Epic Games Store Coming to Android

Epic Games Store - Android Download

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The folks over at Epic Games announced today that they are bringing a “true multi-platform” version of the Epic Games Store to Android and iOS later this year. They teased a conceptual image of what that might look like, but the rest of the details aren’t really known.

The biggest piece of news alongside this reveal was for developers to understand that they’ll give them an 88/12 revenue split and “the same programs you can leverage to keep 100% of revenue using your own payments for in-app purchases.” This all has to do with Epic vs. Google and Apple and the splits they disagree with from those company app stores. Those are favorable splits and could attract more developers, surely.

For you and I, we’ll mostly care about the games that are offered, the ability to sync purchases across platforms through a familiar store, that sort of thing. If it also means we’ll get an official version of Fall Guys on Android, then so be it. Bring it on.

Epic said today that their plan is to bring the Epic Games Store to mobile “later this year.” We’ll let you know if and when it actually happens.



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