DEAL: Buy 2 Amazon Echo Devices at Best Buy, Save $80

The smart home speaker assistant market is hot as hell right now. On one hand, you have all of the goodies from last week’s Google I/O on the way to Google Home. On the other, you have Amazon’s Echo, which always seems to be a step ahead of Google at all times, like with calling and notifications. So if you have yet to buy into either unit, now is actually a pretty good time to. Both are on the verge of becoming the home assistant the future needs.

The best deal is currently happening at Best Buy, where you can buy two Amazon Echo devices and save $80. Instead of forking out $360, you’ll instead pay $280. That’s still quite an investment, but my thinking is that to take full advantage of Echo and Google Homes, we’re all going to need multiple units.  (more…)

New Nest Cam Incoming With 4K-Not-4K

Nest might finally have a new product on the way, though it could just be an upgraded indoor security camera rather than a new product category it could dominate like it did with thermostats all those years ago. According to Android Police, the smart home company is working on a new indoor Nest Cam with 4K capabilities that are only utilized through zooming tricks. OK, then.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 142 – Let’s Recap I/O 2017

On this episode of the DL Show, we’re recapping Google I/O 2017! The event ran all of last week and we have now had a chance to digest all that was announced. From Google Home to Assistant and Android O, there was a ton of new stuff. Was it all as big as the set of announcements that came out of last year’s? Well, let’s talk about that.

Oh, we’ll also share some thoughts on the HTC U11, since that was announced last week as well and we spent a bit of time with it.

We’ll be live at 11:00AM Pacific (2:00PM Eastern) for the fun.

If you miss us live, feel free to subscribe to us by following one of the links below. We have a video embed as well and will be chatting it up over at the YouTube page for the show. You can find it here.   (more…)

Weekly Recap: Google I/O was Another Good One

Kind of a busy week, eh? Not only did we have Google I/O for the past three days, HTC also made the U11 official. We spent all sorts of time talking about both occasions and have links to all of those stories below.

For those of you looking for the big Google I/O recap, you’ll just want to hit that top link. We’ve got it all categorized for you right there, from Android to Assistant and VR, there is a lot of good stuff to catch up on.

If I/O was a snoozefest to you, then jump on past that first link and see some hand-picked links for topics like Android O, Netflix hating rooted users, and Amazon continuing to improve Echo.  (more…)