Android Device Manager Just Became “Find My Device”

Remember Android Device Manager, Google’s app for finding lost or stolen Android devices? It’s now called “Find My Device” and will change on your phone, thanks to an update that just rolled out.

The functionality of the app doesn’t appear to be changing much. It still locates your phones, can ask them to play a sound, and also remotely lock, erase, or show a message on them.

To get the newly named app, hit that link below.  (more…)

Is Google Home Finally Getting Reminder Controls?

With Google I/O shenanigans going down this week, we fully expect to get some sort of big update to Google Home. After initially announcing the platform at last year’s I/O, it only makes sense that Google take some time to talk about what they have planned going forward. According to XDA, who dove into a recent update to the Google Home app, we may finally get reminder controls, as well as some other key goodies.  (more…)