ESPN Fantasy Football App Receives Major Overhaul

Over on Google Play, league managers of fantasy football teams can grab the updated ESPN Fantasy Football application, complete with new features and a hot new look.

Included in the update are alerts, which will notify you when trades are proposed, injuries that take place, and when points are scored, plus managers can now manage their league’s draft from within the application.  (more…)

Minuum Teases Keyboard for Android Wear Devices

Not content with Google Glass, the folks behind Minuum are tackling the input problem on Android Wear.

According to Minuum, “oodles” of people want a really tiny keyboard they can use on their watch, a call which the developers are pleased to answer. While the team has already revealed a prototype version of the keyboard for circular devices, a video released today shows the square design.  (more…)

Todoist Updated Through Google Play With Location-based Alerts

Todoist, the self-proclaimed “perfect to-do list” app, received a major update in Google Play this morning. Inside, users can now set up location-specific alerts for individual tasks.

For example, are you at the grocery store? Todoist will remind you about that gallon of 2% milk you need. At work? Todoist will remind you about finishing the important TPS report that needs to be filed before Jenkins comes back from vacation.  (more…)

Timberman for Android: Brainless as Flappy Bird, Just as Addictive

Thanks to a follower on Twitter, who clued me to its existence, I found a new game on Google Play that reminds me of Flappy Bird, but doesn’t make me want to hit something. The game is called Timberman, and without me even knowing, it has been on the app scene for quite some time. Thanks to recent success on iOS, Timberman looks to dominate the charts with its fast, simplistic, yet highly addictive gameplay.  (more…)

Verizon is Sending Surveys to Customers About Bloatware, Please Answer This Way if Included

At least one of our readers received a survey from Verizon within the last week that asked over 20 questions related to the pre-installed apps that came with his LG G2. Yes, we are talking about bloatware, but also about Google and other LG-made apps. We aren’t sure how many are receiving this survey (we didn’t get it), though we would recommend that if it shows up in your inbox, you answer exactly like this reader. A message needs to be sent.  (more…)

Microsoft Opens OneNote Beta for Android

Microsoft is the latest high-profile company to embrace the Play Store’s beta feature with OneNote. OneNote is a lot like Evernote – you can record audio, video, picture, and text notes, format them to your liking, and sync them across multiple platforms, like Windows PCs and iOS devices.

It’s been historically well-supported on Android devices, and while it doesn’t support Android Wear quite yet, perhaps beta testers could be the first to see that feature. (more…)