MLG Launches Official GameBattles App for Android

If you take part in GameBattles, the place for any member of the Major League Gaming community to compete, a new app for Android will be your one-stop shop for all things competitive. For those unfamiliar, GameBattles allow anyone to take part in highly competitive games on a number of different titles, such as Call of Duty, Halo, FIFA, Madden, and many more. Basically, if playing public matches is too easy for you and your squad, you will want to get into GameBattles and have a chance at winning real money with your skills.

With the GameBattles app, players can track all of their MLG stats, including wins and losses, plus keep track of their current team and roster. The GameBattles app tracks all of your matches, and you can go back and look at them individually, just like on the MLG website. (more…)

Question of the Day: What Was the Last App You Paid For?

I would likely be shocked to see just how much I have spent inside of Google Play, whether it is on apps, games, movies, or whatever, but I’m sure the amount is quite substantial. You can head into Google Play and check out all of your recent activity, however, you would have to do the math yourself and add up all of your expenses to come to a total. Who has time for that nonsense? Instead, we want to know what your last app purchase was. Was it a standalone utility app? Game? Maybe even a $0.99 in-app purchase?

As for me, the last app I purchased was the Chrooma Keyboard. So far, I love it. I asked Kellen what app was his last purchase, and his was also Chrooma. I guess that means you should go check that keyboard out.

Tell us down below, what was the last app you purchased?

Alto’s Adventure Hits Android for Free on February 11

After quite the wait, Alto’s Adventure will arrive on Google Play this February 11. Not only is this great news, but the game will be free to download, instead of costing a couple of bucks as it does on iOS. Apparently, Android has a bit of a problem with piracy, so in a move to ensure that everyone gains access to the game legitimately, Alto’s Adventure will be free to download, but also come with “opt-in bonuses” to make sure the developers are receiving their fair compensation. Do note, the developers state that the core gameplay will be unhindered by the free price tag.  (more…)

Check Out Tap’n Slide on Google Play, Free to Play With No IAPs

Google Play, and any app store for that matter, is probably filled with tons of yet-to-be-discovered app and gaming gems. The latest to be discovered, which was first published in late 2015, is Tap’n Slide. The game is very reminiscent of Crossy Road, or the classic Frogger game, but instead of going side to side and backward, you can only go forward.  (more…)

Google Play Games Permissions are Changing, Here are the Details

If you play games on your smartphone or tablet that utilize syncing with Play Games, you should note upcoming changes that are taking place. Thankfully for users, these changes are the kind that greatly benefit players, and should positively change your experience when you first start up a gaming application.

As announced today, Google is switching up the Play Games permissions, hoping to limit the amount of time gamers have to spend granting permissions and syncing their Google profile. Once these changes take place, here’s what you should expect to see, or rather, not see.  (more…)