The Droid Life Show: Episode 75 (CES 2015 Recap)

Now that we are back home, Kellen and I are ready to sit down for a Droid Life Show to reflect on this week’s CES happenings. Not only will we discuss the big Android-related announcements, including the G Flex 2 and Forge TV, but we will go over the experience as a whole. When you go to CES, located in Vegas, it is never all about the tech.

At 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern), join Kellen and I as we share our hopeful thoughts for the year of 2015 and the work that still needs to be done.

If you miss us live, feel free to subscribe to us by following one of the links below.  (more…)

Video: First Look at the Nexus 9 Magic Cover

The Magic Cover for the Nexus 9 is finally in house! I don’t know why, but I have been struggling to remain patient while waiting for this cover to arrive. While not someone who typically buys cases for personal use, the idea behind this one had me hooked the minute I saw it. A single-sheet cover that attaches magnetically, looks beautiful, and can double as a stand? Who wouldn’t get excited about this?  (more…)

Android Wear “Lollipop” First Look and Tour!

The new Android Wear “Lollipop” update is slowly (can’t stress “slowly” enough) rolling out to Android Wear users across the world. Thankfully, we already have the update on a Moto 360, so we can show you what to expect when it finally arrives on your device.

If you missed the post on this massive update that we wrote up yesterday, then here is a recap. In Android 5.0.1 for Wear, you are getting official watch face support through the newly released Watch Face API. This makes installing watch faces and switching between them easier than ever, plus we now have a dedicated watch face page on Google Play. Outside of that, the update brought in useful settings if you pull down from the top of your watch (no longer mute only), plus it allows you to undo card dismissals and mute notifications from apps directly from a device.  (more…)

Developers: Here is What You Need to Know About the Android Wear Watch Face API

Now that Android Wear watch faces are official and ready to be made through the Watch Face API, Google has gone ahead and shared all of the details that developers will need in order to make the next great face. From design and development to when Wear devices will be updated and ready to what will happen to old watch faces that aren’t currently using the new API, Google has laid it all out.  (more…)