Pixel Watch 3: Wishlist Includes Better Fitness Tracking and Wireless Charging

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We’re quite certain that Google will release the Pixel Watch 3 later this year, which will include for the first time in Pixel Watch history, two size options. That move alone is already nailing one of the wishlist items for many Android fans, but what else are people hoping to get from Google’s upcoming Wear OS smartwatches?

We’ve compiled a wishlist for the Pixel Watch 3, taking our very own hopes and dreams, along with items from around the Android community that others would like to see. Do with the list as you see fit, Google.

More Fitness Tracking

Pixel Watch 2 is capable of fitness tracking, but it can be labeled as limited at best when compared to watches more designed for the task. With the native software and sensors currently found, it can track a generic 5K with GPS just fine, but what if I want to do robust interval training or something a bit more complex? Even the Fitbit-powered HIIT option on the Pixel Watch 2 seriously lacks any meaningful features, unlike what we see from makers like Garmin. The general hope is that Google can provide more advanced fitness tracking tech in the future, given the investment they are already putting into its wearables. Maybe somewhere down the road we could see a Pixel Watch Sport model or something?

Pixel Watch 2 -FCC

Let’s Go Back to Wireless Charging

The original Pixel Watch was charged wirelessly, then on the Pixel Watch 2 they opted for magnetic pin charging. For 2024, we’re hoping Google upgrades the entire system to Qi2 wireless charging. The Qi2 standard features the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), which is a ring of magnets that help align the charging coils. It’s all super fancy and great, but for users, it boils down to faster and more efficient speeds. In addition, with the charging pin system, reverse charging functionality is non existent, which some users could be benefiting from.

Does Scratch Resistant Glass Even Exist?

Don’t get me wrong, the Pixel Watch 2’s glass isn’t that soft, but it’s definitely not impervious to scratches and scuffs. With this domed glass design, it really is only a matter of time until your watch gets a battle scar, which is a terrible way to design something. That is, unless you use some sort of super sapphire glass. We want need Google to up its glass game on the Pixel Watch 3.

What’s On Your List?

Alright, it’s now your turn to share your own hopes and dreams. Is there anything else you’d like to see from the Pixel Watch 3? It’s already reported we will see two models (one large, one small) get launched, which is already a huge bonus for buyers. A larger model means bigger display and bigger battery, which I’m sure has plenty of potential buyers excited.

Shoot your Pixel Watch 3 wishlist down below.



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