Streamable Adobe Photoshop Arrives for Chromebooks

Chromebook users now have a new program to play with, one with quite a prestige, Adobe Photoshop. Google announced a partnership with Adobe this morning, which will bring the photo editing software to Chrome OS users who currently hold a Creative Cloud membership.

The software is streamed via a data connection to Chrome OS, allowing a user’s work to be synced directly to Adobe’s cloud for access remotely or at your desktop.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Chainsaw Warrior, Osmos HD, Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan, and More

Friday is here once again, which gives us the perfect time to gather the current app and game sales taking place on Google Play.

This week, a few well-known titles are up for discounted prices, including Osmos HD, Pirates and Traders: Gold, Chainsaw Warrior, and Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan.

It may not be the biggest list of sales, but it is still full of great applications.  (more…)

ICE Features Real-time Strategy Gameplay With Ant-like Minions

We came across a game this afternoon on Google Play, filled with bright colors, sporting the name ICE. The game is a real-time strategy title, which resembles another popular game called Auralux.

In the game, you command units of ant-like starships, forcing them to capture enemy and neutral bases. When you capture all of the bases, you win. If you lose all of the bases, you lose. For a better look at the gameplay, view the trailer below.  (more…)

Just Dance Now Lands on Google Play, Time to Get Your Groove On

Ubisoft Entertainment launched Just Dance Now, one of the more popular video game titles of the last few years, right onto Google Play for Android devices this week. In these games, which are much like an at-home Dance Dance Revolution, players must dance to the moves that are displayed on a TV, using a Kinect or Wii remote to track body movements.

Once downloaded onto your Android device, the game needs a display hooked up to the Internet to work, acting as your screen to show you which moves you need to pull off. Your phone then acts as the motion tracker.  (more…)

Vine Updated With New Settings and Capture Buttons

Vine, an app you stopped using once Instagram introduced videos, received an update today via Google Play for Android devices. Inside the update, new capture screen settings are included for those who still use the service, making it easier to upload your previously recorded work.

The new settings include a button to access videos already in your gallery for uploading, an undo last recording button, and a flashlight button for recording in low light areas.

Full and official changelog can be viewed below.  (more…)

Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay Trailer Released, Looks Better Than Expected

The official gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Transformers has been released by Rovio, with the game now available to those who live in New Zealand and Finland. Unfortunately for us Android users who live in America, the game is not set to hit Google Play until October 30, but at least this trailer gives us something to look forward to.  (more…)