DEAL: A Whole Bunch of Motorola Products are Discounted Significantly With This Coupon Code

Motorola, through its MotoMakers program (a small group of their biggest fans), is hosting a massive sitewide sale on almost all of their current products. Each of their MotoMakers has been given a special coupon code that can be used to grab pretty significant discounts on items like the Nexus 6, Chromecast, Moto Hint, TurboPower chargers, Moto 360 bands, and wireless headsets.

Some of these products, like their best Bluetooth headsets, are almost $50 off. The Chromecast is $10 off. Moto 360 leather bands and TurboPower chargers are almost $10 off. Seriously, these are a bunch of good deals.  (more…)

Action Launcher 3 Update Introduces Quickbar, a Customizable Google Bar for Your Home Screen

Action Launcher 3 received an update today that includes one major new feature that gives your home screen more power and control than ever – the Quickbar.

With the Quickbar, you get to take the Google Search bar that sits on your home screen and customize the hell out of it. That means you can add app shortcuts to it (like Google Play, music apps, Instagram, etc.), menus full of favorite contacts or settings, and buttons for pulling out your side drawer. You can even customize how the Google Search function operates when tapped (voice, overlay, or the Google app).  (more…)

Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Won’t Feature a MicroSD Card Slot

When potential buyers learned the Galaxy S6 would not feature a microSD slot, it’s possible they quickly looked elsewhere to fill their smartphone needs. Samsung has long championed removable batteries and SD card slots, but with its latest flagship device, it looks like the company is headed in a different direction.

Now, with the Galaxy Note 5 just months away, folks may want to embrace the idea that it, too, won’t feature a removable battery or expandable storage.  (more…)

Celebrities Don’t Need Tinder to Get Laid, ‘Verified Profiles’ Added Anyway

The same as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Tinder is bringing Verified Profiles to its service. If you don’t already know what Tinder is, it’s a dating service where you swipe left (no) and right (yes) on potential mates. It’s a simple idea, but Tinder has become an important tool for those who shy away from meeting attractive strangers in real life.  (more…)

OnePlus 2 Will Have 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM

I can’t tell what the bigger announcement is from OnePlus, that the OnePlus 2 will have 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM or that they are done with this obnoxious (t)rollout of features until they unveil the phone on July 27. I’m leaning towards the latter. Actually no, I’m fully invested in the latter. OnePlus may have made a heck of a phone last year in the OnePlus One (our review), but my lord, they are the most obnoxious company on Earth with this #hypetrain garbage they continually vomit to keep their name in headlines. So, yay for no more feature puke!  (more…)