Android 15’s Ability to Make All Apps Go Dark Will be Awesome

Android 15

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Even with Android 15 entering public beta, there are still things Google are working on behind the scenes. One of the features still getting cooked up is the ability to force dark mode in all of your apps, regardless of whether have a native dark mode or not.

Thanks to Mishaal Rahman, we have a preview of how this feature works, and for the most part, it’s looking like a great alternative to dealing with apps that refuse to introduce a native dark theme — we’re looking at you Amazon.

Once made available, suspected to be when the next Android 15 beta releases around Google I/O, users will find the Make All Apps Dark setting under the Color and Motion menu in the Accessibility section. Because it’s not being tucked under Developer Options, it’s expected this setting will be made available to all users.

When enabled, unlike similar tricks we have now on Android, Make All Apps Dark doesn’t affect images. It does it job by only affecting the theme elements of the app, and as you can see in the example image below, even Amazon is looking pretty good after it’s enabled.

At this point, we’re only waiting on Google to enable it for users to play with. Again, we are expecting that to happen in Android 15 Beta 2, which we should see launch around Google I/O next month. It’s always a waiting game.

This is going to be legit, right?

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