Google’s New Find My Device Network is Here

Google - New Find My Device Network

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All signs last week pointed to Google’s new Find My Device network finally launching today and that has indeed happened. Find My Device is here, Android friends!

Originally scheduled to launch last summer, the new Find My Device network is capable of finding offline devices, tracking Bluetooth tags, pinpointing items in close proximity, and letting families share devices to be tracked together.

Let’s keep this short and quickly run through each of those items:

  • Offline device tracking: If you have a compatible device, you could still be able to locate it even if it is offline with a dead battery. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have “specialized” hardware that allows for this. So if your device is stolen and turned off or lost and the battery dies, this new Find My Device network can still locate it. Magic.
  • Bluetooth tracker tag support: Google has had a device finding network for some time, but this new version brings in Bluetooth tags. That means you can track the tags attached to your house keys or luggage or your wallet with the Find My Device app. Some of the current supported trackers include those from Chipolo and Pebblebee (in May). We’ll see other tags from Eufy, Jio, and Motorola later this year.

Find My Device App - Android

  • Find nearby items: The new Find My Device network can help you pinpoint the precise location of items too, so that could mean a tracking process that connects to the lost device and then gives you a status update as you get closer until it is right next to you. You’ll tap the “Find nearby” button in the app to start this process (see it at the top of the post).
  • Nest can help locate stuff: If you have Google Nest devices in your home, the new network can use these devices to help find lost items. If a missing device has been near a Nest device recently, it’s status page can tell you which one and at what time. If anything, this could help you look in the right area.
  • Accessory sharing with family and friends: And finally, accessories can be shared with family and friends for tracking, so that means keys or remotes or luggage that you might need help with.

The new Find My Device network works on devices running Android 9+ and has started rolling out in the US and Canada today. Grab the update through Google Play.

Google Play Link: Google Find My Device

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