Google Drops $250 Off Pixel 8 Pro, $200 Off Pixel 8 in Best Prices Yet

Pixel 8 Pro - Best Deal

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For most of the year, I’ve been telling you that the Pixel 8 Pro is always $200 off and that paying a penny more than $200 off would be foolish. In a bit of a turn I didn’t exactly see coming so soon, Google is now discounting their best phone even further, so that $200 discount is now out. Going forward, you should now look for $250 price drops on the Pixel 8 Pro, like Google has going right now.

On a related note, Google has increased its Pixel 8 discount to $200 (up from $150). The Pixel deals at the moment are the best we have seen.

Best Pixel 8 Pro deal to date: At $250 off, the Google Pixel 8 Pro (our review) could cost as little as $749 if all you need is 128GB of storage. If you need more storage, like 256GB or 512GB, those too are discounted by $250, so you’d pay $809 or $929, respectively.

These are incredible prices for a phone that has been given the “Pro” treatment from Google. It appears as if it will continue to see the newest and most innovative features before any other Pixel device, well, at least until the Pixel 9 Pro shows up. We’ve seen features powered by Gemini Nano AI on the Pixel 8 Pro, as well as extra camera tools, like Pro controls in the camera. The Pixel 8 Pro is king and is the Pixel phone to buy at the moment if you want it all.

Again, the $250 discount is on all models and colors, so feel free to shop at your favorite Google Pixel dealer.

Pixel 8 Pro Links: Amazon | Best Buy | Google Store

Pixel 8 sees a big discount too: The Pixel 8 (our review), Google’s other awesome phone of the moment, is also seeing a bigger discount. Usually on sale with a $150 price drop, Google is now upping that to $200, which means a starting price of $499.

At $499, you will get 128GB, but the 256GB is discounted alongside the base model. At $200 off, the 256GB version is just $559. And like the 8 Pro, all colors are available at this new rate.

As reminder, both phones are set to receive years and years of updates. Since these only launched in October of last year, they still have 6+ years left of new software around the corner. You can’t go wrong here.

Pixel 8 Links: Amazon | Best Buy | Google Store



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