Google Play Games Permissions are Changing, Here are the Details

If you play games on your smartphone or tablet that utilize syncing with Play Games, you should note upcoming changes that are taking place. Thankfully for users, these changes are the kind that greatly benefit players, and should positively change your experience when you first start up a gaming application.

As announced today, Google is switching up the Play Games permissions, hoping to limit the amount of time gamers have to spend granting permissions and syncing their Google profile. Once these changes take place, here’s what you should expect to see, or rather, not see.  (more…)

Iron Maiden RPG, Legacy of the Beast, Hits Mobile This Summer

Iron Maiden, the one and only, is set to license their name for an upcoming RPG title that will launch in the summer of 2016. According to the dedicated website for Legacy of the Beast, you will battle as Eddie (Maiden’s undead mascot), set to the tunes of Iron Maiden.

As for a plot, the description goes a little something like this. A mysterious force has shattered Eddie’s soul and scattered it about. As the player, you will travel through time and space, collecting the pieces as you encounter a gang of dramatic and engaging characters. (more…)

Friday App Sales: Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown II, More

Not planning on watching football this weekend? Don’t feel like building that stupid IKEA coffee table you paid $149 for? Don’t worry, there are apps and games available on Google Play to take up your precious time.

For a limited time, and at a discounted price, you can pick up a few Metal Slug titles for just $0.99 a piece, or grab The Secret of Grisly Manor for $0.99. If a fighter is something you want, you can grab Samurai Shodown II for $0.99, or a few King of Fighters titles at $0.99 a pop.

Check the full list below.  (more…)

The Room Three, Now Available on Android for $4.99

It has been nearly two years since the launch of The Room Two, and now, finally, The Room Three is available for Android devices through Google Play. Exactly like the first two The Room games, The Room Three will have you scratching your head in an attempt to solve the game’s puzzles. Scattered throughout a variety of different rooms and levels, puzzle boxes are the main antagonist in this series, while there is still an overall plot happening simultaneously.  (more…)

My Favorite Android Games of 2015

We already delivered our Favorite Apps for 2015, and now it is time for the games. Oh yes, the games. How far we have come over the past few years, seeing the release of major titles for mobile devices that were once the pinnacle of console gaming. For example, the Grand Theft Auto series is available on Google Play for virtually any Android device with enough storage to hold them, and that series was the biggest thing to hit consoles ever. Now, they are merely apps on our phones. Pretty mind blowing, if you ask me.

In 2015, we saw the launch of many great titles, a few of which are currently limited to select Android TV units. While, yes, DOOM 3 and Never Alone are fantastic, run on Android, and deserve a spot here, this list will focus solely on games that can be downloaded via Google Play by any Android device.

Without further ado, here are my favorite games from the year 2015.  (more…)