Google+ Photos Begins Shutting Down on August 1

Because Google introduced Google Photos back at Google I/O as their only photo service going forward, they will begin shutting down all that once was Google+ Photos. On August 1, Google will kill the Google+ Photos app on Android (web and iOS thereafter) and recommend that you install the new Google Photos app should you want to continue using Google’s photo service.  (more…)

Adobe Updates Lightroom Android App, Cut and Paste Image Edits Included

An updated version of Lightroom is hitting Google Play from Adobe, bringing a solid list of new features, in addition to a very long list of bug fixes. For new features, Adobe added in the ability to edit images faster by copying previous adjustments, then simply pasting them onto new photos. This should save some time in the editing department, as long as your goal is the same edit for each photo.  (more…)

Zooper by Beard 3 is Probably Your Next Zooper Pack

The Zooper by Beard series has always been one of the best, so it’s no surprise that the newly released Zooper by Beard 3 has already taken over our home screens. Featuring around 30 different clock widgets for a single dollar, I’m not sure there is a better value in customization.

In this release, vibrant colors seems to dominate, but it’s summer and the brightness is actually kind of a nice change at the moment. There are pinks and bright blues and greens, all that seem based off of the Material color palette. The clocks vary from those which are minimal and text heavy to those that have weather and dates. You’ll find rectangular designs, plenty of flatness, shadows here or there, and squirrels. (Who doesn’t love a good squirrel?)  (more…)

Verizon Messages Gets a Big Material-ish Update (Updated)

Verizon Messages (or is it Message+?) received an update this morning that introduced the app to the idea of Material Design. Well, it at least added some vibrant colors, a FAB that probably doesn’t exactly match up to Google’s vision for a FAB, and a slideout drawer with…well I’ll just stop. Verizon Messages (or again, is it Message+?) got a big update!  (more…)

Snoozing Items in Inbox is Now More Convenient Than Ever

Google has become really good at keeping track of and highlighting important emails in Inbox that have to do with reservations (flight, hotel, restaurant, etc.), calendar invites, and package tracking updates. These types of emails show up with imagery and shortcuts to accessing the information you care most about, like full trip bundles.

But what if you wanted all of that automation to continue, along with a bit of added, precision control on your end? Let’s say, instead of wanting to dig through a bundle or search for package tracking, you could tell the package tracking email or hotel reservation to appear automatically, just as you need it? Starting today, you can.  (more…)

Question of the Day: Uncommon Apps You Use Regularly That Might Surprise Someone?

Forget all of the Google apps you use all day every day. Forget Instagram, Facebook, Hulu, the official Twitter app, ESPN, and Netflix. In today’s question of the day, we want to know about all of the other apps you use on a regular basis – the uncommon apps, the third party alternatives, and those that may surprise someone.

It could be a mail alternative like Mailbox because you don’t like Gmail. Or maybe you hate Google Photos, so you use QuickPic. Since the official Twitter app is a confusing pile of meh, I can imagine that plenty of you use a Twitter alternative – which one do you use? Is there a particular file manager that you have settled into? What about a fitness tracker?  (more…)