Droid Life Wallpaper App Released on Android Market

There have been a number of wallpapers to come through Droid Life over the last year and rather than having them spread throughout various pages, we thought an app that encompassed our most popular ones would be the way to go.  Yesterday, our buddy and ROM guru JRummy16, offered to put it all together and came through in a big way.  We proudly present to you, the Droid Life Wallpapers app, which is available in the market right now, for free! (more…)

DROID 2 Global Pictured in Verizon Holiday Lineup?

We’re about to go all sleuth-detective on you for a minute over some new pictures of Verizon’s Android lineup that just went up on their media page, so please try to hang with us.  You’ll notice on the far left a Droid 2.  Anything look odd to you?  A little extra shiny perhaps?  Now let’s take a look back at our Droid 2 Global pictures that show what appears to be that same shiny Terminator “liquid metal” silver.   (more…)

DROID 2 Game Gripper Released!

The Game Gripper has returned and it now works on the Droid 2.  Remember how amazing a small piece of rubber and plastic meshed together seemed back when the original Droid was still dominating pockets?  Well now you can experience it all over again only on top of the 1GHz beastly follow-up.  (Oh, and that’s not the new one pictured.  The buttons have moved around.)   (more…)