Vine Makes it Easy to Add Music to Your Clips, Create Perfect Loops

Vine, the social media platform that allows you to post six second clips, is receiving an update to bring an easier process for adding music. To start, Vine is introducing Snap to Beat. With this feature, under the details page, Vine can help you create a “perfect loop” or “seamless loop,” which is a loop featuring music where the listener/watcher can’t tell the beginning from the end. Until now, only those are who obsessed with creating perfect Vines were able to produce this.  (more…)

App Listings in Google Search Receive a Makeover

Google Search results are very important for many people. On mobile phones, they are becoming smarter, and now, prettier. The latest search results landing page to receive a makeover are app listings, a feature that has been inside search results for quite some time. Now, thanks to a server-side change at Google, any apps that are listed inside of a search result will be colored, giving a more tasteful aesthetic when browsing through categories of applications found on Google Play.  (more…)

Huawei Watch Pre-Order Hits Amazon, Priced From $349 to $799

The Huawei Watch, previously reported to go official next week during IFA, is now up for pre-order on Amazon. According to the listing, there are four models — Black/Black, Gold/Brown, Gold/Gold, and Stainless Steel/Black — priced rather high when compared to other Android Wear devices on the market.

To start, the “cheapest” model is the Stainless Steel/Black, featuring a steel-colored case and black leather band. This device is priced at $350. The most expensive, referred to as the Gold/Gold option, is listed at $799. Yup, that’s some serious dough.  (more…)

Swype Updated With Premium Star Trek Themes, Emoji Keyboard

An update for the Swype Keyboard application brings additional premium themes to users, as well as a dedicated emoji keyboard – something everyone in 2015 needs apparently.

A few of the themes now usable should make the Star Trek fans in here extremely happy, as dedicated themes for predominant characters are available, such as ones for Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, and blueprint-like layouts for the USS Enterprise.  (more…)