Deal: TYLT ENERGI+ Battery Backpack for $149 ($50 off) with Coupon Code

For those on the go, the biggest barrier to carrying around multiple electronics is battery life. Or, as the ski instructor from South Park would say, if your tablet or smartphone dies and you don’t have access to a power outlet, you’re gonna have a bad time.  One possible solution is lugging around a battery. The other is buying a specialized backpack like TYLT’s ENEGERI+. (more…)

Giveaway: Win 1 of 8 Assorted Real Wood Covers From Toast and DL (Update: Winners Picked)

Ever since we posted our Toast factory tour and hands-on with the Nexus 5 cover made of real Walnut, we kept getting hounded for a giveaway. Well, here it is!

These covers are made right here in the US of A, in the wet and wild area of Portland, Oregon. Toast covers are essentially a “sticker” made of real wood on the outside, with extremely sticky 3M adhesive on the inside. Once applied to your device, the cover isn’t going anywhere. Unlike the wood backs you would get on Moto X, the wood on these covers is less treated, meaning you will be feeling your wood grain for days after applying, and they age great. If you watch any American Pickers, you’d know it’s all about the patina.

The wood itself is harvested on the East coast, with the exception of the Bamboo and Ebony options, which are brought from overseas. If you seriously haven’t seen our factory tour yet or hands-on video, then we highly recommend you go do so.  (more…)

Deal: New 128GB SanDisk MicroSD UHS-I Card for $120

Earlier this week at MWC, SanDisk unveiled their newest UHS-I Ultra microSD card for mobile devices with 128GB of storage. Yes, they doubled the 64GB cards most of your Samsung’s devices can support, but still brought the same Class 10 speeds. We are looking at 30MB/s, water/magnet/shock/temperature proof, and in a package that comes with a regular sized SD adapter.

The new cards originally retailed for $199, but thanks to Amazon, that price was short-lived. These brand new 128GB microSD cards from SanDisk can be had for $119.99. No coupon needed – just a straight up discount.

SanDisk claims that you can store up to 16 hours of Full HD video, 7,500 songs, 3,200 photos and more than 125 apps. That’s a lot of goodies stored on your phone or tablet, assuming your phone or tablet has an SD card slot or supports USB OTG. We are also waiting for word back from SanDisk on an officially supported list, but if your device supports SDXC, you could be OK.

Amazon Link  (more…)

Deal: Get 50% Off TYLT Accessories With This Coupon Code (Updated)

Update:  TYLT reached out to us to say that they are NOT currently running a 50% off promo. In other words, the code we originally posted shouldn’t be working. And don’t bug their customer service trying to get it to.

On Cyber Monday, we tipped you to a deal through accessory manufacturer TYLT that would save you 50% off of purchases of their high-end accessories. We basically crashed their site, which caused some of you to not be able to take advantage of the deal. Thankfully today, TYLT is running another 50% off promo by using coupon code “50TYLT-T4102711″ during checkout. It appears to be 50% off of your entire order as well, so feel free to gobble up brightly colored accessories.

Not familiar with TYLT? They are mostly known for the TYLT VU wireless charger, but I’ve also used their portable battery packs and USB cables. All of it comes off very well-made, in a variety of bright colors, and is a solution for anything from car charging to audio splitting to case protection.  (more…)

Deal: Amazon Selling Google Chromecast for $30 With Free Shipping

Ever since Google introduced Chromecast app compatibility to all sorts of new developers starting in December, I have found it to be one of my favorite tech products all over again. But now that it is truly open to everyone, with the SDK released to the wild, I think the sky is the limit in terms of new apps, new functionality, and new ways to experience this amazing HDMI dongle.

So in case you haven’t yet purchased a Chromecast, we thought Amazon’s new price might grab your attention. For $30 and free standard shipping, you can have Google’s dongle (lulz).

Amazon Link

Cheers Cory!

Deal: Motorola Extends Moto X Sale a Week, $70 Off All Models Until February 22

Although Motorola may have a new owner, that doesn’t mean the company has ceased promoting its existing product line. In fact, Motorola on Friday extended the $70 sale on all Moto X variants until February 22. That’s another whole week to contemplate customizing a model with one of those gorgeous wood back finishes.

The discount reduces the 16GB edition to $329 and the 32GB to $379.

Will this latest deal persuade you to pick up a Moto X, or are you waiting for something potentially better around the corner?  (more…)

De La Soul is Giving Away Every Single Album of Theirs for Free for 25 Hours [Not Android, Still Awesome]

This has absolutely nothing to do with Android, but we’re sharing anyway because it’s awesome. As the hip hop fans that we are, it would feel wrong to not let other fans know that the iconic group De La Soul is giving away every single one of their albums for free for the next 25 hours to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their first album, 3 Feet High and Rising. Well, it’s less time than that now, but you do have until noon Eastern tomorrow to grab them all from De La Soul’s website.

All you are required to do is sign-up on their mailing list. They will then send you an email with links to download each album individually. Afterwards, you can unsubscribe if you’d like.

De La Soul Site