Samsung Drops $900 Off Galaxy S24 Ultra in Exclusive Colors

Galaxy S24 Ultra - Deal

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You might think that after several months, a new device from Samsung would see a slowdown in big deals to try and move them. Friend, you would be wrong – Samsung is always running fire deals on newish products, like the Galaxy S24 series. Today’s deal on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, might be one of the best yet, as it gives bigger discounts to two of the exclusive online colors that only Samsung offers.

The deal looks like this: For those who don’t know, Samsung announces it’s new devices in a set of colors that you can find everywhere, from big box retailers to carriers. They then add a handful of “exclusive” colorways alongside those that are only available directly from Samsung. For the Galaxy S24 Ultra, those colors are Titanium Blue, Titanium Green, and Titanium Orange. At the moment, the Titanium Blue and Green models (seen below) have an extra discount on them of $150.

The Titanium Blue is the best deal of them all, as the extra $150 off can be applied to both 256GB and 512GB models. If you went Titanium Green, only the 256GB model has the extra discount.

Galaxy S24 Ultra - Special Colors

Where this deal becomes top tier is in the trade-in values that are still pretty high this far from the S24 launch. Samsung will give you up to $750 off with trades (like a Galaxy S23 Ultra), plus they toss in the $150 off for these exclusive colors to get you $900 off. A Fold 5 can still get you $700 and a Galaxy S23+ can fetch $600 too. Those are the best from Samsung’s trade-in list.

As always, for those not familiar, Samsung’s trade-in program gives you instant discount today for the price of your trade. You simply send that trade later to confirm you had the device and all is good. So you could save $900 off today, which would mean paying just $399 for a Galaxy S24 Ultra (our review).

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