swipe your thumb on the home button. Much like we see on Apple’s iPhone lineup, a user can simply place their finger on the home button and have their fingerprint read to unlock their device.

While this report makes everything sound groovy for users, it is stated that Samsung will need to introduce a larger home button to incorporate a touch-based sensor. Now, we have all become used to the idea that Samsung will never abandon its home button for Android’s on-screen buttons, but to make it even larger? Consider me slightly concerned.  (more…)