Humble Mobile Bundle Brings Suite of Artifex Mundi Games, Average Sits at $5.33

The newest Humble Bundle to hit the web brings a lineup of Artifex Mundi games, all of which are known for their quality and time-consuming attributes. As a reminder, Humble Bundle allows players to pay what they want for games, plus if you pay more than the average, you get bonus games.

As of right now, if you pay under $5.33, you gain access to Deadly Puzzles, Time Mysteries 1, and Clockwork Tales. Looking over on Google Play, each of these games are listed at $4.99. If you pay $5.33 or more, you also get Demon Hunter, Grim Legends, Time Mysteries 2, and Time Mysteries 3.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Music DJ Mixer, Table Tennis Touch, Dungeon Crawlers, and More

It’s Friday, which may mean you need a few new apps or games to keep you busy over the next couple of days. This week, a few good titles are on sale through Google Play. These titles include the Toca series of games, Dungeon Crawlers, Table Tennis Touch, and Zombie Minesweeper.

In addition, a keyboard containing nothing but symbols and emojis can be had for just $0.99, as well as Schedule Planner Classic which helps you organize your upcoming events with precision.

Check the full app list below.  (more…)

Noodlecake Launches Sunburn! to Google Play, Gather Your Crew and Jump Into the Sun

Your crew is stranded in space, scattered along neighboring planets. You are the commanding officer of this failed mission, and it is up to you to gather your crew using a jetpack, and then fly everyone into the Sun. What a graceful death that would be. This is the story of Sunburn!, the latest title from Noodlecake Studios to hit Google Play.  (more…)

Snake Rewind Hits Google Play, From the Original Creator of Nokia’s Snake

From Taneli Armanto, the original creator of Snake, partnered with Rumilus Design, Snake Rewind has hit Google Play.

In Snake Rewind, you will be transported back in time to the days of yore when everyone rocked a Nokia phone, and the best mobile game they had was Snake. In the original Snake, you would slither around, eat apples, and try not to run into your growing body. If you hit a wall or yourself, you have to start over.  (more…)