DEAL: LG G6 is Just $11.99/Month at Best Buy This Weekend ($384 Off)

I’ve barely had a chance to scrape the morning crusties from my eyes today and I can already tell that there are going to be a flood of deals to share. Hopefully, you don’t mind, but Memorial Day Weekend is a big one for pre-summer price drops.

The first to share is for the LG G6 at Best Buy on Verizon. By signing up for a 24-month device payment plan, LG’s best phone ever drops to $11.99 per month in either black or silver. That’s a cool $384 off the normal, everyday price.  (more…)

Thursday Poll: Do You Own a Google Home or Amazon Echo?

It’s not hard for us to get excited about the hot new trend of the moment, smart home speaker assistants. Unlike Android or iOS, which are both beyond mature at this point, this category of products is growing by the day and could soon lead to a world controlled by voice. Whether its the Friday Amazon Alexa email with a list of new features or Google quietly pushing new goodness into the Google Home app without as much as a peep, there is always something fresh to talk about.

But I don’t know that we’ve ever asked if any of you own Amazon or Google smart home assistants. I’m talking about Amazon Echo devices and Google Home, of course. Through all of the deals over the holidays and in partnership with phone launches (like the G6), picking up one of these products should have been an affordable thing on numerous occasions.

So let us know – do you own an Amazon Echo devices or Google Home?

Do You Own a Google Home or Amazon Echo?

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T-Mobile’s DIGITS Leaves Beta May 31 and It Affects Your Phone Number

You might not remember T-Mobile announcing a new feature called DIGITS back in December because, well, December was forever ago. You should care about it now, though. DIGITS has left beta and arrives May 31 to upgrade your T-Mobile phone number.

Whoa! Upgrade your phone number? Yep, that’s sounds scary, but it probably won’t be a big deal. Let’s talk about DIGITS.  (more…)

I Talked About How I Use Android Over at Android Intelligence!

You know you’ve been around a while when a colleague writes up a profile about your time in the business and starts it out by saying, “Gather ’round, kiddos, ’cause it’s time to travel back to the Good Ol’ Days of Android.” Then again, I kind of have been doing this for a really long time – over 7 years! – so if the boot fits…

Anyways, the piece I’m referring to was written by JR Raphael, the brilliant brain behind the Android Intelligence column over at Computerworld. He runs a regular series called “How I Use Android” that features various personalities in the Android realm. You’ll find profiles on developers that make many of your favorite apps, Googlers, podcasters, and the occasional media loud mouth (like me)!  (more…)