BADLAND Hits 20M Players, Celebrates With 10 New DAYDREAM Levels

To celebrate hitting 20 million players, BADLAND received an update this afternoon, containing a new level pack called DAYDREAM. For those of you who have not played BADLAND, it is a platformer based on a floating little shadowy character, set in a world of industrious waste and machines. Your goal is to navigate these worlds, reaching the end without being killed.

Inside the 10 new levels are 30 new missions, as well as 5 new achievements. In addition, a new character named SNORF is playable, which should help freshen up the gameplay.  (more…)

Gamer Publisher BulkyPix Celebrates 6th Anniversary, Offers a Few Titles for Free

To celebrate its sixth anniversary of publishing games, BulkyPix, the makers of many hit titles, are giving away seven games on the Android platform. As a note, the company is giving away 16 titles on iOS, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, you are in for even more of a treat.

As for us on Android, we have been gifted the games Hyper Trip, 4444, Nimble Squiggle, I Am a Brave Knight, Pigs Can’t Fly, Luminux, and Fallin Love. Most of these titles are puzzle titles, but having played 4444 and Nimble Squiggle myself, I can vouch for their entertaining qualities. Especially when they are free.

Below, the seven games are listed with links to Google Play.  (more…)

Dumb Ways to Die 2 Recently Launched to Google Play, Freemium to the Max

It has been a little over a year since the original Dumb Ways to Die landed on Google Play, but we are very happy to see that Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games, has reached our platform. The original, albeit a bit repetitive, was an amazing game. Inside that title, there are many mini puzzles which tested your quickness, in a mission to save little creatures from killing themselves.

The sequel, Dumb Ways to Die 2, is a toast to classic, but with a new twist. In the game, you are shown a larger world, each with its own set of challenges. While you are still trying to save little dudes from committing suicide, the puzzles seem more thought out, while still being very difficult at times.  (more…)

[Hodor] Telltale’s Game of Thrones Game Hits Google Play, Priced at $4.99

One of the more highly anticipated games for late 2014 has been Game of Thrones, from Telltale Games, the creators of The Walking Dead series of games which are quite successful on multiple platforms. Now, Android folk no longer need wait, as the game is live on Google Play, priced at a respectable $4.99.

If you played Telltale’s The Walking Dead titles, there will be zero learning curve for Game of Thrones. In these titles, you play as set characters, making decisions which ultimately affect your story’s outcome.  (more…)

Race Around the World in “80 Days,” Headed to Android on December 16

A game called 80 Days is set to hit Android devices through Google Play and the Amazon Appstore on December 16, putting you in a position to complete a journey around the world in 80 days. Playing as Phileas Fogg’s valet, you must keep track of your master’s health, finances, and the time, plotting a course from city to city, making sure he travels the entire globe in just 80 days.  (more…)