Twitter Takes Additional Steps to Stop Abuse and Harassment

Back in November, likely because with the election in the US wrapping up, all humans here wanted to destroy each other, Twitter introduced new tools to help you report or silence abuse and harassment on their social service. Today, they are taking this initiative a step further to help shutdown the keyboard-warrior troll kings of grandmothers’ basements who viciously attack people online as a means to compensate for their penile insecurities.  (more…)

Google Now Launcher May Retire in a Few of Weeks

The Google Now Launcher, a launcher that runs on Nexus devices and is often one of the first we install on devices that feature terrible skins (LG and Huawei’s phones come to mind), may be put to bed here in the coming weeks. According to an email sent out to Google’s GMS partners list and obtained by Android Police, Google plans to unlist the Now Launcher at the end of Q1 and will also no longer allow partners to include it in their phones after March 1.  (more…)

Plex Can Now be Controlled Through Amazon Alexa

Plex, the personal media collection service that allows you to stream your movie, music, and photo collections from anywhere, received integration with Amazon’s Alexa today. Thanks to new voice controls through an Echo, Echo Dot, or other Alexa-supported device, your Plex experience is ready to step into the future.

To get setup, you’ll need to enable the Plex skill, which you can do through the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. Once done, you can then ask Alexa to open Plex and get to streaming.  (more…)

Google Ending Hands Free Pilot on February 8

In an email we just received, Google announced it is shutting down the Hands Free pilot, which has been active since March of last year. Scheduled to shut down on February 8, 2016, Hands Free is was Google’s effort to get people to pay with their smartphone inside select retailers without ever lifting a finger. If you never heard of Hands Free or never used it, don’t worry, it was limited to the South Bay (Bay Area, California) area.  (more…)