Google’s Interactive In-App Ads Look to Increase App Downloads for Publishers

Beginning soon, users of apps that feature advertisements will likely come across two new ad formats aimed at increasing the chances of you downloading an advertised app. With Trial Run Ads, you can preview gameplay yourself for up to 60 seconds, and if you enjoyed your gaming experience, you can opt to install the app straight from Google Play. Essentially, you can test drive a game via the ad for a limited amount of time, with no installation required. In terms of ads, this is very fancy, and could lead to more installs for publishers. (more…)

Games for NVIDIA SHIELD Devices Currently 50% Off Through Google Play

Probably thanks to the holidays, NVIDIA is listing a ton of great games at 50% off this week on Google Play, including DOOM 3 BFG Edition ($5) and the Half Life 2 episodes. Each of these games will require you to own a compatible device, which currently, is the SHIELD TV, SHIELD Tablet, and SHIELD Tablet K1. Additionally, you will need a SHIELD Controller to play.  (more…)

Last Horizon Hits Google Play, a Minimal Space Adventure to Find a New Home

Published to Google Play by Noodlecake Studios — one of my personal favorite publishers — Last Horizon can be picked for $2.99, with no ads. This is a minimal, space exploration game, in which you must pilot a rocket ship to distant stars in search of a new home for the human species. Along the way, you will visit rocky planets to mine for ore to fix your damaged ship, collect oxygen from ice and garden planets, and harvest other resources to help terraform a new world for all of us.  (more…)

3 Android Games Worth Owning: Lara Croft GO, Shooty Skies, and Trivia Crack Kingdoms

There are a ton of new app and game titles on Google Play, and in case you may have missed a few of the good ones, we present you with 3 Android Games Worth Owning. On Google Play, it is sometimes hard to cut through the clutter, read through reviews, and test games yourself, so allow us to do the hard work for you.

In this post, we highlight three of my latest favorite games available on Google Play – Lara Croft GO, Shooty Skies, and Trivia Crack Kingdoms. Each are in entirely different genres, so there should be something for everyone in this list.

Check out our new list of 3 Android games worth owning.  (more…)