Friday App Sales: Link Bubble Browser Pro, ShadowGun, Next Launcher 3D, and More

It’s Friday, so we like to highlight a few current app and game sales taking place in Google Play, just to make sure you all have something to play with over the weekend.

This week, Madfinger Games has a few of its titles up for grabs, including ShadownGun (plus the THD version), as well as Samurai II: Vengeance. In addition, star gazers can pick up Mobile Observatory for a lowered price, and multi-taskers can get Link Bubble Browser Pro at a discount.

Check out the full list below.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Switch UI

With so much Madness going on in March, we felt now is an appropriate time to bring you a new hot icon pack. This time, we have Switch UI, courtesy of developer Chris Morales.

Featuring a very heavy dose of Material Design and well-placed long shadows, Switch UI is one of our newest favorites in the growing list of icon packs we have applied on our phones. There are multiple versions of Google’s apps, which allows users to choose a color scheme that goes well with their current theme.  (more…)

Amazon One-Ups Google, Posts $105 Worth of Free Apps to Celebrate Appstore Birthday

As we all found out, Google’s latest Play Store birthday celebration was not as extravagant as we know the company is capable of. In the past, they have given away a ton of free apps, 10¢ apps, and other goodies to get people excited. This year, we got a free copy of Transformers. Boo. On the other hand, Amazon is celebrating the Appstore’s birthday, and is taking this opportunity to completely one-up Google.  (more…)

Google Docs Receives Update, Focuses on Reviewing Documents Before Editing Them

An update for Google Docs is currently rolling out through Google Play, enabling users to focus more on reviewing documents before jumping in and editing them.

To be more clear, as you scroll through an opened document, editing icons will vanish to the top, allowing you to focus more on what is in front of you. If you need to edit something, simply double tap the screen, or press the blue pencil action button.  (more…)