Google Maps Adds Real-Time Location Sharing, Including Trip Progress

Google Maps is getting a pretty awesome new feature on Android, iOS, and the web. How would you like to share your location with friends, family, or colleagues you are meeting up with? What if you could share the progress of a trip on any platform? It’s coming. Real-time location sharing via Google Maps is on the way.

Google would only announce today that location sharing is rolling out “soon,” but they did share a fun little video that shows how it will work. You can watch it above to get the basics.  (more…)

Google Search’s Quick Shortcuts to Popular Tools Begin Rolling Out More Widely

This morning, Google announced that Google Search will soon (starting today) begin showing shortcuts to some of its most popular tools. This is the broader rollout of a feature that has been in testing for some time. In fact, we showed you these shortcuts back in early February.

The shortcuts, once they start showing on your device, will be found just under the search bar as you load up the Google app or swipe over into Google Now in the Now Launcher. You can see exactly what this looks like in the image above.  (more…)

God Help Us: Googlers Made a Walkie Talkie App Fueled by Emoji

A new messaging app has hit Google Play, cooked up by the minds over at Google. The app is called Supersonic, an emoji-powered voice app that converts your speech into shareable emoji messages. Think of it as a walkie talkie app, but instead of realtime communication, the app listens to your message, uses its brain to change words into emoji characters, then shares the message with a single recipient or group of people.  (more…)