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Complete Guide to the Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE [Verizon]

galaxy nexus

It has been a year packed full of Galaxy Nexus news, so we thought we would bundle everything that went down into one post for you as a recap and wiki of sorts. We also made sure to toss in the previous Ice Cream Sandwich videos that highlight some of our favorite features. Now that you all have the device in your hands, it’s time to get everyone up to speed on all things Android 4.0 and unlocking that Nexus.  

Rooting, Bootloaders, Recovery and Backups:

Device overview:

Accessory reviews:

Ice Cream Sandwich tips:

Other stuff:


  • 1 800 mhz battery is that true ???


    Still the BEST Android phone ever made.

  • Woody Fentress

    I am posting this around because it was a rooting lifesaver for me

    Wugfresh Nexus Root Toolkit is seriously a lifesaver for backing up, unlocking and rooting for someone like me who has not rooted a phone in over 2 years and has no idea what he is doing. I was about to walk away from the idea of rooting but my mostly android clueless ass was able to follow his instructions and app very easily.
    Hope this helps someone out there!
    Just putting it out there in hopes that more people use it!

  • Becky

    What can I do to be able to use this phone in Europe?

  • You guys are having bad battery life because of the signal issues. the device searches for a signal, which eats up battery life. there’s an official update coming the 22nd, or so i was told, or you could update manually as shown above

  • sidvicious

    Does anybody know how to make videos download onto the nexus

  • debrihmi

    I’m looking to get the Sprint flavor of the Galaxy Nexus simply for OS updates and all-around app compatibility; will the ICS images work on ALL Galaxy Nexus’ or will variations like radio, etc create different images for different carriers?

  • AZWife35

    I’m having trouble figuring out the gallery – when I take pictures, some end up in an album called “Camera”, some in an album called “Instant Upload”. Now I have some in an album called “Drop Box”. I didn’t create any of these. When I take the pictures, it doesn’t ask me anything about albums. Also, when I tried to copy pictures to my computer, it could only see the “Camera” ones, not the “Instant Upload” pictures. Help!

  • Kokomo, Marion, and towns between them lit up yesterday.

  • That’s a lot of information! Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated though.

  • 4everAndroid

    3 soft button are not attractive at all!

  • Barlog

    Thanks for this page Kellex! This is why Droid-Life rocks


    Just wanted to keep this page alive. Great phone.

  • Anonymous


  • SuperGuest

    Now if they would just expand 4G coverage to us in the donut counties!

  • Mij28110

    can samsung kies support galaxy nexus?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to post the instructions and video, Kellex.  The gushing on this forum over the Galaxy Nexus is silly.  It will be a has-been in a few months.  I ordered the Galaxy on release day Dec 15 and have it since Dec 16.  I also held on to my Droid OG until this phone.  I’d rooted my OG to mods that its processor just couldn’t handle and wound up with 20 second lags so routinely that my OG bordered on unusable.

    My Galaxy Nexus is definitely faster than my trsuty OG but the GNex still suffers those notorious Android lags.  Switching between landscape and portrait can take up to 5 seconds when its resources are moderately bogged down.  The sub-premium camera isn’t a big deal to me but the unusable speaker is inexcusable for a $300 subsidized device.  I concur with the weak battery complaints.  It’s not encouraging that a flagship Android device with 2 cores and a GB of RAM runs less smoothly than a 3 year old iPhone.

    Let’s hope Google can kick some ass at Motorola by killing Motoblur and making vanilla Android standard.  Motorola’s build quality is a lot more sturdy than Samsung’s.  Crapware cost Moto a sale.

  • Dev Barua

    how to enable download through my 4G network for my GN? I am trying to download a game and every time I do that, it forces me to enable my Wifi. what would be the change in the settings that would enable me to bypass wifi and use my data?

  • anyway you guys could post instructions to unlock the nexus on a mac?

  • anyway you guys could post instructions to unlock the nexus on a mac?

  • Great compilation! 

