Samsung Enables Enhanced Trade-in Values, Free Double Storage for Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Last week, Samsung was hosting a really good deal on carrier models of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This week, you can get a similar deal for Unlocked models, which are the kind of phones we here at DL usually like to buy. We hate being locked down.

The deal is this: Unlocked Galaxy S24 Ultra with double the storage (free promo). At double the storage, you’re getting a 512GB unit for as little as $549, so long as you have a select trade-in. With enhanced trade-in values currently active, you’re looking at up to $750 in instant savings. Again, last week was a similar deal, but was limited to carrier models. If that was a turn off for you, then this is what you’ve been waiting for.

This promo is almost as good as the original pre-order period. The only difference is that Samsung offered a free storage upgrade on the 1TB model, but that’s not currently available. You can only get a free upgrade from 256GB to 512GB. That is still a lot of storage and should be more than enough for the average bear.

As for the phone itself, it continues to be the phone I use as my daily driver. I get asked constantly about it. I recite the same thing both online and when I see real humans out in the world. It has my favorite display of any phone, features an extremely versatile camera system that I enjoy, and the battery lasts a long time. I even find myself using the S Pen these days. What more could I want?

Follow the link below to snag your new phone.

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