HTC One (M8) Discounted to $299 for Second Hot Deal at 9am PT, Limited to Just 200 Units

HTC is back with another virtual doorbuster this week, sure to delight the precious few buyers who manage to take advantage, and potentially infuriate everyone else. Beginning at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 p.m. Eastern), the company will knock the price of all One M8 variants down to as little as $299 for its second Hot Deal of the season. That represents savings of $350.  (more…)

Deal: This $25 3-in-1Lens Kit Will Turn Your Phone Into the Fisheye King

You know you have seen your iPhone friends use them and that you were at the very least, a little jelly. I’m talking about those little attachable lens kits that fit perfectly on the back of their bent carefully crafted, aluminum phones, that take super fun fish-eye party pics. Well, we have them over at the DL Deals shop for just $24.99, in a package that includes fish-eye, wide angle, and macro lenses. That’s not a bad price, as similar bundles typically run anywhere from $49 to $69 depending on the retailer.

So how do lens kits work? In the box, you get your lenses, but you also get magnetic rings that attach to your phone via adhesive. With these rings stuck to your phone, around your camera lens, you can magnetically hot-swap the lenses depending on the type of photo you are looking to capture (macro, fisheye, or wide angle). Make sense? Attach magnetic ring to phone, around camera lens. Attach lenses to magnetic rings. Take pictures. It’s that simple.

So will they fit on your phone? Good question. As I mentioned, these lenses were made perfectly for iPhones, but they also work on a variety of Android phones, including the Nexus 5, Galaxy S5 and S4. But, to make sure, you need to measure the diameter of your phone’s camera lens, then refer to the measurements below to see if it will fit.

  • Lens size? – Lens diameter ranges from 16mm to 25mm and 6.5mm to 10mm in height.
  • Ring size? – The rings are 13.06mm (outer) and 9.38mm (inner). If your phone’s lens has a smaller diameter, it’ll work perfectly.

Also, you can head over to the deal link below, run through the comments to double check, and even ask a support expert if your phone is compatible.

Ready to take some lens kit pics? The time is now.

Deal Link

Dell Selling Chromebox Bundle for Only $199, Includes Keyboard and Mouse

Dell silently released a fantastically-priced Chromebox bundle to its website this week, priced at just $199. For being a full bundle, which includes the box, mouse, and keyboard, $199 is a steal.

The bundle includes the Dell-made Chromebox, which features 2GB of RAM, Intel 7260ac HMC network card, and 4th-generation Intel processor for heavy lifting, as well as a Dell-made wireless keyboard and Dell-made wireless mouse. (more…)

Deal: New Moto X Developer Edition (1st Gen, GSM) for $269 at eBay

If you missed out on yesterday’s ridiculously good deal for a brand new unlocked Moto X (1st gen) for $199, you have another shot at an equally impressive deal today. Priced at just $269, you can walk away with a brand new Moto X (1st gen) Developer Edition that includes 32GB of storage and should work on either T-Mobile or AT&T, thanks to its global GSM bands. The Developer Edition also sports a special edition black and white colorway, with “Developer Edition” branded on its lower backside.

This original Moto X may be over a year old, but at $279, this would be a great phone for someone in a pinch that doesn’t have $600 to spend.

eBay Link  (more…)

HTC Intros Hot Deals for Holiday Season, Nexus 9 on Sale for $199

If dealing with the crowds of Black Friday is not in your cards anymore, HTC is looking to help with your holiday shopping list. Starting today for the next nine weeks, HTC will host a new Hot Deal every Tuesday morning at 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern). These deals will be huge price drops on devices, discounted accessories, and who knows what else.

The first Hot Deal, undoubtedly to get your attention, is a brand new $199 Nexus 9 tablet. Supplies will be limited, so your best chance is to have all of your payment info ready right when the clock strikes. To keep even better track of the deal, you can follow HTC’s own twitter hashtag, “HTCHotDeals.”  (more…)