Question of the Day: What Was the Last App You Bought?

Considering how good Monument Valley is as a game, and then seeing how poorly it has done on Google Play when compared to iOS, we have a question for you. What was the last app you bought?

For me, I purchase a lot of apps, some for reviewing on DL and a lot for my own personal usage; these range from games and utility apps, to personalization apps like icon packs and live wallpapers.

With so many fantastic applications available on Google Play, many upon many of them costing money, we need to know what it is you guys are buying. As for the DL staff, the last applications I bought were watch faces for the Moto 360. For Kellen, he bought Fenix and the Minmo Watch Face.

What was the last app you bought?

Monument Valley Creators Share Revenue Numbers, Costs, Downloads, and Platform Breakdown of Their 2014 Success

Have you ever wondered how much revenue some of the top mobile games on the planet rake in? Curious to know what the cost is or the number of developers it takes to make a “game of the year” type title for mobile? Maybe you have always wanted to see proof that iOS really does trounce Android when it comes to number of downloads or users of popular paid apps or games? Or maybe you have no interest in any of that, but would potentially be interested in looking at some cool numbers in neat infographic style? We have that for you below.

Thanks to the @ustwogames, the makers of the incredibly popular Monument Valley, we get a decent look inside their successful 2014 launch.  (more…)

Amazon’s $220 Worth of Apps for Free is Now Live for All to Download

Back on Monday it was announced that Amazon was set to host a massive app giveaway through its store starting on the 24th of December, aka Christmas Eve. Well, if you had not noticed, it is now Christmas Eve, and Amazon’s sale is now live for everyone.

Earlier this week, we did not know which apps Amazon would offer up for the sale, but now, we can see the list is quite good. For starters, we have SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Plex, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Root Explorer, djay 2, and many many more.  (more…)

Droid Life’s Top 10 Games of 2014

It is that time of year, where we start rounding up our top 10/favorite everything of the past year. In this post, we want to reflect back on the fantastic year that was 2014 in the games category. We saw a ton of epic titles released for Android onto Google Play this year, so narrowing it down to just 10 was quite difficult. As you will notice, our honorable mentions section is almost as long.

When boiled down, many of these lists are very subjective. Personally, I enjoy more quick death games, where I can just keep smashing buttons until I die, only to try again. However, I also enjoy puzzle games, trivia games, and platformers. Since I am not an RPG player, you won’t see many on the list, but that does not mean there were not a few great RPGs released in 2014. I only bring this up because I hope not everyone here will share the same interests as me. If you think this list sucks, tell us what should have been there in the comments below. I’m always open to trying new games.

Ready to see what had the DL staff occupied all year long? Check out our Top 10 Android Games of 2014 below.  (more…)

Deal: $49 Android Game Developer Bundle, $700+ Worth of Goodies

Becoming the next great Android game developer takes more than just luck. If you want to make the next great mobile game, you need to have the skills to make it. The problem is, there aren’t many courses or guides or “BEGIN HERE” sets of instructions to get you going – you have to go out, find it all on your own, and hope you made the right decisions on courses. Thankfully, the current Android Game Developer Bundle we have on-sale in the DL Deals shop is here to help take the pain (and price) out of the entire process.

For just $49 (with a value well over $700), you can get into Android game development in a hurry. From an Android Lollipop Dev Course (118 lectures) to 2D Game Developing with Unity3D (20 lectures) to an All-Level Android App Development Course (32 lectures) to earning income with your games (49 lectures), you have a course put together to help anyone kickstart their development carrier.

Overall, you have seven courses in the bundle, though you only have three days left to get them all at $49.

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