OnePlus 2 Invite Reservation List Now Open, VR Launch App Hits Play Store

Two hours ago (at the time of this posting) on a Saturday, OnePlus decided to open up a registration list for invites to purchase the OnePlus 2. Hopefully, you saw the posting minutes after it went live, because the list is already closing in on 20,000 people.

As many of you know, in order to purchase a OnePlus 2, you will need an invite. This list, is like a back-up for those who don’t have exclusive access to early invites or who don’t feel like participating in OnePlus’ social experiments. Still, this may be the only way that many of you can get an invite, even if it is already 20K people long.  (more…)

YouTube Gets a Redesign on Android, New Video Creation Tools

Notice anything different about your YouTube app this week? You should have received an update to YouTube within the last day that introduced a new 3-tabbed design to make it “easier than ever to find videos you love.”

The new app ditches the slideout navigation menu for three tabs or columns of Home, Subscriptions, and Account. Those names are pretty self explanatory, but the basics are you get to explore and discover videos with recommendations on your Home, find the latest from your subscriptions on the Subscriptions page, and check out your own account or upload new videos in the Account page.  (more…)

Google Voice Voicemail Transcriptions are Now Dramatically Better

Just over a year ago, Google asked Google Voice users for help in improving their voicemail transcription service because it often produced “humorously intelligible” results (see above). Today, the company reported back saying that thanks to participant help, they have been able to reduce transcription errors by 49%. And as a part of that announcement, Google has announced an improved voicemail system for Google Voice and Project Fi that delivers far more accurate transcriptions.  (more…)

Google Keep Update Makes It Even Easier to Create a New Note, Edit Labels

Google Keep received an update yesterday (that is now rolling out to everyone) that rid the app of a floating action button (FAB) and introduced a bottom toolbar that allows you to quickly launch into a new note, minus the extra click required with a FAB.

Can you see the difference in the photo above? It’s actually quite lovely. You no longer have to press the FAB and watch the animation spring up of your options for notes, before choosing one. Now, you just open the app, look at the bottom of the screen and tap on the type of note you would like to take. It’s a subtle change that actually makes the app much simpler to use (in a good way).  (more…)

Google Might Let You #PayWithAPhoto Starting July 29 (Updated)

On July 29, Google is going to let you pay with a photo. We don’t know how, but their Google Photos service is involved on some level. According to the below video and various social network shares, it looks like restaurants or specific retailers could be involved. For example, maybe Google, in partnership with a waffle shop, could let you get free waffles by taking pictures of waffles. I have no idea.

Either way, Google will tell us on July 29…maybe through a photo…of food.

Guesses?  (more…)

YouTube App Will Display Vertical Videos ‘Properly’ When in Fullscreen Mode

People don’t like vertical videos. Boo-hoo. They may be a bit of an eye sore, but to help combat the way they look on mobile devices, the YouTube app for Android will now show vertical videos properly when you go into fullscreen mode.

As an example, when you hit the fullscreen button while in portrait mode, the app will zoom in on the video, taking up the full portion of your display with the video. No black bars, or anything like that from now on.  (more…)

Chrome for iOS Gets Another Cool Gesture Not in the Android Version

A couple of weeks ago, we highlighted this really cool swiping gesture in the iOS version of Chrome that allowed you to swipe down to refresh (like in Android), but also close or open a new tab. It’s super neat and we weren’t able to hide our jealousy at the time.

While we still wish Google would find a way to add that functionality into the Android version, an update to Chrome on iOS that was released today adds yet another gesture we wouldn’t mind having on this side of the mobile world.  (more…)