FoxFi has Stopped Working With Verizon (Updated: It’s Back!)

Update 11/24:  According to a number of our readers, plus a number of newly updated reviews on FoxFi’s Google Play listing that confirm, FoxFi is back to working on Verizon. Enjoy that unlimited data, enjoy it, friends.

I hope this isn’t the end, but it may be. FoxFi has stopped working with Verizon unlimited data plans.

According to a number of our readers and dozens more who have commented on Google Play, FoxFi, the popular tethering app that doesn’t require root and was used by many unlimited Verizon data plan subscribers, stopped working yesterday and is still not working today. Some of our readers have tried FoxFi with multiple phones, asked friends to test, and done everything else they can think of to see what the issue is, yet have come up empty.  (more…)

Pushbullet Adds Option to Send Texts From Tablets, Answers Pro Questions in AMA

Pushbullet, the service you once loved but now seem to hate because they want to make money and survive as a company, introduced a new feature today for both free and Pro accounts. That feature is an option to send text (SMS) messages from tablets. That’s a big deal, because well, tablets aren’t attached to phone numbers and so you haven’t been able to do things like send SMS from them in the past.  (more…)

Last Horizon Hits Google Play, a Minimal Space Adventure to Find a New Home

Published to Google Play by Noodlecake Studios — one of my personal favorite publishers — Last Horizon can be picked for $2.99, with no ads. This is a minimal, space exploration game, in which you must pilot a rocket ship to distant stars in search of a new home for the human species. Along the way, you will visit rocky planets to mine for ore to fix your damaged ship, collect oxygen from ice and garden planets, and harvest other resources to help terraform a new world for all of us.  (more…)

Google Fit Updated With Real-Time Stats for Runs, Nutrition Monitoring

In an update for the Google Fit app, users can now get real-time stats for their activities such as running, complete with data for elevation, speed, pace, route, and more. In addition, for those into strength training who happen to own an Android Wear watch, your device can now pick up push-ups and squats whenever you perform them, allowing you to attempt a few 30-day challenges at any time of the day.  (more…)

Google Play App Listings Will Say if an App has Ads in Early 2016

By early next year, the apps you consider downloading through Google Play will specify if they contain advertisements. Google notified developers today that they have until January 11, 2016 to sign into the developer console and declare whether or not their apps contain ads and that misrepresenting ad presence violates the Google Play Developer Program Policies.  (more…)

Google is Now Letting You “Stream” Apps Without Ever Installing Them

Back in April, Google started indexing apps in Google Search to show relevant information from them in your results, even if you didn’t have the apps installed. Today, they are taking that experience a step further with the introduction of a couple of new ideas, one of which may blow your mind a bit.

First, in building off of the indexing of apps, Google has taken results a step further, by not only showing results that have matching web content (which was the case before), but by also showing information from apps that don’t have a matching web presence. This is a pretty big move if you think about it, because not all apps have web portals where they include the information that is found inside their apps. This move allows Google to show information from apps that are stand-alone properties.  (more…)