  • Need some help!  I’m having an issue with my galaxy nexus… it randomly turns itself on!  Whether it’s plugged in charging or not, it just turns on periodically.  When it’s charging, it will turn itself on and stay on for a few minutes.  I turn it off and then a few seconds/minutes, it turns back on.  When it’s not charging, it turns on & off at any given time.  Anyone else having this problem?

    • its lonely

    • i deleted the task manager & battery saver app and it’s not turning off & on now. go figure.

  • Apsmojo

    Im going tomorrow to pick mine up. Should I unroot my og to transfer numbers or does it matter?

    • SKAV3NG3R

      Why are you giving them you phone?

  • i am wondering, if you guys would tell me, how long would the galaxy nexus last in continuous strenous use of phone (gaming,video surfing, 4g downloading)?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • QtDL

    Liking this page a lot. Thanks for keeping it updated!

  • s0uth

    this has been so much help. got this paged saved. 


  • mikedubyaa

    i need help. my Gnex browser is reading everything out loud. nothing else on my phone is doing this but the browser. any suggestions?

    • mikedubyaa

      ok it appears all native application are doing this. i’ve already checked the Talkback feature to ensure that it is set to off and it is. what else could be doing this?

  • Al

    If you have a contact number entered as *821231231234, when a call comes in from this contact, the phone doesn’t display/recognize the caller’s name.  Anyone know how to format a number in the contacts including the *82 to make this work?

  • Firelight

    How do you stop ICS from putting an shortcut/widget on the home screen with every APP install?

    • Al

      It’s in the Market settings..”automatically add homescreen widgets..”

  • gadgetryan

    is there a way to unlink the ringer and the notifications? 

  • Al

    Anyone know of an easy way to sync .mp3 from the PC to the Nexus?  I was using robocopy but without USB storage mode Robocopy is useless. 

    • Anonymous

      Wifi explorer or Filexpert… both allow you to access the storage spaces with a web browser and over wifi (no cable needed)

      • Al

        Yea but can you sync or just drag and drop?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know… never had to do that. I expect it depends on the music software you’re using. AirSync, for example, syncs over wifi with iTunes.

  • Anonymous

    anyone know where i can find the patch to put the hard search button back?

  • Interstellarmind

    Amazing. Bookmarking this. Hope it is continually updated.

    I think it’s safe to say half the fun of owning an android (nexus) is the community. Here’s hoping to one of the best phones I’ll own.

  • Found out last night while I was watching my friends video for Chiron (all that remains) that you can take a screenshot  while videos are playing in case any of you didn’t know..I just assumed it was for non videos..pretty awesome I must say! 

  • Counsel Dew

    I understand you esnt a single device to do everything, but why not just get a 14Mp point-n-shoot for $99 at Best Buy and stop expecting your phone to do it all? Even the iPhone camera isn’t better than a chesp PnS.

  • Smr561

    Has anyone used the anti-glare display protector before?  The Verizon store by me was giving them away with new phone purchases.  The screen looks really bad.  The display models looked much better.  That’s obviously why they gave these away.  Should I just get a new pack or remove it all together?

    • duckphan

      get a Zagg screen protector if you want one, otherwise I wouldn’t bother

  • Is there an app or a setting to change the color and frequency of the notification light? I can not seem to find it :(.

    • mikedubyaa

      flowlight works really well

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how I add a contact to home screen for quick dial?

    • Anonymous

      go to your app drawer and on the top right are widgets. Swipe to the left and you will see all the other widgets! one is direct dial. Now, can you tell me how to get the notification light to work? It doesn’t seem to be doing anything and I am staring at it forever

      • Engineeredwithlayton


  • Engineeredwithlayton

    I love my Nexus.  It is a huge leap from my Dx that was buggy then warranty replaced by V with an even buggier Dx refurb.  ICS is taking some getting used to and I cannot figure out yet (without reading the book) how to do some of the basics that I was used to on my D1 and Dx such as:

       – making folders on my homescreen so I can “classify” or “group” certain apps.
       – putting widgets on the homescreen (longpress on the screen only gives you wallpaper options)
       – setting a battery saver option for nighttime. 

