Deal: ExoMount Touch Universal Car Mount for $20, Free Shipping

Having our phone in the car is sometimes very important, as many people use smartphones as their main GPS system and source of in-car entertainment. With the ExoMount Touch Universal Car Mount, priced at only $20 on the DL Deals Store, you can mount your phone of any size directly into a vehicle, making usage of the device much safer than having it just in your hand.  (more…)

DEALS, DUDE: It’s Amazon Prime Day! (Updated)

Just a quick reminder, but yep, today is Amazon Prime Day. It’s not only a day to celebrate Amazon’s birthday and its Prime members, it’s also a day that Amazon says will have more deals than Black Friday. That’s a pretty bold statement. However, after looking through some of the day’s lightning deals, it’s safe to say that they may come close to besting that other big shopping day.

We would attempt to give you the ultimate Prime Day list of deals, but that would take a day’s worth of work, because some of these deals are only available as lightning deals and are then gone within minutes. So, your best bet is to hit up the Amazon link below, find sections on Amazon you are interested in, and then plan your day around the deals you might attempt to jump on.

We’ll also do our best to add good deals to the bottom of this post as we see them.

Amazon Prime Day Link  | Electronics Deals (more…)

Deals: REMXD On-Ear Headphones for $36 and Air-Fi Metro2 Headphones for $48

Two deals on the DL Deals Store can get you rocking very quickly, with the Air-Fi Metro2 stereo Bluetooth headphones and REMXD On-Ear headphones on sale, plus free shipping. Regularly priced at $50, the REMXD On-Ear headphones feature a large 33-foot range via Bluetooth to your smart device, meaning you won’t need your phone attached to the hip in order to listen to your jams.  (more…)

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Deal: $23 ChargeIt! USB Wall Adapter Charges 3 Devices at Once

How many times have you had to battle a loved one over an outlet or USB cable to charge your phone? With the ChargeIt! US wall charger, you can charge up to 3 devices at a time through a single outlet, with one grabbing juice through a built-in USB cable. The ChargetIt! should also be able to provide faster charging through its 2.4A port.

At $23, which is a solid discount from the full $50 retail price, you get a solid travel buddy that would be a solid charger for highly-trafficked areas in your home.

Deal Link  (more…)

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DEAL: A Whole Bunch of Motorola Products are Discounted Significantly With This Coupon Code

Motorola, through its MotoMakers program (a small group of their biggest fans), is hosting a massive sitewide sale on almost all of their current products. Each of their MotoMakers has been given a special coupon code that can be used to grab pretty significant discounts on items like the Nexus 6, Chromecast, Moto Hint, TurboPower chargers, Moto 360 bands, and wireless headsets.

Some of these products, like their best Bluetooth headsets, are almost $50 off. The Chromecast is $10 off. Moto 360 leather bands and TurboPower chargers are almost $10 off. Seriously, these are a bunch of good deals.  (more…)

Deal: Buy a Galaxy Note 4 at Full Retail, Get $200 Rebate From Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will more than likely be introduced in two months at Berlin’s IFA conference. If you don’t care and would rather have last year’s Galaxy Note 4 at a discounted rate, then well, Samsung has a deal for you. If you buy a Galaxy Note 4 between today and July 26 at full retail, they will send you a rebate check of $200.  (more…)

Best Deal Yet: Unlocked Galaxy S6 for $499 (Black, Gold, White, or Blue Available)

The best deal we have seen to date for a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 just popped up over at eBay. For just $499, you can own an unlocked GSM Galaxy S6 in black, white, gold, or that brilliantly bright blue that has yet to make its way to any US carrier.

This is model SM-G920F, which is one of the two unlocked international models of this year’s flagship from Samsung. It should work without a hiccup on AT&T, but should also have no issues on T-Mobile. I’m currently using SM-G920I (the other international model) and have had great service on both carriers.

At $499, you are looking at a significant discount when compared to the full retail prices that AT&T and T-Mobile charge you. T-Mobile and AT&T want $680 and $685, respectively.

Free shipping is included.

eBay Link