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allo vs hangouts

Allo was Down for Many, Should be Back Up Now

Our inbox exploded this morning (2 emails) with news that the insanely popular Google messenger app, Allo, was down. I know, you can imagine the difficulty in deciding which Google messaging platform to use in its place, since there are enough to give you a...
download hq trivia android

You Can Now Download HQ Trivia on Android

The folks behind the popular iOS game HQ Trivia told us to expect wide Android release on January 1. They followed through on that promise (maybe even a day early) and the game is now available for all to download, as long as you have a phone running Android 5...
instagram live direct

You Can Now Send Live Videos on Instagram in Direct

As the title suggests, sending live videos through Direct on Instagram is now a thing. You can send your own live videos by hitting the Direct button once your live video has started or send someone else's live video using the same button. As a viewer of a...