    Only item of complaint is that the speakerphone seems to be half of the volume of my Dx.  Not much of a worry here since I typically use my trucks bluetooth now instead of speaker phone to be hands free when driving.  Regarding size/weight it is almost exactly the same size as my Dx (L x W) and thinner than my Dx…and the Nexus feels much lighter.  This with my Nexus in the shell holster combo and my Dx in a soft silicone case. 

    I am glad for my wait…SOLD!

    • answers in order of your questions :

      – you just drag one app (on your home screen) on top of another app and it will create a folder

      – open the app draer and on the top it will say 
      “applications” and next to it it will say ” widgets” click on widgets and theyll all be there, swipe left or right to go through all of them , press and hold to put on screen

      -not sure about that one, id google it and see if the answer pops up somewhere

      hope this at least partially helps you

  • One more question:

    I tried out video chat using skype last night. My friend was on an iPhone 4s and he had an option to force the audio through the loud speaker – I could not. The audio only came through the headset and was barely audible… anyone else try skype?

    I also google talk video chatted w/ a friend on another g-nex – it was awesome. Video quality was perfect, audio was loud. And those live video effects had us DYING laughing.

  • I have a question:

    Is anyone experiencing issues with newsletters in gmail? Mine are all showing up zoomed in to 100% and I can’t zoom out to view the whole newsletter. Makes reading a newsletter type email impossible. Any tips?

  • Got my G-Nex last night for $296 final total! They had dropped the minor discount I had from my old new every 2, but I asked for the manager and he had them honor it. Then I presented my LivingSocial certificate and that basically took care of the tax. Of course the sales guy wasn’t the most happy about it, getting the $30 then another $50 (though they still technically got my money from LS).

  • Anonymous

    I love it but 2 things I hate with ICS and the gNex.

    Low output volume on max. I can barely hear the speaker. My DINC would be so loud i often had to use it far away from the max volume.

    The cancel confirms actions on ICS are ass backawards. I don’t know why the devs thought it’d be a good idea to switch the norm and put cancel or no on the left and confirm/yes on the right of dialogs. Makes no sense.

    Not so much a problem, but I suppose my 4g signal hasn’t been even half way as well. I can live without that, but 4g speeds are blazing fast!

    • galactor

      I am there with you.  I switched from a Dinc and I’m surprised at how low the output volume if the Gnex is.  I pretty much have it at max volume just so that it sounds about 50% of what the Dinc could do.  Other than that my only other complain is that the notification light flashed like every 8 seconds.

      Other than that I’m pretty happy with the phone and don’t regret my purchase.

  • Ed

    FYI, I was just able to order the extended battery/cover from verizonwireless.com for $25, instead of $50, change shows after it’s in your cart.  Not sure how or why, but just an FYI if anyone is thinking about it.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone is a bit too quick to bitch. I went through the same experience with my DX. Battery life initially was terrible. As time went by the kinks got worked out. The key is to get unlocked and rooted and wait to see what ROMs come out. Then everything will be maximized. Give the phone a chance before you run back the next day to return the phone. That is just SILLY.
    The battery life right now does suck. I’ve been playing with it just about 30 mins and I am down to 88%. I must figure out how to toggle to 3G as I’ve yet to see more than 1 bar running 4G.
    Anyone out there can give me the scoop on how to turn 4G off? Does this help? I hear 4G LTE drains the battery quicker. I ended up going extended battery on my DX to get acceptable life with the ROM flashed. I would hate to ruin the slim look of the GNex but any advice?

    • Anonymous

      Hey this is my first nexus phone….you sound like you have experience in this area…..on a nexus phone do you have to unroot for updates like you do with other phones or will Google still update post root?

      • Anonymous

        You will still be able to update with superuser access. You only lose that ability when you flash a ROM. The devs disable that ability for obvious reasons. ROMs are made to work with a particular OS build. Should you update the OS while running a  ROM it could malfunction. But the good news is that devs constantly update ROMs to fix issues, add capabilities, upgrade, and adapt them to new OS builds. 

        So, in short, YES, you can still update the OS post-root, just not post-ROM.

    • go into your settings where it says wireless and click that then you should see  an option for
      CDMA and CDMA/LTE

      click the CDMA