Latest Humble Mobile Bundle Features Monument Valley, Spaceteam, and Blek

Humble Bundle, the service that lets you pay what you want for apps and games, is back with number twelve in the Mobile category. In this series, users can grab a few awesome titles, including Monument Valley, Spaceteam, and Blek.

To get access to all of the titles offered, you must pay the average price, which is currently set at a very affordable $3.67. Once the amount you want to pay is decided, you choose how it is divvied up between the app developers and charities of Humble Bundle’s choosing.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Leo’s Fortune, The Room Two, Metal Slug Series, and More

This week, a massive list of games and apps are on sale for just $1 through Google Play, a few of which I think some of you should already own. For starters, you can grab Leo’s Fortune for $0.99, which is an awesome platformer, plus grab The Room Two for $0.59. If you like escape games, you can’t beat The Room Two in terms of quality for half of a dollar.

On top of those titles, you can grab most of the Metal Slug series for $1 each, as well as Table Tennis Touch for $1.99. If arcade fighting is more your style, you might enjoy The King of Fighters series, which is also on sale for a lowered price of just $0.99.

Check out the full list below.  (more…)