Don’t Miss These Android Stories: March 24, 2017

We are only days away from the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ at this point. In fact, next Wednesday (March 29) is the day! After all these leaks, we’re almost there and can finally give you the goods without question marks. I can’t wait.

Until then, another week in Android news went by and there was some good stuff to consume. Android O dropped in preview form, plus we unboxed the Huawei P10, questioned Google’s messaging direction some more, and played a round or two of Super Mario Run. We also took a look at a whole bunch of new Android Wear watches.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 137 – Android O!

On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we’re diving into Android O and its surprise unveiling this week as a developer preview. We’ll share the biggest new features, which devices it’s available on, what you should be excited about, and more. After that, it’s time to catch up on Hangouts news (RIP, SMS.), the G6 and Galaxy S8 launches, our HTC U Ultra review, and all of the new Android Wear watches on the horizon.

Join us live at 1:00PM Pacific (4:00PM Eastern) for the fun.

If you miss us live, feel free to subscribe to us by following one of the links below. We have a video embed as well and will be chatting it up over at the YouTube page for the show. You can find it here.   (more…)

Google Releases More Details on the Death of SMS in Hangouts

After a surprise announcement made its way onto reddit last night, Google has spent a good chunk of the morning doing plenty of clarifying over what’s actually happening with Hangouts and SMS integration. To be clear, though, last night’s information is 100% correct and SMS within Hangouts is going away for most people, but Google has post in a variety of its product forums today to help answer any questions Google Voice, Project Fi, and general Hangouts users might have.

Below, we’ve done our best to compile the important stuff.  (more…)

Where to Buy the Moto G5 Plus in the US?

The Moto G5 Plus is official for March 31 in the US. We already talked about the screaming deals on it you can get at Amazon if you are cool with some Amazon ads, but the phone is available at numerous other retailers. You’ll be able to buy this new mid-tier value beast at places like Best Buy, Fry’s, NewEgg, Target, and even Walmart.

Just like at Amazon, the Moto G5 Plus starts at $229 with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, but you can double that goodness to 4GB RAM and 64GB storage for $299.

We’ll review the Moto G5 Plus eventually, but on paper it sure looks like a heck of a value. For more, including specs, hit up this post. If you’d like to pre-order right away, there are plenty of links below.  (more…)