Deal: Final Reminder to Purchase a 3-Year Subscription to VPN Unlimited for Just $19

As a friendly reminder, this is your last chance to pick up a 3-year subscription to VPN Unlimited through the DL Deals Store, regularly priced at $65, for just $19. With a VPN, Internet users can browse and download files without fear over security concerns, with dedicated servers encrypting and hiding all of your sensitive data. (more…)

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Deal: Motorola’s $225-Off Moto X Deal is Live – $349 for 32GB, $374 for 64GB

The $225-off Moto X (2nd gen) deal that Motorola announced yesterday is live in their store.

Initially, the details for the deal were a little scarce, but we now know exactly what you are looking at. For $349, Motorola will hand you a custom designed Moto X (2nd gen) with 32GB of storage through Moto Maker. That’s a $200 discount, since the 32GB model normally runs $549. If you want the full $225 discount, then you can upgrade to 64GB for just $25 more. So for $374, you are looking at a custom Moto X with 64GB of storage instead of the normal $599 price.  (more…)

Deal: Grab This Bitfountain Android Mini Course for Free and Create Your First App

In the past, we have posted plenty of Android development courses through the DL Deals Store, but sometimes, people may not want to front cash for a program they are not sure about. In the latest deal, you can grab an introductory course to Android development for absolutely free, which will help you create your first little Android app.  (more…)

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Deal: $70 Off Custom Moto 360, $300 Off Moto X + Sol Republic Bundle

Motorola is currently hosting a couple of solid deals on their current line of premium products that you may be interested in. First, the Moto 360 has been slashed by $70 to $180 in celebration of Mother’s Day. That’s the same price that Google is currently selling it, but Motorola lets you customize one through Moto Maker, which means you could choose from a variety of colors or bands.

The second deal is for a bundle that includes the Moto X and wireless Sol Republic headphones. For $399, you can get both, and the Moto X can be customized through Moto Maker. At $399, Motorola is basically slashing $100 off the price of the phone, but then also tossing in free $200 wireless Bluetooth, on-ear headphones. The Moto X may not be on the level of the Galaxy S6 or G4 at this point, but that’s still a hell of a value buy there.

Motorola Link  (more…)

Deal: Grab a Nexus Player for $70 on Amazon, Get $20 of Google Play Credit

For a limited time, you can pick up a Nexus Player from Amazon and receive a $20 credit to Google Play for whatever you would like to download. This would also be a good time to announce that the Nexus Player is on sale through Amazon Prime for just $70, down from its usual price of $99. 

Nexus Player is Google’s first commercial release of Android TV, a platform which turns any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV with access to Google Play, Music, YouTube, Games, and much more.

Considering the price reduction, and the free $20 credit, this is a pretty good deal if venturing into Android TV is on your bucket list.

Amazon Link (more…)

Deal: $20 for the ExoMount Touch Car Mount

The ExoMount Touch car mount has been slashed to just $19.99 in the DL Deals store. That’s roughly $10 off the full price or about $5 cheaper than you will find it at Amazon. That’s a solid deal for those of you looking at car mounts for your oversized smartphones.

Why the ExoMount Touch? It can mount to just about any surface (flat, smooth, textured, curved, or rounded) thanks to its super strong suction. Once attached to your dash or other surface, the ExoMount quickly grabs a hold of your phone without the need to press a button. All you have to do is press it against the mount and the non-slip arms/pads will grab it. To release, you need a finger to loosen its grab, giving you true 1-handed access to your phone.

The ExoMount is also washable, has a swivel head, and should work with just about any phone, including oversized big boys like the Note 3.

Deal Link  (more…)

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Deal: Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light Brings LED Fun to Your Desk for $69

I know that you probably never envisioned your life being better with a box full of colored LED lights that light up into shapes or animations while also showing you notifications from your phone, but it could potentially happen with the Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light, which is on sale in the DL Deals shop for $69.99. Or maybe you just want a cool accessory for your desk to play with during times of boredom. Whatever the case may be, the $10 discount only lasts for a couple more days.

The Dotti Pixel-Art Smart Light, as I just mentioned, is a box full of colored LED lights. That box connects to your phone via Bluetooth to show you notifications from your favorite apps as they come in. But you can also sync the lights to a clock, customize how notifications arrive, push through various icons and animations, and even watch the lights animate to music that is playing on your phone.

Again, it’s kind of cool even if it is a niche product or office accessory that not everyone needs.

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