HTC and Gary Oldman Tell You to “Ask the Internet,” Rather Than Sell You on the One (M8)

What do you do if you are HTC, are barely hanging on for dear life in the mobile race, have zero marketing budget, and just released your latest phone that needs to be a winner in order for you to survive? Apparently, you hire Gary Oldman and have him say nothing related to your product other than “Blah blah blah” and “Ask the internet” about it.

I wouldn’t say that the spot is worse than those embarrassing Robert Downey, Jr. “Hipster Troll Carwash” commercials, but it’s not giving us much. I know that HTC needs to do something different while spending wisely, but talking about your product might help, you know, sell it. Maybe a feature mention or two? At least take it out off the dark and actually show it off? (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 53 Just Upset Duke to Take You Into the Weekend

If you missed episode 53 of the Droid Life Show this week, shame on you. You missed the first show with five DL team members, plus our focus was on Android Wear and the gorgeous Moto 360. In fact, a solid 45 minutes was dedicated to Google’s new Android wearables platform. We not only covered the 360, but the LG G Watch, our thoughts on the UI, and if we really think this could be the wearable breakthrough we needed to finally buy into the category.  (more…)

Reminder: Motorola is Talking Moto 360 Design in a Live Hangout Today

Shortly after Motorola announced its new Moto 360 smartwatch, the (for now) Google-owned company told us to mark our calendars for a Google+ Hangout with the watch’s lead designer, Jim Wicks. Wicks plans to talk only design and style features, most of which we know from yesterday’s promo video and a couple of interviews that have spread around this morning. In other words, this won’t be about price, specs, or software features – you know, the important stuff.

The Hangout should be live any minute, though they seem to be having issue getting it up and live. Here is the event page.

We’ll update this post, hopefully with an embedded stream as soon as we have it. In the mean time, re-watch yesterday’s introduction video and drool.  (more…)

Video: See Android Wear in Action on a Watch That Doesn’t Look Like It’s From the Future

In the press release for Google’s new wearables platform, called Android Wear, they talked about a developer preview that can be downloaded by developers who want to get their apps ready for live action on wrists. They also released a video for the developer preview, which just so happens to show a watch in action (or at least a video rendering of how it could work).

You get a full preview of the UI, how the card-style information is presented, navigated through, what happens when you say “OK, Google” to perform an action, and how quickly you can reply using your voice to something like a Hangouts message.  (more…)

Rovio Working on an RPG Called Angry Birds Epic, Here’s the Trailer

A week or so ago, Rovio began teasing and soft releasing a new Angry Birds title, named Angry Birds Epic. The game is already available for those of you who live in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, but for the rest of us, we are still waiting to see what exactly to expect from AB: Epic.

From what we see in the trailer for the game that was released today, it’s a role-playing game, one which will take your forces of either birds or piggies, and then pit them against one another in a fictional world where these things are plausible.  (more…)