Wednesday Question: What are Your Go To Android Apps?

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When I power on a new phone and begin to set it up, there’s a certain list of apps that I absolutely have to download before I begin using it as my daily driver. Things like Telegram, Nest, TikTok, Marvel SNAP, and Starbucks are my absolute go-to Android apps. If I have a phone on me, you better believe you’ll find those apps on it.

Our question to you is, do you have a similar list? Are there certain apps that you simply can’t live without? I’m not talking about things like Gmail and Chrome, but apps that don’t usually come preinstalled on new Android phones.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not very productive without Gmail and I do find myself scrolling through Google Photos (playing with the AI stuff) from time to time, but we want to hear about which 3rd-party apps you’re loyal to.

Share your favorites down below and then if we get some good responses we can follow up and share your lists of apps that others may want to check out. Word of mouth is how I usually find out about things I need to know about anyway.



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