Chrome Getting Anti-Tab Clutter Feature on Android

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I’m always giving Kellen a hard time for how many Chrome tabs he has open. However, as time has passed, I find myself also having a lot of tabs open, not so much on desktop, but on my Android phone. The way Chrome works, at least for me, the browser seems to always want to open a new tab, so sometimes I’m left with 20+ tabs running for no good reason. Well, it looks like Google’s Chrome team is working on something to fix this issue.

Called Android Tab Declutter and spotted via a new experimental flag, the feature will enable the, “auto-archival and deletion of inactive tabs.” For someone like me, who couldn’t care less about my Chrome tabs on mobile, this will be a welcomed addition.

We assume that when the feature is enabled, Chrome will automatically clear your unused tabs or archive them for future usage based on your choosing. No specifics about the feature are known yet, but given the description, that seems like a good guess.

Chrome already has various memory saver features that try to manage resources going to inactive tabs, but this declutter feature looks to directly attack the idea of having too many tabs in general that aren’t getting used. Again, this sounds perfect for me and my fellow Chrome on Android users.

We’ll update you as we learn more.

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