Confirmed: Google to Release a Pixel Tablet Without Dock, Sell Pen and Bluetooth Keyboard

Google Pixel Tablet

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Google announced the Pixel Tablet almost a year ago to the date, only to then release it in June at a starting price of $499. That starting price included Google’s weird docking station for the tablet, a docking station severely lacking in features and that most of us would have skipped if Google allowed us to. Unfortunately, the only way to buy the original Pixel Tablet was to get the version with the dock. For 2024, it appears that Google is going to give us the choice to skip the dock, while also making a couple of important accessories available.

The first report of a stand-alone Pixel Tablet popped up yesterday (via @MysteryLupin), along with a suggestion that Google would start to sell a pen/stylus and Bluetooth keyboard. We’ve now seen the retail listing that confirm this. Here’s what we know today about a change to the Pixel Tablet and its first major accessories that aren’t just cases.

Pixel Tablet without the dock: Google has currently lined up a Pixel Tablet in Hazel and Porcelain that will be sold without the docking station. These will come in both 128GB and 256GB configurations. We’re seeing the retail listings on Euro sites, which show prices of €446.00 (128GB) and €553.00 (256GB) without the dock. I’d bet on those being slightly higher at launch. For comparison, Google sells the dock versions in Europe through the Google Store for €679 and €779.

Pixel Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard, Pen: For accessories, Google is about to release a Pixel Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard in both Hazel and Porcelain. Pricing there is currently listed at €89.00. Again, I’d assume it’ll be slightly higher when official, closer to €100.

They are also working on a Pixel Tablet Pen (stylus) in those same Hazel and Porcelain colors. I’m not currently seeing pricing, but the current rumor is that they’ll launch at around €100.

For those who skipped the Pixel Tablet last year, would you consider one now knowing you don’t have to buy that awful dock along with it with a bonus of being able to use an official stylus and keyboard too?



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