Verizon Increases Smartwatch Plan Price by $5

Verizon 5G

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Fresh of its price increases from a month ago for its best (and no-longer-available) unlimited plans, Verizon announced that it is going to increase the price of its smartwatch plans starting in June. Notices went out yesterday afternoon, telling customers that they will soon pay more for a cellular connection to a watch that is almost useless outside of the few times you leave your phone somewhere else.

Verizon’s email can be seen below, because well, I got one of them. Verizon states that “Your Verizon bill is changing” and that the “cost of your Smartwatch plan will increase soon.” The reason for the increase is because Verizon needs to “continue improving [their] industry-leading network and services.” Mmmhmm, sure.

So how much is your Verizon bill increasing? The smartwatch plan from Verizon was a $10/mo smartwatch line, but will now cost $5/mo more. They won’t straight-up say $15/mo for some reason.

Verizon Smartwatch Increase

For those with a 50% off connected device discount, Verizon says that discount will remain “and be applied to the new pricing.” So I guess not everyone is getting the full $5/mo increase, but everyone is certainly getting some sort of increase.

The timing of this email is fun for me, only because I cancelled the line a day prior becauseĀ I wasn’t using it and it was causing all sorts of problems on my account whenever I tried to change phones. This may be another post for another day, but eSIM is probably my least favorite thing in the industry as a frequent phone-changer. Anyways.

Verizon says that the smartwatch plan price increase “will be applied starting with your first bill after 6/1/24.” You have until June to continue paying $10/mo and to decide if you really need a connected watch.

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