You Can Now Send Voice Messages in Google Chat

New Google Chat UI

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Google announced today that it is bringing a brand new feature to Google Chat users starting today: voice messages. Instead of having to type out your messages all of the time, now you can use your beautiful voice to speak to your contacts.

The company notes that web support for sending voice messages is coming soon, but for now, you’ll find it on Android to iOS. To use it,¬†tap the microphone icon, start speaking, and watch a live waveform visualize your voice. A timer will count up so you know exactly how long you’ve been recording. Once done, you can preview the message, then send your message or delete it and try again.

Google notes that voice messages can be interacted with (quoted, reacted to, replied to in thread, etc.) just like any other Chat message. Google also announced that it will be enabling transcription for voice messages in the coming months. We look forward to that.

Be on the lookout for this update to hit your device very soon.

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