Moto Voice Receives Minor Update, Improves Responsiveness and Moto Hint Performance

Like Touchless Control? How about faster and more precise touchless control? If you own a newer Motorola (i.e., released within the past year or so) smartphone, you get your wish. A minor Moto Voice update is rolling out today with “improved responsiveness” for commands and “improved performance” when paired with the Moto Hint(more…)

Daddy Long Legs Game Crawls Onto Google Play, But Does Not Crawl Very Far

A game called Daddy Long Legs hit Google Play recently, escaping my attention thanks to all of the craziness which has taken place thanks to Google and new Nexus devices. Regardless, we can talk about it now, and the game is very cool.

In the game, which is one of the more straightforward titles you will ever play in your life, you are a spider who is simply trying to walk as far as he can without toppling over. Of course, your legs are super long, so moving them perfectly in sync for perfect forward steps is somewhat of a chore. However, a chore does not properly describe the difficulty of Daddy Long Legs.  (more…)

Androidify Update on Android L Day, Nexus 6 Accessory Included

Google’s Androidify app received an update today, likely because Android L (“Lollipop“) will be unveiled later on along with a new campaign surrounding the customizable Android character app. The app has been redesigned, is much more share-friendly, and has new options to make the perfect version of you…as Bugdroid.

One of the new accessories – because we are buying into the hypebeast today – looks a lot like the soon-to-be-announced Nexus 6. You can see it on the character I created in the image above. It resembles a Moto X, the phone the Nexus 6 is designed around, with that back dimple and camera placement. Yep, I would say that that is it.  (more…)

HBO Web-Only Subscription Coming Next Year, Prepare to Ditch Your Cable Provider

During an investor presentation this morning, HBO CEO Richard Piper told reporters that his company will launch a web-only subscription service at some point next year. Currently, you need a cable subscription in order to have HBO, so as you can imagine for those who ditched the cable box long ago or want to in the near future, this is huge news. With a web-only subscription, you could subscribe to HBO by itself, without needing a full-blown cable package.  (more…)