Friday App Sales: Hitman GO, LIMBO, True Skate, and More

With this latest list of apps and games available at a discounted price on Google Play, there’s no way you will be bored over the weekend. There a few hugely popular titles up at a discounted price, such as LIMBO, Hitman GO, and True Skate, plus even a few lesser known titles that I can vouch for such as God of Blades, Back to Bed, and Machinarium.

Other titles include a couple from the Final Fantasy franchise, ProShot (a camera app), Grim Legends, Epic War TD 2, and Age of Pirates RPG Elite.

Check out the full list below and find something you like.  (more…)

Motorola to Shut Down Moto Migrate and Moto Assist for Marshmallow Users

To cut down on redundancy, Motorola announced today that with the future update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, owners will no longer see Moto Assist, Moto Migrate, and Chrome extension support through Motorola Connect.

The reason stated for these removals is quite simple. With the launch of Marshmallow, features that Motorola offered with these applications are now built in natively to Android, meaning that their existence is no longer required. Instead of working against Android, Motorola will opt to work with it, removing their software from devices following the update.  (more…)

Verizon’s go90 App Exits Beta, Hits Google Play and iOS App Store

Verizon’s go90 social network, based on videos from creators and major publishers, is now out of beta, available for Android users via Google Play and iOS users on Apple’s App Store.

As previously written when the beta released, using the service is pretty simplistic if you are a big fan of taking in excess amounts of media. To start, you choose a few topics you enjoy, then the app automatically curates a few videos you should enjoy, plus subscribes you to channels you might like.  (more…)

Google Photos App Receives Update With Chromecast Support

Yesterday at the Nexus event, Google announced a few changes for the 4 month old Photos app, and today, a few of those changes are hitting Google Play in the form of an app update. Inside the update, the Photos app now supports Chromecast, allowing users to bring their shots to big screen to share with those around you. No more slides and projectors of family trips, even though I don’t think people do that anymore.  (more…)

NVIDIA Renames GRID to GeForce NOW, Launches October 1 for $7.99 a Month

NVIDIA’s game streaming service known as GRID, available on most NVIDIA-made devices for the past year or so, including SHIELD, SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Portable, will now be known as GeForce NOW and include a monthly subscription price of $7.99. This subscription nets you access to 50+ gaming titles, all stored on NVIDIA’s cloud servers. So, essentially, it’s Netflix for Gaming(more…)