Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing!

To kick off what we are expecting to be one heck of a 2016 smartphone season, we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 in house and in-hand, ready for us to attack it. We’ll be doing everything we can to this device to hopefully help all of us (yes, we’re always on the hunt for our next smartphone too) decide if this, its edge-filled brother, the LG G5, or something else, will be our next smartphone.  (more…)

Waze Announces Version 4.0 With New, Cleaner Design

Through an upload to the Waze YouTube channel, the community-based traffic service announced version 4.0 for its Android app. This version leaked out of an alpha group a few weeks back, so you may have heard of this version already. If not, this is what’s new.

According to Waze, we’ll see a “new, cleaner design for easier navigation, reporting and sharing.” That means you’ll see a minimized number of steps for navigation, items like map, menus, and road reporting, designed for higher visibility and clarity, plus less clutter overall. Waze users will also see brighter buttons and color-coded pins to round out this “head to toe” revamping.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge First Look and Tour!

The Galaxy S7 Edge is now official from Samsung, and we have a first look and tour video for you to watch. At a separate press event in San Francisco, a Samsung rep gave us an overview of all of the new features and functionality of the device, then let us have our way with the device for an hour. Our first impressions are what you might have guessed — this phone is awesome.  (more…)