Friday App Sales: Baldur’s Gate, KEMCO Lineup of Games, FaceLock Pro, and More

To keep you busy over the weekend, a massive list of apps and games is available on sale through Google Play, with most of the bunch being RPG games from publisher Kemco. In total, there’s over 10 RPG games to choose from, all priced at just $1.

If those RPG titles are not your style, you can pick up Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition for a little over $4, down from its usual price of $10. In addition, Talisman can be picked up for $1, as well as Threema and Sentinel 4: Dark Star, all for a dollar.

See the full list below.  (more…)

Cartoon Network Releases Blamburger for Android, a Game Centered Around Clarence

Clarence, the lovable young boy who turns even the darkest of times into happy thoughts on Cartoon Network’s show of the same name, is the star of his very own mobile game now. In the game, titled Blamburger, you are tasked with creating yummy hamburgers for Clarence and his friends to eat.

While you can go ahead and make any type of burger you want, there are special recipes you can follow to get bonus points, unlocking new ingredients and recipes for you to try. However, be careful to watch for falling sticks of dynamite. If you get hit, you get no points for your current burger.  (more…)

Free Version of Threes Now Available on Google Play, Powered by Ads

If you never checked out Threes, the game that launched many clones like 2048 into popularity, it is now available for free over on Google Play. Two versions are currently available, one that you still pay for featuring no ads, and a free version that allows you to play the game in its entirety, but with the occasional advertisement to help boost the amount of plays you get.  (more…)

Rovio’s Angry Birds Fight! Now Available in US, a Mix of Avian Mortal Kombat and Bejeweled

Rovio has a new game available on Google Play for players in the US, titled Angry Birds Fight! In this game, which looks like a mashup of Mortal Kombat and Bejeweled, you rank up characters through various color matching puzzle levels, then fight other players with your characters in real-time. These players are all around the world, as Rovio has created a global bird-fighting network for people to enjoy.  (more…)

3 Android Games Worth Owning: DOOM 3: BFG Edition, Does Not Commute, and Sunburn!

There are a lot of new app and game titles on Google Play, and just in case you may have missed a few of the good ones, we enjoy listing them in these posts so you all stay up to date on the hotness.

In this post, we highlight three of my latest favorite games available on Google Play, those being DOOM 3: BFG Edition, Sunburn!, and Does Not Commute.

Check out these 3 Android games that are worth owning.  (more…)