Duet is a Minimal Game With Touching Story of Two Dots

A new game is available through Google Play, titled Duet, which is free to download for anyone who might fancy themselves a touching story of two dots.

In the game, you control two dots on a rotating circle. You must rotate them with your thumb at the right moment, dodging blocks that fall from the top of the display. Interestingly, there is a woman’s voice in the game, guiding you through a fictional tale as you move along through various levels in the game.  (more…)

“Freaking Math” is Super Easy, But Super Aggravating

Thanks to our friends over at Phandroid, I found a new game to share called Freaking Math. At first, I wouldn’t dare download a game that has anything to do with math, as it was one of my more difficult subjects during school. I was more of a P.E. and Arts & Crafts kind of kid.

Anyway, after downloading the game, I found that the math is very easy (2+2 = 4 and 3+1 = 4) type of stuff, but the real trick is making your brain work quickly enough to solve the problem and then beat the timer. You only have a couple of moments to recognize the correct answer, then hit the appropriate button, correct or false. If you run out of time, you lose. If you get it right, it keeps going until you lose.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Deus Ex: The Fall, Type:Rider, SoundHound, Poweramp, and More

We know you may have zero plans for this weekend, so what better way to spend that time than by playing a few great games on your beloved Android phone or tablet? This week, there are a some titles which you could easily lose a few hours to, so keep your schedule open.

Highlighted this week are two titles from Square Enix, Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI, both priced a few bucks lower than their usual $14.99 price. In addition, FPS lovers can grab one of my favorites, Deus Ex: The Fall for only $1, which is an insane deal considering I bought it for $6 at release.

To top it off, music lovers can purchase the full version of Poweramp for only $1, while also identifying all of those great tunes with SoundHound for $3. There’s mad deals going down!

Take a look at the full list below.  (more…)

Square Enix Publishes Dragon Quest IV to Google Play, Priced at $14.99

Square Enix, publishers of the Final Fantasy franchise, released Dragon Quest IV to Google Play this week, coupling it with a premium price tag of $14.99.

The price shouldn’t shock you, as many of the Final Fantasy games the company makes available on Android share the same price. These are full ports, so users can expect nothing but the best RPG gameplay when investing in a Square Enix title.  (more…)

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Released, Pay More Than $4.17 to Receive 6+ Games

A new Humble Mobile Bundle is available for all Android users, packed with awesome games for a great cause. With Humble Bundles, you can pay whatever price you would like for the first tier of games, this time being three titles, but if you pay more than the average price (currently $4.17), you receive three more games in the package, plus more later down the road. If you are a mobile gamer, Humble Bundles are always a great deal.

Not only can you pay whatever you would like, but you can choose where the money goes. You can split it evenly between the developers and a charity, or you can decide for the charity to get all of the proceeds. The choice is yours.  (more…)