Samsung DeX Up for Pre-Order From Samsung for $149.99, Ships in April

Samsung, with its DeX dock, is the latest electronics manufacturer to assume for some reason that you want your phone to double as a computer. Sure, the idea makes a bit of sense – that whole one computer with you all of the time to rule them all thing – but no one to date has had much success in the arena. Maybe that’ll change this time around!

If you are interested in Samsung DeX, you can currently pre-order a unit from Samsung’s own shop starting today. It’ll cost you $149.99 and devices aren’t expected to ship until “late” April.  (more…)

Samsung’s Site has the Regular Galaxy S8 From T-Mobile in Silver for $650 ($100 Off) (Updated)

I don’t know if this is a typo or not, but Samsung’s site currently has the regular Galaxy S8 in Arctic Silver for just $650. That’s a $100 discount and the lowest price you’ll find anywhere at the moment. However, it is only the Silver S8 from T-Mobile at Samsung’s site. There is a good chance it’s just priced incorrectly, but they do seem to be honoring it through checkout.

If you want a $100 discount, plus the free Gear VR with Controller, hurry!  (more…)

This is the Best Deal on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

Best Buy has it. Best Buy has the best deal on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on almost all carriers. They don’t sell T-Mobile, but if you are looking for either phone on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, this is the place to buy them.

Best Buy is knocking off $50 from the Galaxy S8 and $100 from the Galaxy S8+ if you pre-order. They are including the free Gear VR and Controller as well.  (more…)