App Review: Drive Autosync by ttxapps

I have been a big fan of Dropbox for a long time. It’s a great service to back up and sync documents, photos, videos, and whatever else, but when Google announced the massive price cuts to Google Drive storage plans, I made the switch. After a few days of uploading, I had all of my Dropbox data imported into Google Drive, but I still needed to find an easy way for my wife and I to upload our pictures and videos from our phones to Drive. (more…)

Knock Lock for Android – Lock Your Device by Tapping its Display

A new application released for Android called Knock Lock, allows users to lock their devices by tapping on a designated area of their display. If you currently own an LG G2 or G Flex device, this app may not interest you, as your devices already are capable of such a function. However, not everyone owns an LG or the new HTC One (M8), which also features a function similar to this.  (more…)

PhotoSync Will Transfer Your Pictures and Videos to Other Devices Over WiFi

If you have ever wanted to transfer files between devices of any kind, you have generally been restricted to a few options – wires, NFC, or the cloud. There are minor drawbacks to each, which makes neither choice completely ideal. That is where PhotoSync comes in.

Users can easily move their photos and videos over their wireless network with metadata intact, and you likely won’t be faced with the processing issues some cloud storage services have.  (more…)

Tasker Receives Meaty Update to Version 4.3, Loads of Features and Bugfixes in Tow

Tasker has long been one of the most powerful tools available to Android users, and with each update its powers grow more and more. While some may assume the app has hit its functional peak, Crafty Apps EU has not yet ceased updates. Contrary to such belief, today’s update is quite substantial for an app most of us couldn’t want more from. (more…)

Cover, the Smart Lock Screen, has Joined Twitter

Cover, the contextually changing lock screen replacement app for Android (our hands-on), announced this morning that they have joined Twitter. We aren’t exactly sure what Twitter can use Cover for, other than to make Twitter more contextually aware, but that’s at least something. Maybe the world needs a contextually aware Twitter? Or maybe Twitter just wants its apps and services to smarter.

After being downloaded a couple of hundred times since its launch in October, it’s safe to say that the app itself was a hit.  (more…)

Flixster Update Includes Chromecast Support, SD Card Downloads for Kit Kat Devices

Flixster, one of the most popular movie-related apps on the planet thanks to its connection with Rotten Tomatoes, received a solid update this evening that makes the app capable of streaming to Chromecast. Now, you can watch trailers or your UltraViolet movie collection through Flixster and on your TV with the tap of a button. The update also brought along the ability for HTC phone users to download movies, SD card download support for KitKat devices, and fixed a few playback issues.  (more…)

Google Patents a Way to Keep Pirated Content off of Google Play

Any user of Google Play knows that when you search for the most popular apps, there’s always a clone or two at hand. While Google does make an effort to remove these kinds of apps, it’s inevitable that they won’t be able to stop every last one. That’s where this recently awarded patent comes in — Google has devised a method to compare code to other apps to check for copying, and will cleverly filter out open-source code matches. (more…)