This Icon Pack is Hot: Juyo

Stepping back from all of the Galaxy S6 and One M9 rumors and news, it’s time to focus a little more on what’s “hot” out there. Today, we have a new icon pack to share called Juyo, priced at $1.56 on Google Play.

Unlike many other icon packs, Juyo is not a round or squared icon pack, but goes for more of a color (or lack thereof) theme than anything. Each icon in the pack, which features over 2000 icons, is all white, perfect for standing out on darker wallpapers. However, the icons also have thin black outlines, allowing for the viewing of icons on white backgrounds too.  (more…)

“Sponsored” Apps Will Soon be Listed on Google Play

It’s still probably safe to say that Google is an ad company. Out of all the cool products and services of Google’s that you use each day, ads are how Google makes most of its money. So this morning’s announcement, about new “sponsored” apps and search results coming to Google Play shouldn’t shock you at all. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t arrive years ago.

Yes, ads are coming to Google Play.  (more…)

Google Updates Calendar, Brings User Requested Features Such as 7-Day Week View (Updated: APK)

Google is rolling out a big update to its official Calendar app, complete with new features that were suggested right from within the community. The biggest of which, if you asked us, is a new 7-day week view option that allows for pinch-to-zoom. With this, you can get a broader view of what is on your plate, then also dive deeper into your schedule with more detail thanks to the pinching.  (more…)

Google Announces Android for Work Program, Makes Android Safer for the Workplace

Google is taking steps today to help businesses secure the Android platform, allowing the over 1 billion people in the world with an Android smartphone to bring their devices to work. Called Android for Work, Google has partnered with multiple companies specializing in their fields of expertise, in hopes to make Android a better OS for the workplace.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Devo

With so much excitement taking place today, it’s time for some more hotness. Today, we have an icon pack called Devo, published by developer Stealthychief, available on Google Play for $0.99.

Inside, the pack contains 1900+ HD icons, 8 HD wallpapers, and features support for multiple launchers. The icons themselves are rounded, with a unique darkness to all of them. While they are flat, a few of the icon designs give off an almost 3D look, which helps the contrasting bright colors and dark backgrounds really pop to the eye.  (more…)