LG Extends $100 Visa Gift Card Offer for LG G4 on Verizon to End of August

LG told us today that its exclusive promotion through Verizon that gets you into a free $100 Visa prepaid card when you buy an LG G4 has “exceeded expectations” and has been extended through the end of August. The deal was originally supposed to end today, but you now can take advantage through August 31.

Verizon’s site doesn’t show the extended date just yet. LG’s, on the other hand, has already been updated to show the extension.

Anyone take up LG and Verizon on their offer?  (more…)

Deal: $60 Helps You Build Your Ultimate Smartphone Repair Kit

We don’t always recommended that readers crack open their phones or tablets and attempt to repair them without a professional, but if you are careful and decide that you need to, owning the proper tools is essential. The folks at iFixit are about the best in the business at fixing the tech we use, so when they put together bundles of tools to get you going, they are worth a look.

On the DL Deals store for the next couple of days, you can purchase iFixit’s Pro Tech Screwdriver & Jimmy Bundle. The bundle includes a 15-piece screwdriver set (list of bits at the link below) that should cover just about every random screw you could run into with a smartphone open. You also get the “Jimmy,” which is an opener/blade that slips between the gaps on phones or tablets, helping you pry them open carefully.

The bundle runs just $59.95 for the next 4 days.

Deal Link

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