Galaxy S22 Ultra: First 10 Things To Do!

Galaxy S22 Ultra First 10 Things

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Once your Samsung Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22 Ultra shows up, we know exactly what should do first. Well, if anything, we think we know the settings and areas of the phone you should try to customize out of the box to start dominating your new world.

In this video, we dive into the First 10 Things To Do with your Galaxy S22 Ultra when launch day arrives. Should you get your new Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra, you may as well fire this up and walk-through it step by step to make sure not a proper setting is missed. Once done, you should be set going forward without the need to touch most of this stuff ever again.

We’re talking about settings like your lock screen security, always-on display, the quickest way to open the camera or take a note, setting up your home screen and Quick Settings area, all of the best display settings, some advanced features, and the basics on this next-level camera.

I know this is a long one, but they all are. You guys know what to expect from these “First 10 Things” videos at this point. Feel free to skip around as you see fit and then enjoy your new phone (once you get it).



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