Google Photos Updated With New Ways to Save Your Storage

An update for the Google Photos application is set to rollout today for Android users, one which aims at saving you precious storage space on your device and in the cloud.

Once updated, a “Free Up Space” button will appear in the Settings menu, which will prompt users to clear up bulk amounts of photos that are likely being duplicated. For example, if your photos have already been uploaded to the cloud, Photos will give you the “okay” to delete them off of your device, so as to save space for additional photos. To prevent device copies from being accidentally deleted, Google is asking users to double-confirm their intent during the “Free Up Space” process. (more…)

FYI: Google Removed Tasker From Google Play (Updated: It’s Back!)

Yesterday, Google removed Tasker, the automate-the-world with insanely complicated triggers and scenes and actions and tasks, from Google Play and has yet to restore the app for the hundreds of thousands of users who have downloaded it over the years. No one is quite sure the exact reason for the removal, which is often the case when Google suddenly, without warning, removes an app, but the developer did take to the app’s support group to say that Google did so “mistakenly.”  (more…)

Mediafire Launches Pool, a Photo Sharing App With Some Smarts

How often do you share photos with friends, especially those you just took in a group setting? For many of us, the answer is “A lot.” A new app from Mediafire, called Pool, is attempting to make this process easier than ever.

With Pool, you get an app that isn’t just another cloud storage service for your photos. In fact, it’s not a storage service at all. Mediafire says that Pool is more of a personal assistant for your photos than anything, because it looks through your image galleries and then makes suggestions for sharing based on “where you are and the people you’re with.”  (more…)

Liked Those Snapchat Selfie Lenses? You Can Now Buy Them For a $1 a Pop

Back in mid-September, Snapchat released lenses for selfies. They are animated frames you can place on top of your face, making any selfie that much more interesting to look at. Most of them were actually quite good, and now, users of Snapchat can access a library of lenses, all available for purchase at the price of $1 a pop. A few of the basic lenses are still free, but the good ones each cost a $1.  (more…)

Yep, Motorola Connect is Being Retired This Month (Chrome Extension)

In early October, Motorola announced that it would be shutting down a handful of its popular software applications, including Migrate and Assist. Those two are being phased out because Android 6.0 Marshmallow included similar features and so Motorola figured you would rather they save you space on your phone instead of doubling up on features already present. Those aren’t the only features going away, though. Motorola Connect, a Chrome extension that allowed users to send/receive texts, see who was calling them, and keep up on battery life and connection, is also being retired.  (more…)

OneNote Updated, Brings “Badge” Floating Icon for Quick Notes

Microsoft’s OneNote application is receiving an update on Google Play, bringing with it a new “Badge” feature that allows users to take notes regardless of what is taking place on their smartphone or tablet. Think of Badge as you would a Facebook Chat Head. The floating Badge can go on top of any app you are using, such as web browsing or your gallery, allowing you to take notes anytime you need it.  (more…)