Google Pixel 8a: Price Increase Reportedly Unlikely, $499 to Start

Google Pixel 8a - Price

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Throughout our coverage of the upcoming Pixel 8a from Google, we’ve operated under this idea that we might pay a higher price than we did for the Pixel 7a, which was more expensive than the Pixel 6a that came before it. Now, a fresh report suggests the price will remain the same for this year, but you can pay more if you decide you want more storage.

Recapping this history a bit, we were led to believe that a price increase was coming when the new 256GB variant was discovered. It made some sense too, since we are getting upgrades in the device, including a supposed bump to 120Hz for the display. Couple that improved display with Tensor G3 and you wouldn’t be surprised to see a higher price.

PIXEL 8A AT $499, AGAIN: Today’s report suggests the 128GB model of the Pixel 8a will remain at $499, like the Pixel 7a. For 256GB, you will apparently only pay $60 more or $559. And these are US numbers, as a US retailer must have spilled the details early, we just don’t know which one.

Does a Pixel 8a at $499 make it an incredible buy? It certainly could, yeah. Like with the 7a, this Pixel 8a will make the Pixel 8 a weird buy. Depending on the week and discount, it’ll be a difficult decision to pick one over the other. You’d have to really love what you’ve seen from the Pixel 8’s new camera in order to justify buying it over this Pixel 8a. Or Google would have to promise new AI features that you don’t think you can live without.

Google I/O is just around the corner and we expect a lot of Pixel 8a action then. You may even be able to buy one that same week and test it for yourselves. We’re desperately in need of some new phones to play with, so count us in the group of those who are excited for this next Pixel phone.

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