Here is the Story of the LG G Flex 2

Last night, LG announced that the G Flex 2‘s global rollout has begun. You still can’t currently buy it anywhere outside of Korea, so I don’t know what that really means, other than they needed another opportunity to get their phone in headlines before Samsung and HTC take over the world this weekend. Accompanying that announcement is this video, which they are calling the “Product Story Video.” Apparently, a “product story video” is one where LG explains what the G Flex 2 is all over again. It’s a worth the quick 3-minute watch if you are interested in this curved “beast.”  (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Will be Metal, Borderless, Reflectionless

Samsung, you have my attention. I haven’t been excited about a Galaxy device in a couple of years, but man, the teasers surrounding the Galaxy S6 are getting really good.

This morning, Samsung released a 45-second spot that is most definitely still a teaser, but it talks about the design inspiration that went into the next Galaxy. From metal flowing and reflections being free, to beauty being powerful and borders disappearing, to colors living, this phone sounds like a phone everyone should be excited to see.

Just watch. Then tell me what you think.  (more…)

This is My Android: February 2015

Quite often, we get asked things like, “What icon pack or wallpaper is in that screenshot?” or “What is that widget?” or “What phone are you currently using?” To hopefully help provide answers to those questions in a more official capacity, rather than so casual through the comments section, we decided that going forward we would try and put together explanation videos in a new feature called “This is my Android.” As we change phones or launchers or icon packs or start using a handful of new apps throughout a year, you will see videos of us highlighting them along with the reasons why we made a switch or change. Pretty simple, right?

As you can imagine, these should come out much more regularly in the coming months as we see the new 2015 flagships from companies like HTC and Samsung. Until then, though, let’s kick this off with a first look at my current setup. This is my Android(more…)