Rovio Working on an RPG Called Angry Birds Epic, Here’s the Trailer

A week or so ago, Rovio began teasing and soft releasing a new Angry Birds title, named Angry Birds Epic. The game is already available for those of you who live in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, but for the rest of us, we are still waiting to see what exactly to expect from AB: Epic.

From what we see in the trailer for the game that was released today, it’s a role-playing game, one which will take your forces of either birds or piggies, and then pit them against one another in a fictional world where these things are plausible.  (more…)

Godzilla “Smash3″ Stomping Its Way to Android This May

Unless you live under a rock or simply don’t care, a new Godzilla movie is on the horizon. Scheduled for theatrical release this May, it appears as if a new movie isn’t the only thing fans of the fire-breathing monster can look forward to.

Teased this morning, development team Rogue Play announced that the Godzilla Smash3 game will make an iOS and Android debut around the same time as the movie.  (more…)

Amazon Appstore Hosting Third Birthday Celebration, Save Money on Select Apps and Games

What a shocker, the Amazon Appstore is now three years old. When first launched, the Android community embraced it with complete open arms, maybe because they were giving away free awesome apps every day

But over the years, our stance with the Appstore has changed somewhat dramatically.

After the Appstore was updated with a new UI (August ’12), a bug inside the app was draining batteries like crazy (November ’12). Following that mess, Amazon fixed the issue, but there were plenty of people who had already decided to abandon the app.  (more…)

Google Play Games Get “Gifts,” New Multiplayer Tools

With GDC (Game Developers Conference) kicking off this week, Google has gone ahead and made a handful of Google Play Games announcements that should enhance the Play Games experience for both users and developers.

For users like you and I, Google is adding in “Game Gifts,” a service that lets players send virtual in-game objects to anyone in their circles or through player search. This new addition is on top of the recently announced multiplayer invite system, plus 18 new and more specific gaming categories(more…)

Friday App Sales: Draw a Stickman: EPIC, Rayman Jungle Run, GO Locker VIP, and More

What time is it? Oh, time for another rendition of Friday App Sales! This week’s list is fairly modest compared to gargantuan lists of the past, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t quality apps and games up for grabs. Right off of the bat, we have Rayman Jungle Run and Draw a Stickman: EPIC for show. And don’t forget, you can grab Crazy Taxi for completely free.

Take a peak at the full list right below. (more…)

Zombie Gunship Zero Released to Google Play, For Those Who Don’t Feel Like Paying a Dollar

A new game hit Google Play this morning, well it’s kind of new, as it’s actually just a free version of a game that was already available since last year. The difference between Zombie Gunship and the new title Zombie Gunship Zero, is that Zero is an ad-supported version of the same game that usually costs a dollar on Google Play.  (more…)