Friday App Sales: Draw a Stickman: EPIC, Rayman Jungle Run, GO Locker VIP, and More

What time is it? Oh, time for another rendition of Friday App Sales! This week’s list is fairly modest compared to gargantuan lists of the past, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t quality apps and games up for grabs. Right off of the bat, we have Rayman Jungle Run and Draw a Stickman: EPIC for show. And don’t forget, you can grab Crazy Taxi for completely free.

Take a peak at the full list right below. (more…)

Zombie Gunship Zero Released to Google Play, For Those Who Don’t Feel Like Paying a Dollar

A new game hit Google Play this morning, well it’s kind of new, as it’s actually just a free version of a game that was already available since last year. The difference between Zombie Gunship and the new title Zombie Gunship Zero, is that Zero is an ad-supported version of the same game that usually costs a dollar on Google Play.  (more…)

The Tato Classics: Five Games You Can’t Go Wrong With

There might be a few among you who care to know which games I instantly download, no matter what device I’m rocking. Okay, so maybe there are only two of you that actually wonder about this, but regardless, here’s my typical Android gaming routine.

Usually, when a new game comes out and I have to write about it, I will install the apk, then give it a whirl for a bit. If I don’t really like it, I will uninstall the game at the end of the day. For games that I do like, I find myself playing them nonstop throughout the day, and then when I get a new device (which is sometimes quite often), the games I enjoy will be one of the first things I download from Google Play.

So, the question is, which games do I find myself installing on different devices repeatedly? Unsurprisingly for myself, this list is hard to keep down to just five, as I usually have about 7 or 8 games that I like to have with me at all times, depending on my gaming mood.

For the sake of keeping this semi-short, here are the five games I can’t live without, complete with honorable mentions below.  (more…)

Threes! Lands on Google Play, an Addicting Puzzler That’ll Keep You Playing

While you wait for Flappy Bird to make a return, it may be worth looking elsewhere for an addictive substitute. Threes! is the latest contender for your gaming hours. It seems the winning formula for making a game these days is a simple goal, but difficult gameplay. No, there aren’t any levels here or graphics that will blow you away, but that’s the beauty of it. (more…)

Casts Against Civility is Like Cards Against Humanity for Your Chromecast

Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is one of the brilliant card games of our time. Sure, groups of nerds, Google+ users, and whackjobs probably obsess over it too much, but with a couple of adult beverages and a group of friends that have darker sides you want to get to know better (or at least laugh at), it can be a ton of fun. Casts Against Civility is a Chromecast clone of the game that aims to get you and your friends using your Chromecast for something other than YouTube and a pirated collection of…stuff.  (more…)

Three New Games Added to Humble Bundle 4 – OLO, Color Sheep, and Gunslugs

As expected, the folks behind the Humble Bundle 4 added three new titles to their pay-what-you-want package of games that already included Badland, Breach & Clear, Catan, Riptide GP2, Vector, and Zombie Gunship. As long as you pay over the average price, which at the time of this posting sits at $3.75, you get all of the previously mentioned games plus OLO, Color Sheep, and Gunslugs.  (more…)