T-Mobile Video Calling Arrives Today, Starts With Note 5 and S6 Edge+ Via Updates

This morning, T-Mobile announced Video Calling for select handsets when on LTE connections. T-Mobile Video Calling joins the Uncarrier’s movement towards deploying every next-gen calling feature they can, like VoLTE and their new Advanced Messaging.

With T-Mobile Video Calling, you don’t need to install an app or configure anything, as the service is built-in to your phone’s stock dialer. Think of it like Verizon’s Advanced Calling 1.0, that takes over your dialer and contacts, showing you when you can and can’t place video calls to people. If you can place or a receive a video call to/from someone, you will see options with a video icon (see image above – greyed out icon means not available).  (more…)

Cerberus Free Lifetime Licenses Forget What “Lifetime” Means, Company Now Wants You to Pay

About a week ago, Android anti-theft specialist, Cerberus, started notifying users who received a free lifetime license during a previous promotional period, that they would no longer be able to keep those free lifetime subscriptions. Last night, they must have unloaded a wave of additional notifications to free lifetime folks, because our inbox got filled up in the early evening with, “WTF, have you seen this from Cerberus? How can they do this?”

Well, the short answer is – they need money. The long answer is the email below.  (more…)

Show Off Your Moto Maker Creations: Moto X Pure and Moto 360

Pre-orders for the Moto X Pure Edition and the new Moto 360 (2nd gen) both went live yesterday around noon Pacific. We can tell that tons of you took to Motorola’s site to customize at least one of the devices on Moto Maker, because you killed their checkout system for a good hour or two. It’s probably safe to say that Motorola wasn’t expecting that much action.

Since these two devices seem to have more hype surrounding them than anything else at the moment, we thought we would see if you all wanted to share your Moto Maker creations. The Moto 360 has some 400 combinations to choose from and the Moto X Pure probably has even more than that. And even though we ordered ours already, we are always looking for inspiration for next purchases from the DL community.

So, what’d you go with?  (more…)

Thursday Poll: Pick a Smartwatch, Any Smartwatch.

Three round smartwatches stole headlines this week, all of which will be available at some point over the next few weeks. We have the new Moto 360 (2nd gen), Huawei Watch, and Samsung’s Gear S2 and S2 Classic. All look pretty fantastic, but each are different in their own way. Moto wants you to customize the hell out of theirs, while Huawei has given you options, but wants you to think of its watch as a high-end premium device. Samsung, well, it’s positioning itself somewhere in the middle, though it seems to have realized all that was wrong with previous watches and fixed them this time around, making watches that are worth considering.

We spent time with all of them over the last couple of weeks. Tim went hands-on with the Huawei Watch here. I also did my thing with the new Moto 360 here, and the Gear S2s here.

I’d have to say that if I were choosing one today, I’d probably go Huawei Watch. The combination of the premium experience, design, and choice has won me over. But that doesn’t mean I’m not super excited to spend ample time with the new Moto 360 and Gear S2. Decisions will be made here shortly, once our reviews are ready.

What about you? If you were picking a smartwatch today, which way would you go?

Pick a smartwatch, any smartwatch. Which would you buy?

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Samsung’s Gear S2 Will Work With Any Android Phone, Not Locked to Galaxy Devices

You know how you all passed on every single one of Samsung’s previous smartwatch attempts because they required you to own a top tier Galaxy smartphone? OK, that’s not why you passed. You passed because they were garbage. But, let’s say they weren’t garbage – you probably would have passed on them because you may not have owned a Galaxy smartphone. That stupid requirement from Samsung is about to change with their new watch, the Gear S2. Samsung has seen the open light and is making this watch (and the Gear S2 Classic) available to all Android devices upon launch (at least 1.5GB RAM and Android 4.4).  (more…)

Watch Samsung’s Gear S2 Showcase Live From IFA!

At 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern), Samsung will take another stage at IFA in Berlin to further present to the world the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic smartwatches. Samsung first talked about these devices back at the Galaxy Note 5 launch, then officially announced them at the beginning of this week. But today, they will show them off, in action, and probably provide additional details about each that weren’t a part of Monday’s press release.

The showcase is being streamed live to the world, so if you have some free time here in about 45 minutes, feel free to watch along.

We went ahead and embedded the video for you below.  (more…)