Friday App Sales: AirFighters Pro, Bombcats: Special Edition, Camera 2, and More

It is time for the weekly app sales post. This week, there is a massive list of apps and games on sale through Google Play, so be sure to look it over if you planned on doing any app shopping this weekend.

As for big titles, meaning ones you might be familiar with, we have AirFighters Pro (a sweet fighter jet simulator), Fast Burst Camera (self explanatory), as well as Clean Calendar Widgets Pro, Bombcats: Special Edition, and Camera 2.

We have the full list below.  (more…)

Prime World: Defenders Hits Google Play, a Tegra-enhanced Tower Defense Game

A new Tegra-enhanced, Unity-based game has hit Google Play this morning for Android devices, Prime World: Defenders. From independent game developer Nival, Defenders is a mix between a Tower Defense title, and Collectible Card Game.

To win levels, players must rank up their respected heroes, collect/upgrade cards to improve towers, destroy enemy totems, and maintain control over key areas of a map.  (more…)

Hitman GO Launches for Android, Boils Hitman Series Down Into a Board Game

Anytime you see a Square Enix game launch on Google Play, you can expect a good amount of polish to come with it. Today’s launch of Hitman GO for Android on Google Play is no different. The Hitman series is one of the longest running, as well as most respected stealth and shooting series in the business. Now, Android users get to experience a very unique take on the franchise.  (more…)

Madfinger Games Celebrating 4 Year Anniversary by Updating Popular Titles This Month

There are few companies out there that have taken the mobile gaming industry by storm quite like Madfinger Games. This is the company behind games we have been playing for a long time, such as DEAD TRIGGER, Shadowgun and Samurai Vengeance. Four years and 60 million downloads of their games later, here we are today, and Madfinger wants to celebrate by giving us more of what we love.  (more…)

Top 5 Android Games: May 2014

Here we find ourselves on the eve of a brand new month. Let us commemorate the achievement of the passing of another 31 days with a list of the best Android games from last month. If your bank account has taken a hit after acquiring all of these games don’t worry, we are here to comfort you.

After April brought top titles like The Walking Dead and XCOM, May had a lot to live up to, but certainly did not disappoint. Below we have put together our list of the best games that this past month had to offer. Take a look and see if you missed any. (more…)