Friday App Sales: Metal Slug Titles, Back in Bed, Remote Desktop Client, and More

If you head over to Google Play at this very moment, or at least sometime over the next couple of days, you can find a few great deals on apps to help keep you busy this weekend. A few big names include a couple of Metal Slug titles from the franchise, as well as DynamicNotifications which is much like Moto Display for non-Moto devices.

To top it off, a launcher called TSF Launcher 3D Shell is available at 50%, one which you may recall from a couple of years ago. It might be considered one of the most over-the-top launchers available. Finally, a great game called Back to Bed is on sale, which can provide hours of entertainment for just $2.

Check out the full list below.  (more…)

Question of the Day: What Was the Last App You Bought?

Considering how good Monument Valley is as a game, and then seeing how poorly it has done on Google Play when compared to iOS, we have a question for you. What was the last app you bought?

For me, I purchase a lot of apps, some for reviewing on DL and a lot for my own personal usage; these range from games and utility apps, to personalization apps like icon packs and live wallpapers.

With so many fantastic applications available on Google Play, many upon many of them costing money, we need to know what it is you guys are buying. As for the DL staff, the last applications I bought were watch faces for the Moto 360. For Kellen, he bought Fenix and the Minmo Watch Face.

What was the last app you bought?

Monument Valley Creators Share Revenue Numbers, Costs, Downloads, and Platform Breakdown of Their 2014 Success

Have you ever wondered how much revenue some of the top mobile games on the planet rake in? Curious to know what the cost is or the number of developers it takes to make a “game of the year” type title for mobile? Maybe you have always wanted to see proof that iOS really does trounce Android when it comes to number of downloads or users of popular paid apps or games? Or maybe you have no interest in any of that, but would potentially be interested in looking at some cool numbers in neat infographic style? We have that for you below.

Thanks to the @ustwogames, the makers of the incredibly popular Monument Valley, we get a decent look inside their successful 2014 launch.  (more…)

UpTo Intros Plugin for Chrome, Brings Features to Google Calendar

No doubt, there are a ton of calendar apps available for Android devices. Last year, another app was released called UpTo, which we like quite a bit. However, Google Calendar’s sync into my existing Google profile is what keeps me in the ecosystem. Now, what if that same UpTo calendar released its awesome features as a plugin for my existing Google Calendar app? Win win, right? Absolutely.  (more…)

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is Now Available on Android

Adobe’s Lightroom, one of the most popular and powerful image editing and organizing tools, is now available on Android.

With Lightroom Mobile, users can manage workflows “beyond the desktop” by utilizing an Android device to review and edit images that are then synced back to home catalogs, thanks to cloud sync architecture. Adobe claims that Lightroom is the “most efficient way” to manage your image collections, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree, assuming you know what you are getting into. This is professional level image editing if you want it to be, but it is also very fun to use. (more…)